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Aetheria Aetheria Update #8

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Aetheria Update #8 is now live! You can view the release notes below:

  • Updated game logo and login screen art with the finalized logo
  • Gaining loot now shows in the bottom left screen with an icon and count instead of just text
  • Transformed several level 20 boss drops to recipes instead of pure gear to emphasize end game crafting
  • Fixed a few server side bugs causing a rare world crash
  • Made several server side optimizations
  • Fixed a few areas in Westfall causing enemies to get stuck
  • Fixed shops in Westfall and Marblerock to contain the right health potions
  • Made several costume changes to ensure they are rendering correctly on players
  • Added a bug and beta tester special costume for players who are particularly helpful in finding issues
  • Disabled the Christmas Event

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