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Need Help [PAID?]Make a DBZ game with me

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Hey guys, 


As some of you might know Im working on a DBZ game. Because I saw a lot of other people making those I was wondering if people wanted to team up. 

I am mostly looking for someone who can help me with graphics (animations mostly) and mapping. 


I am willing to give up some creative control and collaborate or just to pay someone if there is no interest. 


Here are some of my plans for the game: 




The Story:

Just like everything else in this project, the story is a heavy WIP



  • Distortions in dimensions
  • Gods/Kaio’s are asking Z fighters for help
  • Bulma creates dimension travel device
  • Z-Fighters start fighting baddies in dimensions but there is too much to do and need help to beat the weaker enemies while Goku and friends focus on stronger ones
  • Bulma and Z fighters start a corporation that recruits fighters all over the world.
  • The corporation HQ is where you can travel to other timelines/dimensions to save the world


The Game

  • You are a fighter, looking to get stronger.
  • Went to earth because of legendary warriors
  • Fighting your way to fame in your area by beating local gangs
  • Bulma notices you and asks you to help (Together with all the other players, you are not the CHOSEN ONE, all players help Bulma with fighting baddies in different dimensions/timelines)
  • Starts sending you to harder and harder dimensions/timelines and player will meet Z-Fighters and baddies from the show along the way



  • Unlock areas – The more you progress, the more dimensions you can travel to and fight monsters
  • Unlock spells – The more you progress and level up, the more spells you can unlock
  • Collectables – Collect your favourite outfits from the show or mix and match. Thousands of possible combinations! Collect all hidden Z-Artefacts and treasures for rewards! You might even be lucky and find all seven Dragon Balls!
  • Fast Paced Battle System – Use stuns, knock-backs, dashes, blasts, beams, Area of Effect spells and healing spells to gain an advantage over enemy monsters and players
  • Progress after reaching Max Level – Even after reaching the max level you can get stronger and unlock better and more powerful skills. There is no limit to your power!
  • Collect Legendary Gear – Beat powerful bosses with your friends for a chance of obtaining exclusive gear.


Loads of end/postgame content.

What I hate most is defeating the final boss and getting the strongest gear in the game after. What's the point? After beating the main quest line you better keep training because after is when the real fun starts. Unlock secret moves, equipment and areas. Fight high level bosses, alone or with friends, and keep finding ways to get stronger.


Have an impact on the world.

No longer will NPCs treat you like dirt after you just saved the world. Finishing quests for NPC's will make them like you and react to you differently.



Here is what the art style looks like: 




Anyways, hit me up if you want to either collab or get paid for making me some animations!

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