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WIP Floor 100

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The game is in a very early stage, only 2% of the content has been added. My main goal is to have all mechanics in place, so making new content only requires very few changes to add existing or new mechanics.

Many of the currently implemented mechanics (such as farming) are easily copy/pasted and only require 1 digit to be changed in order to be fully dynamic.

A playable pre-pre-alpha will go live for friends and family once the game has about 50 hours of gameplay.

All assets used are either free for commercial use, payed for or self drawn. In an ideal situation, I would like to have all assets replaced by a hired artist when the time is ripe.


Story is still a WIP, below a very short summary.




Floor 100 is an Multiplayer Online RPG where you play a character who is stuck inside a Virtual Reality MMORPG. The only way out is beating all bosses on each of the 100 Floors.


*insert SAO lore ripoff*

Game Features:

Most features are already implemented and working, some need some finetuning and almost all of them need a lot more content added (gfx, animations, items, skills,...)

  • 3 Starting Classes (90%)
    (Warrior, Scout, Cleric)
  •  6 x 2nd Classes  (10%)
    (Guardian, Knight, Archer, Rogue, Mage, Priest)
  • 12 x 3rd Classes  (0%)
    (Paladin, Shielder, Berserker, Knight, Sniper, Beast Master, Ninja, Assassin, Sorcerer, Warlock, Monk, High Priest)
  •  6 x Basic Professions (mechanics 95%, content 15%)
     (Herbalism, Mining, Cooking, Woodchopping, Fishing, Smelting)
  •  6 x Specialized Professions (mechanics 95%, content 15%)
    (Blacksmithing, Farming, Alchemy, Enchanting, Tailoring, Jewelcrafting)
  • Open World Dungeons (mechanics 95%, content 15%)
  • Non-Instanced Housing with interior options (mechanics 90%, content 20%)
  • 100 Worlds (aka Floors) (2/100 done)
  • Achievements (mechanics 99%, content 10%)
  • Arena System (mechanics 99%, content 50%)
  • PVP
  • World Bosses
  • World Events
  • Leaderboards
  • Rewards for the top players
  • and much more...


Website Features:


Live and working:

  • API Registration and Login
  • Fully working Cashshop
  • Serial Key System (can be used for alpha/beta access, item giveaways etc,...)
  • Leaderboard (can display profession levels etc..)
  • Admin Control Panel (ban, kick, give/take items, warp, kill,...)
  • Forum with game login



  • Wishy







Concept art:





1st Hour Gameplay x5 speed Video:





Farming Profession:







Control Panel:






  • Ascension Game Dev <3
  • JC Snider (aka @jcsnider) 
  • Joe Bridges (aka @Kibbelz)
  • George Bailey (aka @George)
  • PixelFox (aka @PixelFox)
  • Jon Collier (aka @Zetasis) 
  • Cordell Carrier (aka @Xeno)
  • Aesthetic (aka @Aesthetic)
  • Joe Williamson (aka @JoeCreates)
  • 7Soul (aka 7Soul)
  • Vincent Garreau (Github)
  • artisticdude (OpenGameArt)
  • Kenney (Kenney.nl)
  • FontAwesome
  • Adobe
  • Octave Sounds
  • Eric Matyas - Music
  • Dashplant: The Dashing Kasplant
  • YOU!



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Updated the farming, everything is skill level based now, the higher your farming level the better the success rates and rewards. Crops grow when you are offline too now. Added the basics of farm animals.


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