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Beefy Kasplant

Graphics Pixel art tool for mac?

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Hi guys.


My work laptop is a mac and during downtime Id love to be able to do a bit of spriting on my laptop.


What are your top suggestions for mac? I am currently using paint.net on windows and I want something similar to that! 


Please dont suggest photoshop.

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In the same principle as @Khaikaa, I recommand Piskel, an online tool which is free, no need to download anything. You can create various palettes (that you can download and upload on your computer), animation with what I guess they call oignon peel (your previous sprite will be display above your current sprite for reference), and some very usefull tools such as brighten and darken pixels, mirrors, and much more.


I often use it, and it never lets me down. Might be a bit tricky at the beginning, but you can do amazing things once you're used to it :) 

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