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[Aisen Tutorial] Guild System

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4 hours ago, Raposa the Fox said:

Hail guys!! sorry to bother you guys... my english is kind a rusty, but i will try to do my best.

 When i started the tutorial -> all get ok, the script run. i can create the first guild, and manager it... but when i started to create the second one, all the buttons gettins unusefull and don't do nothing, besides the "Leave command" and the "Manager Guild Command" who both return the message -> you don't have a guild. 

(Just to try to explain, when i use /gcreate nothing happends)
(I'm creating a vip system if you guys want me to post it)... Just say it.

and i've created the GV Guild 2 and put the Label: Check Guild 2


If you show screenshots of your events I can help further but to add to what you're saying here.
The Label: Check Guild 2 is NOT going to do anything on its own, I added that there for you guys to ADD the logic of checking Guild2-3-4 etc on your own.

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9 minutes ago, Raposa the Fox said:

let me see, if i'm right, i need to recreate all event steps for create a second guild?
Or can i just add more variables in the Global?


You need to recreate the steps for Guild1 into Guild2 AND have all the required Variables as well.

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49 minutes ago, Raposa the Fox said:

Ohhh it's like the skil lvling... Too much variables u.u that's don't let the server slowly?
I'm starting to compile as a android json build... that can be "URGH"


Should not slow down system, but speed of game is based on server specs

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