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Aetheria Aetheria Update #3

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Aetheria Update #3 is now live. Please see below for the details.  This update was mostly balance and bug fixes.

-Lifesteal amount on level 15 epic weapons has been increased
-The Challenger talent has been updated to cause more threat
-Fixed a bug where certain chat symbols were causing messages to not be sent
-Fixed a bug where dying with a movement speed buff caused it to persist
-Quests objectives to talk to another NPC now will show with a "?"
-Balance changes to sell prices of resource items. In general, resources now sell for a bit less gold.
-Map updates for certain entities causing monsters to be stuck
-Minor text fixes for various quests and NPC dialogs
-Gold penalty for death has been increased slightly
-General Zayn's whirlwind damage has been reduced slightly
-Fixed a bug causing certain mobs to become invisible on rare occasions
-Fixed a bug causing a desync with the server on stat value amounts displayed on the character sheet
-Fixed a bug which allowed players to fish in lava
-Added a guild war PvP level cap of 5
-Enabled pvp between guildmates if it is conducted in a PvP arena
-Fixed a bug which would permanently give a buff to Darkmoore's pet, Irok, after he finished chasing a player.

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