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[READ FIRST] Sharing Modifications (for Devs)


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Hey developers!


We're excited that you're looking to share source modifications with the community. Any contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated. Without any sort of official plugin system the best way to share modifications are through source code edits.


There are a few rules for this section:

  1. Include latest known version of Intersect that your modification works for!
  2. Include a description of your modification, exactly how it works/how to use it, and any applicable pictures/screenshots if possible.
  3. Always distribute your source modifications as Git patches!
    • Patches also allow users to easily check compatibility with various versions of Intersect and other patches before installation
    • Git patches are easier to view and explorer using tools like Diffy.org


Threads in this board will require moderator approval which will allow us to confirm that the following requirements are being met.


Developers are encouraged to actively keep their modifications up to date. Abandoned and outdated modifications will not be removed in hopes that others may learn from past work or even continue where you left off.


We hope to see hundreds of your modifications over time and we will do our best to support development where we can. Thanks for making this a safe place for AGD users to augment their games :)





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