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DBZee Classes added!

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Hello there! 


Just now I've added a class system to the game. 


For now it's mostly under the hood but this has some effect on gameplay already:

- Level up spells have changed

- Spell rewards from quests and gameplay now depend on your class


This also means that:

- Existing accounts above level 10 now have illegal spell combinations -> When V1 comes around, your account will be purged!

- Existing accounts above level 5 should go to Sensei Naruto to get a class. (New accounts will get a prompt at level 5)



What are the classes? 


Saiyan: Martial Artist -> Melee based class with access to strong physical attacks, AoE and stuns.

Saiyan: Spiritualist -> Ki based class with access to beams and blasts. Damage dealer.


Namek: Namekian Warrior -> Same as Spiritualist

Namek: Healer -> Healing class with access to healing and cleansing spells (AoE, self and target)

Namek: Magician -> Support / Status class. This class has access to several buffs and debuffs for self and target. As well as several Damage over Time spells! 

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Wow, very nice bro!

If I may suggest a few things.

I would suggest also using classes with levels so that each class will allow access to different weapons based on the level the players are on, also maybe consider rewarding players specific health, mana, and maybe even increasing bosses health damage based on the players class and level their in, it would be cool too to add server permissions like moderator, and limited server admin based on class and players level. 

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Hey man! Appreciate your post and suggestions but I will probably not have any weapons ingame. 


Also different stat/vital gains is a balancing nightmare hehe. 


I will have different spells available for classes and there will be one raise with special access to a unique skill in the future! 

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