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Demo Game Always looking for help!

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So I'm generally really, really busy and am not the best at collaborating on projects, but I'd love to see this game grow and evolve into something much bigger.  I'm happy to provide direction, and hosting, but if you want to take a crack at expanding our game world and maybe introducing a story please reach out via PM!


There are limitations to this project:

  1. It will always use an unmodified and official version of Intersect -- this is so we can show people what can be done without custom source code changes.
  2. We will also continue to use the default Intersect graphics pack, to also display what all can be accomplished with our new assets.


When reaching out please include examples of past works, and share your thoughts on what you'd want to do to improve this game, I'd love to hear your thoughts, and someday we might turn this into a full fledged game!

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