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Advanced Fishing (Tutorial) Events

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Advanced Fishing

Tutorial using only Intersect Events!

Animation and Sound effects



Cast Speed

Choose between: Slow Reel - High Chance to Catch; Low chance to Keep Bait, Steady Reel - Even chances,  Fast Reel - Low Catch chance, High Bait Keep)  Plan to add Pole Break chance as well.

Fishing Skill system

Skill Effects Loot, Catch Rate, Fishing Pole type use. [Catching gives a chance to level your skill, the higher your skill, the slower the skill increases]


Uses bait per cast, chance of loosing bait based on Cast Speed


Random Loot 

Based on Fishing Skill and Random Chance



Event is scalable for: Loot based on Skill, Catch based on Pole, Bait Based on Pole




Requires Items:

Items can be changed.

Wooden Fishing Pole (Fishing Pole)

Raw Meat (Bait)

Goldfish  (Loot #1)

Bottle (Loot#2)

Worm Shirt (Loot#3)

STEP 1: (Creating Variables)



First we need to create a few Player Variables:
v1) 'Fish Catch Basic' - Random Roll to see if the player will catch a fish

v2) 'Fishing Bait - Basic - Random Roll to see if player keeps their bait

v3) 'Fishing Loot - Basic - Random Roll to see what loot is acquired

v4) 'Fishing Skill' - The player's fishing skill level.

v5) 'Fishing Skill up' - Random Roll to see if the player gains a skill level



STEP 2: (Checking to see what Fishing Pole is equipped, and if the player has Bait)



e1) Let's check to see if the player has a 'Wooden Fishing Pole'
e2) Let's check to see if the player has 'Bait' required to fish (I'm using 'Raw Meat' for the bait item)

If they have, we take it and start the event with a conditional branch:

  • 'Hold' the player so they can't move away.
  • Play an animation and sound.
  • Set 'Fish Catch Basic' vari to random 0 - 100
  • Set 'Fish Catch Basic' vari Add 'Fishing Skill' Player Variable to the 'Fish Catch Basic' Vari.
  • If the 'Fish Catch Basic' vari is equal to or above '30' then we will have the player Catch a fish on the Line.

Show an Option Text Box:
'Reel in Fast'

'Reel in Steady'

'Reel in Slow"

If: 'Reel In Fast'

  • Set Vari 'Fishing Bait' Random 9-12
  • Set Vari 'Fish Catch Basic' Random 0-100
  • if 'Fish Catch Basic' is greater then 75,
  • then we wait 6sec, play a 'reel in' sound and send text that the player 'caught something', as well we release the player.
  • Then we start the common event 'Fishing Loot' to determine what loot is acquired.
  • Then we start the common event 'Fishing Bait' to see if the player keeps their bait.
  • if Vari 'Fishing Bait' is 'Less then or Equal to' = 'Fishing Skill' we Give Item 'Raw Meat' (or the bait) back to the player.

Repeat these steps for 'Reel in Steady' and 'Reel in Slow' with varying randoms. (Setting 'Fish Catch Basic' to a higher number decreases the chance of a catch.)




STEP 3: (Fishing Loot)
Fishing Loot Variable:




Fishing Loot Variable
Determines the loot given by a random number 0-5.

0-2 (50% gives item 'Worn Shirt') [Most Common]
3 (17% Gives item 'Item #2') [Rarest]

4-5 (33% gives item 'item #3) [Uncommon]


STEP 4: (Does the player keep the bait or loose it)
Fishing Bait Variable





We set the Player Variable: Fishing Bait - Basic to a random number 0-12 (This determines the random chance of getting the bait back)

We compare the Fishing Bait - Basic Variable  to the Player's Fishing level (Max lv 10), to see if they get the bait back; the higher the Player's Fishing Level, the better the chance to get bait back.

The PV Fishing Bait = Less then or equal to the PV Fishing Skill, we give them the bait back.


Fishing Bait - Basic Variable = 5

Player Fishing Skilll Variable = 1

                  No Bait.


Fishing Bait - Basic Variable = 6

Player Fishing Skilll Variable = 7

                  Bait Returned.



STEP 5: Fishing SKill (Check to see if the player gains a fishing skill point)




We set a random Vari for the 'Fishing Skill up' and compare it to the Player's 'Fishing Skill';

if it is greater then the Fishing Skill, we give them a level in Fishing Skill by setting their 'Fishing Skill' Variable by +1.



The higher the players level, the less chance of gaining a skill up. (by 10% increments)
Make sure it is set to 'Greater then' so when the player is level 10, they can not gain a skill.




~This is where a second 'tier' of 'Fishing Skill' comes in. lv 10+and we will then check for a new type of Fishing Pole & Bait.


I will come back and clean this tutorial up, it's a bit complicated and maybe confusing. I also had a few whiskeys tonight..

I appreciate this community and I am trying to give back, please let me know if something is unclear and I will help you!


Sample Video:



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