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Aetheria Social and Maps Update

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The social and maps update for Aetheria is now live! 


Players can now utilize a friends list or ignore list to manage their social interactions in the game.  Any player added to friends can quickly be messaged or invited to a party from the social UI.  All players added to your ignore list will receive automatic declines for party invites, guild invites, and trade invites.  Also, all chat from the ignored player will be hidden.  

Maps are also now available in game! Players can either click the maps button on the right side of the screen to show a local area map or they can press they hotkey M to show the map.


For a full list of updates, please see below.


-Added a friends list and an ignore list

-Added local area maps

-Added the capability to "quick add" talent points with Shift+Click

-Added a check on the client side for disconnects, which will automatically bring the user back to the login screen

-Fixed up the login screen so messages are more easily readable

-Fixed a bug which increased player speed if a teleport scroll was used as the player died

-Fixed a bug which sent quest notifications when items were swapped in a player's inventory

-Fixed a bug which caused items on the ground to continue to show up after they were picked up

-Made several server side performance improvements

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It is just a simple map which pops up on the player's screen giving them a higher view of the local area. This is rendered directly from the file the game uses to render the actual game tiles outside of the map.  One thing to note, this is on a custom game engine.


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