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DBZee Update Log

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Alpha 0.1


  • Added 4 quests.
  • Added boots and gloves in 8 colours
  • Added Gi in 8 colours
  • Added Casino
  • Added VIP casino access
  • Added special gear which can only be bought in casino
  • Added casino graphics
  • Added Dash spell
  • Added a shop in Gun-Go Village
  • Added Thug NPC's
  • Added day/night cycle
  • Started working on a new GUI


  • Recycling! quest now only needs 12 pieces of cloth to be finished
  • Fixed bug with NPC move route in first quest bugging out and locking the player
  • Added macro protection in the casino
  • Pieces of cloth now have proper icons

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Alpha 0.2


  • New GUI (WIP but functional)
  • Now 200% less racist, play as a black Saiyan! (Super Saiyan will still be blonde with blue eyes though)
  • More outfits!
  • The Healing House will now open up where you can heal for a couple of Zenni
  • More to come



  • Thugs and Newbie Thugs will mix less from now on
  • Error that made it impossible to start the client is gone when downloading Alpha 0.2
  • More to come

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Beta 1


World expansion:

The world has tripled in size! Discover what happens in the Thug Den’s Basement and explore Challenge Mountain!


New Quests:

Figure out a way to get rid of those pesky Thugs that are terrorizing the village and prove your worth to the villagers of Kirikuu Village once and for all by completing all the challenges on the Challenge Mountain! DBZee now has more than 3 times the quests that it had before.


New Events:

More ways to interact with the world and more ways in which your progress affects the world!


New Techniques:

Keep an eye out for Sensei Gon to learn a powerful new technique and progress through the story to unlock powerful new moves to defeat your enemies!


Hidden Capsules:

Find the Seeker’s Guild and take on their challenge of finding the 7 Bronze Capsules hidden throughout the world. If you are able to complete the challenge, they will reward you with some iconic gear!


New Enemies:

The Thugs have called in a bunch of reinforcements and they are ready to defend their Boss! At the same time, in some freaky joke of nature, the wildlife on challenge mountain has evolved to be stronger and more dangerous than some of the strongest men in the area!


New Items:

From quest items to healing items, your inventory will fill up quickly!


New Clothes:

A bunch of new clothing options are available in the shop and as casino prizes. Dress to impress!

Improved Casino:

The casino is now open for business and has been stocked with unique gear that can’t be bought in the shop! Use Zenni to buy Dragon Stones and use the Dragon Stones to gamble! Make sure you don’t get shafted!


Bug fixes and improvements:

Fixed some bugs, improved some events and quests and started balancing the combat!


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Finally some more progress! 



1. Revamped the starting quests. They are now more informative, quicker, more rewarding and more fun! 

2. Added starter spells to make combat more interesting. You will learn these spells in the introduction. 

3. Added a food stall where you can buy food items. First you have to help poor Jenny find her supply crates though! 

4. Added Nameks! You are now able to play as a Namek! 

5. Removed some of the harder enemies so newbies have an easier time beating Newbie Thugs. 

6. Included a first log in message which explains some of the very basics to get you started. 


What's to come: 


Buffs/Debuffs and Healing spells for Nameks! 

Tweaking of drop tables for NPC's

Installer with help from @Damian666! Now you will no longer see the server offline because you 'forgot' to update! 

The Breezy Caves under the mountain will be opened up soon! A new area with quests and new monsters!


And more..


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Did some thinking and added a whole bunch of spells to make combat more interesting.


I hope I will manage to balance it properly. 


What's more is that races now have classes, soon the starting quests will change again and force you to pick a class. Although I do like to give players total freedom, I want there to be a reason to choose races other than Saiyan.. Also, if everyone can learn every spell there is little character building.


Saiyans will be able to choose between Martial artists (Melee based DPS) and Spiritualist (Ki based DPS)

Nameks will be able to choose to be a Magician (Support / Status effects / Debuff) a Healer (Healer) or Namekian Warrior (Same as Spiritualist, Ki based DPS)


Once all the spells are balanced, the changes will take effect in the game itself. 


All useable spells currently in game:


Credit to @Zetasis for most of the icons.

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Something I wanted to share on here. 


A whole bunch of tiles, maps, quests and spells have been added since March, most of it is still locked away until B6 of Intersect comes out. 


The discord has more screenshots but I wanted to show off this little vid: 


The boss has no real spells or stats yet, so that will be next! 



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