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How to port forward using ngrok?


How to use ngrok to port forward? or at least how to enter the link to the game (so it will work)

Console text

For help, support, and updates visit: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com
Loading, please wait.
Server has 2 registered players.
Game time is now: Tuesday, February 5, 2019 2:24:44 PM

UPnP Service Initialization Failed. You might not have a router, or UPnP on your router might be disabled.

Connection Information:
   Public IP:
   Public Port: 5400

It does not appear that your game is accessible to the outside world.
Debugging Steps (To allow public access):
   1. Firewalls might be blocking connections to your server. Check firewalls on your system. (i.e. iptables, FirewallD, Windows Firewall)
   2. Antivirus programs might also be blocking connections and you may need to add Intersect Server.exe to your antivirus exclusions.
   3. If on a college campus, or within a business network you likely do not have permission to open ports or host games in which case you are screwed!

It appears that UPnP Failed. Your might need to enable UPnP on your router or manually port forward to allow connections to your server.

Server Started. Using UDP Port #5400
Type exit to shutdown the server, or help for a list of commands.
> netdebug
Please wait while network diagnostics run....
Network Debug information uploaded to https://hastebin.com/avisadefur (copied to clipboard) share this link with AGD when requesting for help getting your game online!


Link generated by typing "netdebug" into the server console (without quotes).


Operating System (Windows, Linux, or Mac)

Windows 10 home

Did you disable your firewall?


Did you disable your antivirus?


A brief description of your location. (Home/Apartment/School/Work/etc)


Anything you can tell us about your network that might help.  Did your internet provider give you all the equipment? What makes/models? Do you have multiple routers or anything? Do you own the networking equipment? I dont have access to router config.

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From looking at the Github repository for ngrok, it does not support UDP and thus can't be used for portforwarding so the regular client/editor can access it.

It can port forward TCP (which includes Websockets), but we do not have a client or editor that communicates with the server over Websockets, and right now we do not have any plans (officially or unofficially) to make them.

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Unfortunately without router access you cannot enable upnp, nor can you manually port forward.


I'm sorta working on a solution for people in your shoes, but it's gonna take quite a bit of time before that's ready.

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