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Aetheria Tutoria Isle and Other Updates

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With this update to Aetheria comes a new area: Tutoria Isle!  This area is where new players will start their journey, learning about all of the ways to slay monsters, craft items, and use the various systems in Aetheria.  After each adventurer is satisfied with their level of teaching, or if all quests have been completed, they can take the boat on the Eastern dock to Redwater Forest. Players can revisit Tutoria Isle by taking the boat on the Northwest dock in Redwater Forest.



Along with this new area comes several other updates.  Enjoy!


-Expanded player inventory to 60 slots, up from 25

-Frost Lightning used on General Manabone was reduced slightly so it no longer makes his armor and resistance negative

-Reduced damage of General Razorbone's whirlwind and increased the time in between casts

-Added a headphones costume for music contributors

-Removed the penalty for death if a player is in a PvP arena

-Fixed a bug which would replay certain combat effects

-Fixed several bugs with familiars interacting in PvP

-Fixed a bug where familiars would constantly leash to the player if a distant party member was in combat

-Fixed a bug where familiars killing a monster would not progress a quest

-Fixed a bug where gear recipes in shops did not show all information

-Fixed several quest and dialog spelling and grammar issues

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