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Aetheria Aetheria Familiar Update!

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Aetheria just received another update and this time familiars will be joining your battle against evil!  Every player will be given a spell to summon or unsummon their familiar, which is based on their class and specialization.  Pets were a suggestion from our community so a big shout out goes to everyone who helped with this idea.  Also, a big thank you to Regovoulous for providing artwork for each of the pets!


Along with this content update comes a bunch of other balance changes, gameplay updates, and bug fixes.  You can find the full list below.  Enjoy!


-Familiars are now available in game!  Summon them with your summon familiar spell in your spellbook.

-A special pencil weapon costume is now available in game for graphics contributors

-Statuses applied by Ulgizath will now render on the player, making the mechanic clearer for players

-Added an option on startup to play the game in windowed mode

-Irok and General Razorbone received balance updates.  Irok will only spawn one hound and the time between summons has been increased slightly.  General Razorbone had his damage reduced during whirlwind.

-Updated cooldown rendering on hotbar spells to be clearer to the player when a spell was on cooldown

-Disabled healing consumables when a player was at full health

-Updated text for several quests and dialogs to be more grammar appropriate

-Right clicking an item in your inventory while your storage is open will now stack the item in your storage if available

-Fixed a bug which would allow the player to continue casting after they had tabbed out of the game

-Fixed a bug which causes statuses to still render on monsters after they had expired

-Fixed a bug which would cause certain monsters to get stuck behind objects in the world

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