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[Suggestion] Code Snippets background and size

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There was no other place I noticed that this would go.  Not sure if these are intended to be this way or not.



Private Sub DrawSomething()


End Sub

The background on the forum and in the messages is the same color, which makes distinguishing difficult.  Not sure if it is possible to change the background color just a few shades of gray darker, which would remain within the forum's theme colors.


I also noticed it doesn't appear in a block with scrollbars, so a long snippet of code takes up a lot of space.  I know that is a bit of work to implement, so a different color background would alleviate a use for them.

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It should also be doing syntax highlighting and all that stuff too... It worked well once upon a time 


Major forum upgrades are planned after Intersects B6/RC releases as we approach open source. 

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