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WIP WIP - Spell Animations Feedback

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Hi all--


I am a long time viewer of the forums, but just recently became more invested in development of a personal project. I have supported a number of online rpg projects over the years, and I've learned a lot. This is my first journey down the path of developing my own game and I am in the very infant stages of establishing a look and feel--taking my time. I have always loved the Time Fantasy sprites created by finalbossblues, and I've followed his journey from the start. There are, what seems to be a handful of great games telling stories using those sprites. I like to think of them all as facets of one big story, which is probably the basis of the story I will develop. Classic fantasy story of threads of fate, time, crystals, alternate dimensions and magic--who doesn't love that?


At any rate, before I continue to babble--I wanted to share some magic animations I have developed for feedback. I am hoping to stay true to the sprite style and create some animations that feel like they fit in. Specifically looking for feedback on:

  • Pixelation--purposefully designed to be slightly pixelated to fit into the graphic style of time fantasy sprites.
  • Fit to the spell: First is Sancta, a magic protection/damage reduction buff, second is Aegis, a Protect/Physical reduction and armor, and third is a generic heal.
  • Frames/Speed of animation -- is the speed too fast, or does it appear to flow and give enough of an effect quickly for instant casts.
  • (Note, the bubbly green-tinted spell that fires off with each one is a cast animation)


Any feedback is appreciated. (I know the video is not the best quality and I cropped out a lot, so as to focus on the spells and not share too much) I want to make sure I am taking critique before I develop the entire spell-line for four classes, and eventually split those four classes into subclasses. I can be a bit of a perfectionist, and my only fear is that I will be too critical and slow my progress. Feedback helps!


Thank you!





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