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WIP New Eden [Dev Log - August 25th, 2019]

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New Eden is a fresh and original take on the genre itself. Being developed by a team of proven, successful developers, New Eden promises to bring the fast frenetic combat of Dark Souls and Bloodborne into a 2D MMO environment, with the Spellcasting diversity of League of Legends. With elements of the great Nintendo classics such as the Legend of Zelda and Metroid series, we aim to deliver a riveting, engaging experience for hours and hours. With 100% custom assets such as artwork, music, and animations, New Eden intends to bring forth a wholly original game.












New Eden takes place thousands of years in the future, well after the fall of our current civilization. The Earth, now known as Estaria, has undergone massive changes. Nature has evolved, becoming much more self aware and aggressive towards the planet’s inhabitants. Magic has risen and reigns supreme, while technology dwindles away into obscurity. Due to the dangerous nature of this new world, civilization exists in isolated monarchies, kingdoms and dictatorships, most of which are under the heavy heel of a religious movement known as the Elitist Church. Impending war, high tensions and general unrest have once again left our planet on the verge of apocalypse.

Since Estaria is a post-post-apocalyptic version of Earth, we want the experience of exploring it to be dynamic, complex and diverse. Even though it will take time to see the whole of it, we want it to feel like it's living around you, and we've developed a deep history influenced by the clash of salvaged technology and elemental magic. "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys" don't really exist in the real world, and while we still have many antagonistic factions and characters in new Eden, we're trying to ground them in their own person, cultural, and historical experience. Like our own world; ignorance, greed, fear, prejudice and the unexpected fallout of well-intentioned actions are the main source of Estaria's suffering, rather than the idea of a singular force of evil or oppression.

The player character is completely customizable and begins the game with no memory of his or her past, leaving you to explore and discover this strange new world through the same eyes as your character. As such, the concepts of identity and fate, and the considerable weight these concepts hold over our lives are major themes in the story. As individuals, we are considered unique and inherently separate from those around us. But it's difficult to say how much of any individual identity originates from expectations and labels placed upon us by others, and how much is really, truly us. So in the end, who are we? Are we defined by what we’ve done in the past, or by what we will do and how we believe and act in the present? Faith, identity, and the extent to which a single individuals actions can influence an entire world form the cornerstones of New Eden's story.

The writing team has been working closely with one another for well over a decade now. We’ve primarily worked on films together and have even established a small film production company. Story has always been front and foremost in our narrative crusade and we take world-building and characterization very seriously. We have years' worth of content planned out for New Eden, so as long as people are playing it we’ll continue to expand and explore the many nooks and crannies of this world. One thing we love about this project is how it lends itself to just about anyone. For those playing for the story and lore, we pledge that this game will deliver fruitfully. For those who are playing this for the RPG or MMO aspects of the game, rest assured that the  development team has some incredibly unique and fun things in store. Either way, no matter why you're playing, you'll be able to discover something of interest in New Eden and we hope everyone playing senses our passion, dedication and hard work. We could talk about the lore and story of New Eden for pages upon pages (and believe us, we have already), so we're very excited to share more with you in the coming months!






New Eden is being developed within the Unity Engine. This allows us to utilize incredibly efficient tools while maintaining stability! Here's just a few features present in New Eden:

~Advanced, frame-based combat system

~Dynamic, fully featured spellcasting system; this includes traps, blinks, dodges, dashes, skillshots, aoe's, buffs, debuffs, stealth, and any combination of the styles mentioned

~Intelligent, skilled AI, capable of knocking even the most skilled players back on their bottoms


~Fascinating and unique weapon design:


And much, much more! Be sure to keep an eye out for our Development Logs every Sunday!






New Eden features a continuously growing Original Soundtrack! Check it out here:

New Eden OST








New Eden has a growing, friendly community blooming on our Community Discord Server! Be sure to join up for early peeks at Development Logs, 1-on-1 suggestions and feedback sessions with the devs, and to enjoy the company of the other early adopters!


New Eden Discord

There's currently a back-log of Development Logs for you to read over on that Discord Server!



Meet the Team



As of now, our team consists of the following members and roles:

Zetasis - Wanderwolf Studios Co-Founder and Artist

SkywardRiver - Wanderwolf Studios Co-Founder and Programmer/Musician/Animator

Sion - Artist

Thunderwolf - Co-Writer

Dylan - Co-Writer

SHORTTFILMS - Media Manager

We're a solid team with a success story already under our belt. With all the experience and knowledge we gained while developing and maintaining our last game, we're in a prime position to release and maintain a hit!



In Closing

Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to leave your feedback and critique on this thread and on our Discord Server! We're always looking for ways to improve! Be sure to stay tuned for our Dev Logs, released every Sunday!



Dev Logs

Dev Log - August 18th, 2019

Dev Log - August 25th, 2019


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I've been following the discord for a while. I'm honestly very excited for this game. such a unique aesthetic and it works so well. 

also I listened to some of the soundtracks. awesome stuff, honestly. 

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Thanks for all the nice comments. We have a great team here and we're all very dedicated. Keep an eye out for the dev logs, which are released every Sunday on our discord, for more updates!

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This looks absolutely amazing! Good luck with further development, I'm looking forward to playing this!

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New Eden Dev Log - August 18th, 2019

"This week we’re going over some new Enemy Designs, Emotes and a new music piece! Sorry this week’s log isn’t as long, it was a bit of a slow one for us!”


Enemy Design



Enemies and their design have long been a forefront of focus for New Eden. What good is this stellar combat system if the enemies are dumb as dirt? It wouldn't be fun or challenging in the way we intend. We want players to struggle and learn combat patterns. Mastering enemy types as they would in Bloodborne or Dark Souls. This can get monotonous when dealing with an enemy type for too long, and we want to avoid that as much as we can!

So! Our solution is to make each and every enemy type varied and engaging to play against. This also means I had to make sure the Action Spellcasting System could be used by NPC's as well. Everything from a Shroomkin emitting a cloud of toxic spore dust, to savage poachers laying down bear traps, to a giant spider using a skillshot to spit out a glob of stunning webs! Letting our enemies use the Spellcasting system was crucial for development and engagement, and we can't wait to show you some of the results in doing such!"






Here we touch on one of our plans for our business model. We're quite certain by this point that New Eden will be a free game, funded by cosmetics. (Of a non pay-to-win variety) Now, cosmetics are all well and good, and we've laid out some plans as to how to handle them, but we wanted a little something more to offer as well: Emotes.

Now we're not talking little emoji over your head emotes, we're talking full blown animated emotes like these:




These Emotes can even be used during combat, which we especially think will come into play for PvP. Nothing says "I beat you" more than popping a fresh Emote over someone's corpse! We think this will be a great addition to the social aspect of the game, and we can't wait to see what you guys think!






While the previously mentioned track "Untold Tales" is still in the works, I've recently completed work on this new ambient track:




Empty - New Eden

For this piece I wanted to convey a sense of lingering dread, while also inspiring feelings of hopeful exploration. I was heavily inspired by the Metroid series for this track, and as such it's very different from the rest of the Soundtrack so far, so we're curious to see how you all feel about it.



Thats all for this week! Thanks as always for the support guys!


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New Eden Dev Log - August 25th, 2019

"This week we're going over quite a few things! Get comfy, grab a snack and enjoy the Dev Log!"


Enemy Design



So it's one thing to write about enemies using the advanced spellcasting system, and another entirely to show you guys how it works in-game! Enemies in New Eden have a pool of attacks and spells that can work in tandem with eachother. Some tie into combos, and some are designed to work with spells attached to other enemies. Take for instance this Garden Spearman, that now has a skillshot that stuns.


This can be dodged, but upon being hit you are dealt damage and stunned, locked in place for a few seconds. This not only does this give the over-eager player a punishment for being, well, over-eager, but it also gives the enemy a respite from your endless barrage of attacks. Take a look at this Shroomkin's "Spore Cloud" spell. This is a small AOE that applies a poison to you and slows you as well:


The Shroomkin is more a swarm enemy variant, often lying in ambush to catch unwary players off-guard. One of their biggest weaknesses is their slow, hoppy movement speed. We gave them a Slow spell and a trap spell so as to potentially make up for that weakness against in-experienced players. So in summary for this section, enemies being able to use the Spellcasting system will spice up gameplay in a way beyond what we originally envisioned!



AI Behaviour



As mentioned in a previous dev log, Alert enemies were designed quite a while ago. Now, however, they've been implemented! From Shroomkin acting like mimics, to some enemies acting as simple guards, Alert Enemies act as a new behaviour that will spice up gameplay in a really good way.


What's up next for enemy behaviours will be things like Ranged enemies. As opposed to our previous project, enemies in New Eden will play around their strengths. Ranged enemies in old Mirage games and nearly every single game in the 2D ORPG genre act the exact same as a melee enemy, running up and attempting to "shoot" you while their face is being stuck by your greataxe. They don't play to their strength of range, merely running up to be as close to the player as possible. In New Eden, ranged enemies will attempt to maintain a range from you, kiting you from afar. It will be up to the player to counter this behaviour.






I know, it's terribly simplistic and should have been done months ago, but it's in now! For flavour the chatbubbles fade in and out, keeping the flowing, smooth movement of New Eden in every aspect of the game, even the UI!


It works pretty well and we won't be touching on it again for quite some time, but there it is! Chatbubbles are in and working.



Dynamic Damage Animations



So here's something we're rather proud of. Damage animations are actually dynamic in New Eden. Have you ever played a game where every single enemy has red blood? Even when it doesn't really make sense? Of course you have. It's easier for the developers, and it's not something you really notice. Here at Wanderwolf Studios, however, we notice. We also think it's noticeable when all enemies *don't* have red blood. It gives enemies a unique and polished feel, which adds to the overall experience. Take a look at these gifs. These are both the same attack, with the same weapon, but because the target is different, it plays a different animation upon being hit.


Now obviously this branches out to more than just blood color. What about a heavily armored enemy that wouldn't bleed regardless? Stuff like that is handled this same way with this system! In summary, this system will allow for yet another layer of polish that we intend to make New Eden shine past all similar games.



Bug Fixes


Every few weeks I put up a little test server for myself, my brothers, and recently, the dev team to test the game with me. Nearly every time we find bugs (usually new bugs) and I set about fixing them in the following week. These past few tests, the amount of bugs being found has severely dropped, and I can say in confidence that I've fixed every bug found thus far. The majority of the focus (development wise) thus far has been the combat system. This, by extension, means that the combat system is as bug free as can be at the moment! Now I'm sure in the upcoming playtest we'll find plenty. 10-20 people playing can find bugs at a far faster rate than 2-3 testing every now and then. However, we're in such a nice spot in terms of bugs right now that any new bugs that are ever found will be able to be placed on the top of the list for fixing!








Since the world of New Eden is vastly different from the world we know today, we strive to create very interesting and unique creatures and enemies. Nature has evolved, and with this in mind, enemies are designed to feel feel familiar yet strange and even terrifying at times.


RobedConditionerIdleOrbs.gifRoyalKnightIdleAxeDown.gif          OldWizardH1OrbsDown.gifHoodedRangerIdleBowDown.gifGardenSpearmanIdle.gif

The people of New Eden are designed fit the theme of a new world built upon a once great, yet defeated, one. With this in mind, armors and wardrobes of the people can vary in a large degree. Anything from ragged-medieval style clothing to sci-fi fantasy armor is common place here.

Aside from character art and enemy design we also have quite an extensive set of tiles as well. And, of course, they have and still are being created to match the harsh, exotic, and mysterious lands that lay ahead in for the players of New Eden.



"That's about it for this week! Thanks as always for the support!"

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