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change the character's top down

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On 9/5/2018 at 11:57 AM, Damian666 said:

lol config, this is no intersect dude xD


so yes, its in the code :P

I like how Damian's response to the lack of features in his own work is just laughing at it. How dare you have expectations! :4_joy:

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I found

go to the client - source - form - frmgame.vb

        If ChatInput.Active Then
            If (e.KeyCode = Keys.Enter) Then
                HandlePressEnter ()
            End If
            If e.KeyCode = Keys.Down Then VbKeyDown = True
            If e.KeyCode = Keys.Up Then VbKeyUp = True
            If e.KeyCode = Keys.Left Then VbKeyLeft = True
            If e.KeyCode = Keys.Right Then VbKeyRight = True
            If e.KeyCode = Keys.ShiftKey Then VbKeyShift = True
            If e.KeyCode = Keys.ControlKey Then VbKeyControl = True
            If e.KeyCode = Keys.Alt Then VbKeyAlt = True

            If e.KeyCode = Keys.Space Then
                CheckMapGetItem ()
            End If
        End If
    End Sub

    Private Sub FrmMainGame_KeyUp (sender As Object, e As KeyEventArgs) Handles MyBase.KeyUp
        Dim skillnum As Integer
        If e.KeyCode = Keys.Down Then VbKeyDown = False
        If e.KeyCode = Keys.Up Then VbKeyUp = False
        If e.KeyCode = Keys.Left Then VbKeyLeft = False
        If e.KeyCode = Keys.Right Then VbKeyRight = False
        If e.KeyCode = Keys.ShiftKey Then VbKeyShift = False
        If e.KeyCode = Keys.ControlKey Then VbKeyControl = False
        If e.KeyCode = Keys.Alt Then VbKeyAlt = False

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