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WIP Age of Baurah

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Age of Baurah

"The beginning of the truce"




Age of Baurah is an MMORPG SandBox immersed in a fantasy world reigned by two great factions in contention for territories, power, resources and world reputation. In Baurah there are different types of Races and Classes that will give you a unique gameplay and dynamics exploring new territories, defeating different monsters and fighting side by side with your friends against your enemies.


  • Baurah is the central continent where the conflict between two large factions (Gollik and Mezuk) divided on the map by a powerful city known as Throdok arises. Throdok's reign is so powerful that even the two warring factions couldn't even do anything against Throdok.


  • The factional division began with an internal dispute in Throdok where two powerful leaders were banished from the city, many of the followers of both leaders made the decision to move with their leaders. In Throdok many living beings of different races coexisted, so when this division occurred, followers of different races moved to other cities. In this way a player will be able to choose between 4 Races to select (Vermot/Humans, Mantl/Humanoids, Lycan/Wolf's, Nihles/Elf's)


  • Depending on the race you choose, it may be a benefit when choosing a class. For example if you choose to be a Vermot your suitable class would be Conjured, the Vermot race stands out for its intelligence and learning of powerful spells, however this does not limit the option of being able to be another race and choose to be conjured.


  • Baurah has 4 classes and 7 subclasses. Starting classes are ''Conjured, Wagner, Slayer, Sorcerer''


  • In Baurah there are conquerable islands, each faction can enter an exhaustive war against their enemies to conquer these islands that will generate resources and benefits for the victorious faction.


  • One of the most important events in Baurah is the well-known Faction War where every day the warriors will be able to join the war in a continent outside Baurah, the objective is to defeat the enemy fortress killing the guards and the fortress chief. The victorious faction will be able to have the privilege of invading the enemy city, killing their allies, their camps, their power source, their npcs and thus obtain points redeemable for premium items.


  • Throdok works as a link between Gollik and Mezuk, thus Throdok is a neutral city that is in favor of peace on the continent, this means that Gollik and Mezuk cannot wage wars on Throdok soil, nor in their surroundings. Mercenaries inhabit Throdok who may be in favor of one or the other, or even in favor of both, Mercenaries is a neutral faction that inhabits Throdok




Chapter 1: The beginning of chaos.



Baurah is an apocalyptic continent caused by a witch bewitching a world leader with pure evil, this witch was sent by a powerful demon that inhabited the world for years.


Sart created the witch based on her physical appearance and gave them the ability to create chaos in order to corrupt the prophecy of ancient writings on a stone carved by their ancestors, this prophecy indicated that life would not be the same, the Chaos would be imminent as well as the arrival of a demigod that will end this endless war will be imminent.


Sart the demon of darkness did not stay with his arms crossed and wanted to test the ancestors. For decades Throdok was a much more gigantic city than it is today, where Gollik's and Mezuk's camps coexisted, in addition to some other ferocious mercenaries. However, three years ago this peace was corrupted when Luother, back then, the leader of the Mezuk's, went out with his large number of followers to explore new lands through Baurah, finding the witch Samira in an ancient destroyed city. Mercilessly, this witch lashed out at Luother's followers murdering more than twenty men, Luother counterattacked the witch ending her life, however, this witch seconds before dying cursed Luother granting her pure evil and her ability to infect this evil to any of his followers, this was the beginning of the chaos.



Chapter 2: The division of powers.



Luother was cursed and his attitude changed at that very moment, he brainwashed all his men, filled with promises ranging from riches to power with the aim of lashing out at the Gollik, his excuse was that they had privileges in Throdok and that only in this way they could earn the respect they deserve for being old battle companions.


Luother sensed the arrival of absolute chaos, knew that he would be banished from Throdok and wanted Gollik to be that way too, knew that if Gollik stayed in Throdok the war would end there and they would end up losing. He asked a couple of men to build a fortress in a week, a request that could not be made by mere mortals, yet Luother knew that he had been cursed or "blessed" with powers that granted him certain privileges, such as that of In order to contact the demon of darkness, his request was that he grant his followers the power of strength and speed so that they can conclude the strength for the Mezuk.


The demon granted these powers to his followers only to begin with his own prophecy, to end humanity, and especially Throdok.

Luother hours later arrived in the company of few followers to Throdok with his torn clothing, with blood on his face after the fight against the witch Samira. Upon arrival, he entered the palace of the King of Throdok and asked to exile Gollik from Throdok with the excuse that some deserters and their own leader had attacked them on the outskirts of Throdok, killing many of their men, without effect to these words the King rebuked Luother accusing him of being a liar and asked him to leave his palace, Luother out of his mind lashed out at the King and his guards took him to get him out of his palace.


The King minutes later requested that any follower of Luother and Mezuk be banished from their reign. With so much anger and helplessness the King ended up believing Luother's words, he quoted Jofep, the leader and savior of the Gollik people. He blamed Jofep for attacking Luother and his people, with shouts and insults he managed to infuriate Jofep when he was accused of crimes he did not commit, the king wanted to imprison Jofep and part of his people and he replied that it was not necessary, Jofep would take his own path away from Throdok with his people.


Luother found out about this and for months searched for Jofep's new home to end his life. The search ended when he found Jofep fishing in the quiet of the new Gollik frontier, Luother tried to kill him from behind but reacted when he noticed Luother's presence. Jofep was able to escape being unarmed and screamed asking "Why did you do this? What happens? You weren't like that, you ended the world peace'' Luother with a smile said to him ''Yes, end the world peace and I declare war on you, I want to see you dead.''



Chapter 3: The war began.



For many years the bells of the apocalypse rang, the war had begun, Jofep felt Luother's betrayal and understood that this could not end words.

Gollik's vs Muzek's, with Throdok in the middle, what would happen? The King understood that this fight was partly his fault and that somehow he would have to cooperate in favor of peace. Gollik and Muzek were left with few resources and needed a place to supply their needs, Throdok was a giant town with one of the largest businesses on the continent and this was a privilege for both factions now divided by power and treason.


The King also knew of the needs since he sent spies to the two borders to control the movements of both factions and thus proposed to both leaders, peace on the continent in exchange for resources and the possibility of trading in the town. From Jofep it seemed right, although from Luother it was difficult for him to accept the offer, but he knew that it would be bad to refuse Throdok, somehow he would establish an alliance with Gollik and end them, he did not want that.

Gollik and Muzek maintained a peace on the continent, they could not wage wars or battles in the landscapes and areas of the continent, much less in the town, for them they are zones of peace and commerce. However, many times warriors from both factions come to meet on other continents who are explored in search of riches.



Factions, races, classes and subclasses


Faction: Mezuk

Mezuk is the representation of pure evil. Evil spirits cursed the leader of the Mezuk many years ago which produced a curse on every inhabitant of Mezuk Town, this curse caused misfortune in the continent as they dealt with causing mass murders of innocents. The moment you crash into the Mezuk city border you will find red flags flying at different watchtowers and towers.


Faction: Gollik

Unlike the Mezuk, Gollik is the representation of goodness, goodwill, and the land of the reborn. The leader of Gollik is said to be a demigod son of a powerful God who demanded peace in the world and as a consequence of his desires he fathered his son in search of absolute peace. Rumors assure that he was born a year after the leader of Mezuk was born. In ancient scriptures they assured that the son of a God would come to the planet and end evil, with the devil himself. When you reach the Gollik border, you will see the celestial flags fly with great force at the surveillance posts.




Race: Vermot

Vermot is called the Humans in the land of Baurah. These beings stand out for their intelligence and their ability to resolve critical situations with powerful ranged abilities generating a great impact in battles. When making use of magic these beings usually stand out with their Magic Power and Intelligence.


Race: Mantl

Mantl are humanoids that physically have many similarities to Vermot, however their intelligence is too low but they have impenetrable defense and strength. Humanoids generally tend to excel in those two aspects; Strength and Defense.


Race: Lycan

The Lycan are a race of wolves that look like a human being, they can stand on two legs and have enough intelligence to reason and recognize between their friends and their enemies. Their reaction speed makes them a deadly weapon in wars, their attacks do giant damage in a few seconds, they have the ability to sneak out of any situation in seconds. His particular points are Attack Speed and Vitality.


Race: Nihles

Nihles are the well-known Elf's who, like the Lycans, have an extraordinary reaction speed, however, their attack at close range is their weakness, so their attacks are usually at a long distance, being more effective than other races. Skill Points are focused on Vitality and Attack Speed.


Classes and Subclasses


Classes: Conjurer (High Magic Damage, Low Defense, Low Speed, Low Vitality) - AOE Damage

The Conjurer are the classic magicians, in this case makes use of staves and spell books. They use item runes that provides them with different spells depending on the rune (For example, a fire rune grants you fire spells). Their recommended race is the Vermot for the use of Magic and Magical Power. It has a special subclass that you can choose at a certain level, this subclass gives you curse powers, Maligned.



Subclasses: Maligned

His abilities in addition to damage cause poisoning, this subclass is an evolution entirely of the magician, they make use of runes with elements which cause extra damage and effects.



Classes: Wagner (High Defense, Medium-High Attack, Low Speed, High Vitality) - Tank

The Wagner class are the warrior colossi that possess different heavy weapons at close range, a lot of defense and a lot of vitality. Its damage is normal, it does not stand out unlike others but it is a tank by nature, its points in favor are Defense, Vitality and Strength last. Their recommended race is the Mantl as they have similarities in points. It has two subclasses in which you can choose the one appropriate to your gameplay; High Warrior and Lancer



Subclasses: High Warrior

They make use of impenetrable heavy armor with an enviable vitality, their damage is low compared to the Lancer.


Subclasses: Lancer

Makes use of long weapons, they leave their shields aside to be able to fight side by side against other powerful warriors. Defense is the last option, thus prioritizing Strength and Vitality.



Classes: Slayer (Very Low Defense, High Attack, High Speed, High Vitality) - DPS

They are the classic assassins, the warriors in the dark waiting to stalk their victims. His abilities stand out as they make use of abilities to hide, increase their speed, among other qualities that make them stand out from others. They use daggers or bows and eventually small shields to reward their low level of defense, as assassins they wear light armor. its points in favor are Attack Speed and Vitality. Their recommended race is the Lycan or Nihles as they have similarities in points. It has two subclasses in which you can choose the one appropriate to your gameplay; Assasin and Hunter



Subclasses: Assasin

His close-range attack is his fort, his strong abilities are poisoning, stealth, speed. They make use of daggers, eventually shields.


Subclasses: Hunter

His long-range attack is his fort, his strong abilities are poisoning, stealth, attack speed. They use bows only.



Classes: Sorcerer (Very High Defense, Very Low Damage, Low Speed, High Vitality) - AOE Healer/Buffer

Their attack is too low, in reality they are not able to be effective for attacks, however their importance is vital in a war since they can grant healing and spells to give you power, more life, speed, among other needs that may be important during the battle of factions or against monsters. They use shields and decks to attack at short distances, with few effective attacks but with a very high defense. His points are defense and vitality. The recommended breed is MantlIt has two branches or subclasses; Buffer and Healer.



Subclasses: Healer

Their abilities are long range and can heal an entire team during a battle.


Subclasses: Buffer

Their abilities generate more strength, more vitality and other characteristics to the selected players, that is, they are not long distance abilities. Its healing is at a short distance in the same way.



Additional Systems


  • Achievements

When you kill a boss, travel to a new area, or complete certain quests, a message will appear in the middle of the screen to tell you that you have completed an achievement. It is a way for you to measure your game experience and accomplishments in Baurah. With it, you'll always have your goals in mind while playing, and you will be quite happy once you complete an achievement.

  • Elements and Runes

Baurah has 4 elements that generate an additional damage and defense effect, making this a more complex PVP system. The elements that are used are: Fire, Wind, Earth and Ice. These elements can also be embedded and even placed by runes and jewels in the equipment generating extra points of damage and defense depending on the class. Mages can cast spellcasting runes from the rune he has equipped in this way, giving him extra effects.

  • 5x Basic Professions (Harvester, Miner, Cooking, Woodcutter, Fisher)

These specialties are found in the professions window and can increase points depending on their practice, the points give you more skill and effectiveness when working (you may have a better chance of obtaining a certain resource or more quickly to obtain resources)

  • Faction Points

Faction points are awarded by killing a faction enemy, these points can benefit you to stand out in the game ranking, buy unlimited items, buy houses and even gain prestige in a guild.

  • Dungeons and Bosses

Extensive system of dungeons and bosses. Users will have the ability to participate in massive events within dungeons to be able to fight against monsters of all kinds, these can throw from exclusive objects to jewels.


Screenshots and Media



Character Information UI.


(The default language is English. The UI is being translated.)


Throdok Town







Team & Current Plans



@Blestro - PixelArtist, Programmer, Developer.

@Fugaku - Developer, Storywriter.

Ivanquintana - Composer.

Giovanni1993007 - PixelArtist, Concept Artist.

FIDEOS - Concept Artist and Storywriter.




- Graphics base: Inquisitor and Looseleaf Sprites

- GUI Update




- We seek to find users who want to cooperate in the development of the game. (Spanish only)

- Add essential systems (factions, elements, among others)


Thank you very much for getting here and reading our game concept. We seek through suggestions and comments to be able to feed on their advice to improve our aesthetics or game idea.




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4 hours ago, Beefy Kasplant said:

Heyyy! Finally someone who made a city larger than 4 to 6 houses! 


Thank you very much for your comment. I will surely make many maps like that city.

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The city mapping does look alright but personally I am one of those people who prefer the smaller city maps. Just seems like a lot of area to cover especially if there really isn’t a need for it. Now if each of the houses has something to offer then I would say covering that much area is worth it. If not, then it’s just forcing players to spend more time traveling. With all that aside, the map looks cool either way lol. 

as for the UI, I like it. Nice and slick. 

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21 minutes ago, Zetasis said:

The city mapping does look alright but personally I am one of those people who prefer the smaller city maps. Just seems like a lot of area to cover especially if there really isn’t a need for it. Now if each of the houses has something to offer then I would say covering that much area is worth it. If not, then it’s just forcing players to spend more time traveling. With all that aside, the map looks cool either way lol. 

as for the UI, I like it. Nice and slick. 

Thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate it.


I am also one of those who prefer small maps but for this only time I chose to create a large city, being the main city, I plan that the other cities are smaller. There are still many details missing from the map that I will add over the days, although it has details, there is still a lot to work on there.


Take this opportunity to add a concept for the inventory window.




Made by Blestro.

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- We are pleased to announce the addition of a daily rewards system. The system is simple, a user will receive 28 gifts for 4 weeks, this event will take place after a month and their objects will be of the free type (that is, they will not be able to be traded)




- Magicians will be able to choose their initial elements; ice, fire, wind and earth. Then at level 40 they can choose their second specialization in elements, in this way they will use two types of abilities, I remind you that magicians can only use abilities of their chosen element and some other neutral ability.






- We are working on skills and handling points in weapons and jobs.

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39 minutes ago, Shenmue said:
  Hide contents

There is no water element ?

Yes, but we wanted to replace the water element with ice. In the future we will add more elements such as Lightning, Water, etc.

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