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Best forum software?

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The fact that I even call it 'forum software' has to be an indicator that I don't know anything about this.


So please, what is the best and easiest pre-made forum builder/software/whatever?

Share your favourite free and paid ones please! 

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1 hour ago, Gibier said:

Not comodo forum

How about GiBBier? @Gibier

The real question is whether or not you want ease of administration/use or ease of modification. IPB seems to be good-ish for the former, but seems downright disgusting for the latter. I say good-ish because some really basic functionality is rather convoluted, like the member list.

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On 4/30/2018 at 3:45 PM, SkywardRiver said:

Xenforo is by far my fave

Going to have to go with Sky on this one.


Yes, it's expensive and can be INCREDIBLY unwieldy to start working with.. But once you get used to working with it it's quite a sight to behold. 

Just.. don't expect much to come free for it. It's great! But at a fairly serious cost.


(Invision Power Board (IPB) is sort of in a similar shape. They used to be the same project!)


As for free stuff.. As JC stated above, SMF is a fairly quick and dirty way of setting up boards. Loads of free stuff available for it but it can also be a royal pain in the behind.

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