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Beefy Kasplant

DBZee Roadmap

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All is subject to change. 


Q4 2018

Beta 1.1:


- Fix all bugs in current version

- Fix the biggest balancing issues. I suspect this will be an ongoing issue for the lifetime of the game. But I want to get the biggest issues out of the way. 

- Add a food shop.

- Add more starter spells and ki based spells

- Stat bonuses for equipment

- Bound rare items

- Add a drop chance for items on death

- New race

- Christmas event! 

- Promote game - Everyone who helps will be rewarded! 




Q1 2019

Beta 2:


- Expansion of world map

- Start of the 'A Universal Fix?' quest line

- New and stronger mobs

- More paper dolls

- More and stronger spells

- Arrival of some familiar faces? 



Beta 2.1+:


- Bug fixes

- Balancing fixes



Beta 3:


- Open up Hero City

- Introduction of dimensions

- More familiar faces

- Introduction of Radditz

- Casino expansion

- More hidden capsules

- More spells



Beta 3.1+


- Bug fixes

- Balancing fixes

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