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Aetheria Aetheria Update #6

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Update #6 for Aetheria is now live!  You can find the changelog details below.  Enjoy!


  • Added class icons for party and guild members to easily determine their combat class
  • Added more messaging for players when a guild action is attempted but the proper permissions are not granted
  • Updated the graphics for trees across all worlds
  • Made slight improvements to monster pathing
  • Balanced the fishing profession loot so players who did not level cooking with the fishing skill have an easier time catching up
  • Added login messages and notifications
  • Added rare equipment drops for elite monsters in level 20 dungeons
  • Level 20 quest rewards are now unique to the quest and will not drop from bosses
  • Bug fix: Combat sound effects playing in error
  • Bug fix: Projectiles from pets not firing on a direct line to the enemy
  • Bug fix: Monsters which aggro pets but are line of sight from the player would not start combat
  • Bug fix: Minor dialog and quest text fixes

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