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DSO [147] Emergecy Patch!

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Update 147 has been released!



We've increased the HP/MP regeneration.

[King Gumy] and [Lich] will restart to their start position if all the players leave their map.

[Lich] HP has been increased from 60k to 65k.

We was improved the Skill Target Logic, If you don't have a target and you are in front an enemy, you will automatically attack to the enemy in front of you.

We've created a new server modifier: No Exp Penalty.

Global is now the default chat channel instead Map.

Now the enemies become neutral automatically if you leave the game, also, if the enemy is passive and you change map he will become neutral automatically.

All Mastery Level 20 Buffs now can be casted while walking.

DarkStory will no longer support Windows XP/Vista.

Developers Note:
We will really miss the old Windows XP, but its time to take step back and upgrade the NetFramework 4.0 to 4.6.1, also, with this improvement We will upgrade the Graphics Library, so you will get a better performance of the game on this update.



New sub category has been added to Equipments tab: Shoes.

We've added a new animation effect for the King Gumy and Master Gumby arrows.

New Premium Items:

King Gumy Arrow

Loofy's Hat

Summer Slippers

Life Preserver Shield



The Masters price has been reduced from 200 to 150.

Master Kaerum has been released.



We've translated and correct various quest dialogues.



Added new sound effects for premium projectiles.



We've translated various labels of the website.

We added new info on the Wiki.




We've fixed an issue with the Mining Animation.

Now you can cast spells by double clicking.

Fixed an issue with the Water Reflection.

Fixed an issue with the Party Share Items function.

Fixed an issue with the Projectil Animations.

Fixed various client-side visual bugs.

We've fixed an issue with the Shop.

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