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SQL How is the password encrypted in MYSQL?

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Im building a Node.JS web application and trying to fix the login authentication.

Currently looking at the mysql database and can see SALT and Password.


How is the password being hashed?





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On 6/8/2019 at 6:51 PM, jcsnider said:

Thank you jcsnider for explanation of encryption of password mysql.


I managed to create the login logic for my Node.JS web application.


Now I'm trying to figure out the sign up logic.

How is the Id for new accounts produced? Is there any formula?

I can see that pattern is 8 characters + dash + 4 characters + dash + 4 characters + dash + 4 characters + dash + 12 characters = 36 characters








If I do not follow this kind of pattern, would the new accounts be unaccessible in the game?


Link is my login logic (sorry for poor code, this is learn by doing)




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