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Concept Rain Tale Online

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Hello guys, so today i will releasing the first teaser of the game i am making, i hope eveyone like it ! This teaser shows some extra equipment and paper dolls, The extra equipment is : Gloves/Gauntlets   Rings  Amulets And will have a slot for capes too. and the convencional shield and sword  ^^ i hope everyone like it, i will release some more information in future, will take a time because i'm working in this game solo, and don't worry, i don't want help, i'm fine.

put your feedback below ! 6eb8edb5d043aaf7ae9aa6eebefb401a.jpg

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15 hours ago, Puppy said:

Looks awesome!

Hope you'll soon show more, I am little curious what i'll be like ;)

Yes i will, i'm just preparing some outfits and hair paperdolls to show with the char creation system :D 

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