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Update Log:


The Can you survive this? Is now open to everyone to test. If you do not know how to access the event, follow the guide below.

Event Guide:

- Talk to the Giant Sakura Tree in the middle of the village.
- If room is occupied by a person, wait patiently for a death message to announce.
- Good Luck.

Added Items:
Class Pass.
Costume Voucher
Hair Voucher


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Update Log:


Aun Revamp - Aun has less HP however has 4 stages to her. Normal, Serious, Broken, and Final Stand.
- Fixes: Slowed her lullaby speed a bit.
- Fixes: Removed 10 minute wait for her to respawn again, so you can access her boss regardless.
- Fixes: Summoning double Aun will be a bit more difficult now.
- Three new weapons for Archer, Thief and Cleric.

Icebreaker: Pushes back opponent and deals moderate damage.

Kitsune Speed: Either to evade attacks or move toward you, or just intimidate you, she will dash whenever it seems fit.

Lullaby: A slow AoE spell that will put people to sleep. The notes around her is just a distraction, you could be sleeping before you know it.

Mastered Thievery: Map Gimmick - Certain abilities will be locked for as long you are in Aun's domain. But really she actually stole the ability from you without you noticing.

Absolute Zero: Ultimate - A storm of ice and snow will plow you over. Take cover behind a object to avoid damage.

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Update Log:

Princess Yume: On three difficulties are unlocked on Easy, Normal and Hard.
Same as Aun - Depending on the difficulty will determine her HP. She also has NormalSeriousBroken(Not on Hard), and Final Stand.



Winded Blade: A forward strike that pushes you a distance. If not careful she will push you out of the tower of memories. Causing a KO.

Check: Check as in when the king is attacked in chess. But yes she finds a weak point and transport herself to her opponents putting them in danger of direct hits.

Queens Throne: A throne that falls from the sky causing a T pattern attack. The wind from the falling throne does heavy damage. Make sure to avoid this at all costs.

Princess Authority: Map Gimmick - Certain abilities will be locked for as long you are in Tower of Memories.

Storm Blade: Ultimate - A powerful wind blows you away, and stuns you if contacted. Hide behind something before the wind sends you off the tower.

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Update Log


Since people have been looking for a way to level up and etc. to try the new bosses. Here is one way to make berries, honor and weapons all in one go.

Goblin King Raid.

Goblins can be strong, and in numbers that is where they truly shine. 

- Goblin King has 50,000 HP. (Ranked: Nightmare)
- Boblin the Goblin has 5,000 HP. (Ranked: Extreme)


- Easy (E) - Relatively easy, can still dish out a considerate amount of damage if not careful.
- Normal (N) - for those people looking for a fair fight.

- Hard (H) - A challenge due to the numbers, you may need a party to clean the area out.
- Extreme (Ex) - A challenge due to the numbers, you may need a party to clean the area out. However Boblin will be watching your every move.
- Nightmare (NM) - Ones closest to the king, that will be a hard hurdle to pass. 

- All smaller goblins are separated by class, Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Archer, Thief and Cleric
- The closer they are to the king, the morale increases. Therefore they can recover if you leave them alone.
- The king cannot recover.

Drop List

Berry Coin - Common currency.
Bronze or Old Weapon - Based on the goblins class they will drop a Bronze or Old weapon.
Honor - Just double click it and find out. (Just don't die right after lol)
Leather - Used for future crafting of low tier armor, or bags.
Fine Leather - Used for future crafting for Common ~ Super Rare tier armor or better bags.

Goblin Shanker - Weapon used by Boblin, that stabby stabs good. 3x more effective then a dagger.
Goblin Kings Crown - Increases your HP and allows you to punch a person to God knows where.
Dream Fragment - When Princess Yume falls she will drop a dream fragment. 


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