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Weylon Santana

WIP Heroes Apocalypse

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A MMO RPG 2D, medieval and open world style being produced by the Intersect Engine.


We are currently developing a Season 1. We have in mind some requirements that we will insert on this base and these are:

Maps: 100%

Class System: 100%

Basic Crafting System: 100%

System for Obtaining Resources: 100%

Employment System: 0/3 Jobs.

History Missions: 5%

Daily Missions: 0/3 missions available.


I show how each system will be represented on this Season 1.



The world is divided into Four Nations, each Nation a class will be born.

In Season 1, we will present 2 Nations. The Nation of Anfloçare and the Nation of Taletes.


Introducing the Nation of Anfloçare


The Nation of Anfloçare is formed by the villages of Zenave to the West, Avrone to the East, Tanâcia to the south of the Kingdom and by Tmuir to the South of the Nation. The Nation of Anfloçare has this nine due to the Kingdom of Anfloçare located to the north of the Nation. This nation is the home of the Knights, it is a beautiful and pleasant place, but it is not always so.


Zenave and Avrone are villages belonging to the Kingdom of Anfloçare. Tanâcia is a village formed by a family that turned against the King in a coup d'etat. Not yet satisfied, within his own family, after intrigue and death, Tmuir originated, a smaller village descending from Tancia, but not belonging to it.


In one last attempt of peace, the kingdom and the two cities of Tainan and Tmuir divided the whole territory to pais between the four villages. Each village would have a possession on the part of the Nation so that they could be made search of supplies and training of its warriors, areas that are called zones of hunting, agreement signed by all its representatives and all possessing a copy of the contract. Each village also has its own history and the player explores all of this in play.
















Introducing the Nation of Taletes


The Nation of Taletes is today a demonstration for all of how far human greed can come. This nation was considered in the great times, the most beautiful nation in its reliefs, rivers, lakes, forests and everything that makes any place, beautiful and slender. However, everything changes, the dwarves, race in this nation, had in their soul a feeling of "always more", they served the God of Destruction that gave them the necessary while they continued to swear allegiance.


The problem with loyalty is that it changes with reason. The dwarves turned against the God of Destruction wishing to have their power to have what they wanted, and he raged cursed the lands of this nation with plague and pain where no tree could ever be planted. And he scattered stone trees all the way that bound the cities, still enraged and unsatisfied, destroyed the nation of Zedegs to the south of the country.


Without wealth and abundance, the inhabitants of Esdrend north of the Nation exchanged their houses for tents and lived on the end. And the town of Taletes at the center of everything, changed everything by huts. All cities looking to feed on what they can find in the ancient caves and tombs on the map. Due to this constant quest for survival, the dwarves train their inhabitants to be hunters, one day aiming at destroying the God of Destruction they once worshiped.
















Class System


Here are listed all the classes on this Season 1


Knight's Apprentice - Whose, in future, will become a Divine Knight.

Hunter's Apprentice - Whose, in future, will become a Legendary Hunter.


Both classes are melee, the knight has higher speed and attack compared to the hunter, but the hunter has better stamina to face the dangers of the world. The knight has items focused on his defense, while the hunter has his items focused on the attack. The knight possesses sword and shield while the hunter has two-handed axes. Humans (knights) are known for their lightness in their blows, so they have a better physical attack. While the dwarves (hunters) are fierce, they have real damage, often ignoring the enemy's defense.


The player will initially be in the first class where there is greater difficulty in their gameplay, when changing class will be with the new title of the next class, possessing improved attributes. Remember that when starting a new class, the same level will be restarted, the name given to this process is configured as Renaissance.


Each Class will learn 7 spells in its history.


Basic Crafting System


The craft system gives players an evolution of items vertically and horizontally.

In the vertical area the player can evolve the level of the item up to +3, increasing the attributes that it provides.

While horizontally, the player evolves the rank of the item to the next ranking through a combination of three items from the same ranking.

Within the Craft System there is also the Cooking System where the player is allowed to create food (that will help him in various areas) from a cookbook.


System for Obtaining Resources


A kind of mining system that consists of getting resources.
This system in this base will be summarized the obtaining of food and some jewelry for the evolution of items. We will go deeper into this system in the future. Remember that we are talking about a basis only and not the entire project, I have noted the entire project and this system goes well ahead.


Employment System


Unlike other games, Radol (The game currency) cannot be obtained killing free-range monsters, the only way to get money is by finding prizes in dungeons or caves, completing quests or tasks, or working in a way honest (or not). Jobs are only available for single classes. The Jobs available so far are:



Functions: Attend the customers and keep the place clean and protected.



Functions: Answer requests from people who are ordering the killings.


Deliveryman: (What would an MMO do without this function? You are the legendary exterminator of dragons, but they ask you to deliver a letter to someone far away.)

Functions: Meet the orders for ordered deliveries.


Remember: Missions are not mandatory (unless you accept, so yes, it's mandatory). On some occasions you will only be able to exit the map when you finish all the tasks. The missions fit the character's class, that is, the higher the class, the higher the tasks and the payment received.


History Missions


They are missions that follow a timeline with characters, plot and all that is necessary to tell the story of the character you have chosen. In them there are missions that range from killing monsters to solving complicated mysteries, here besides a strong force, is necessary to have good intelligence.

They are missions of experience and reasonable rewards


Each character has its own story. So that's something I will not go into here. I also emphasize here that there are several other types of missions besides history and that the story of the characters has beginning, middle and end. Getting the player to continue to mitigate the dangers in the game and explore other types of missions.


Daily Missions


They are missions that happen daily, they consist of stories parallel to the game to be made in separate places of the map itself, have duration of time and adapt the classes of the player (Only available for the Resurgence Classes).

They are missions of few experience a lot of rewards.


List of Daily Missions available:



During the day some cities will suffer invasions in their surroundings, Invasions of Dragons, Hordes of Certain Monsters, Monsters Alpha and so on. All the players are warned in the Global Chat. Killing their boss wins a prize, they stay in town for 10 minutes. Their Chief is the only one different.

It happens every two hours in random cities on the map.


The Mysterious NPC

During the day a mysterious NPC will appear somewhere, he will ask seven questions about anything, answer at least five questions correctly from the seven and he will reward you. With each sure question the next one is more difficult. With each wrong question a new question is generated to end with a joke of it with each of the player.

It happens 3 times a day.


The Course of the Angel

An angel and his disciples are at the entrance of a dark place in the kingdom of demons, their task is to cross the bridge of chaos, to face the monsters on the way and to return safely by delivering the sacred artifact to the angel, he will reward him for it. To enter the event delivered the "Course Map" to the angel in the city.

It happens three times a day.


What has been done so far:


Maps: 702

Animations: 100/100

* Classes: 2/2

Crafting Tables: 4/4

Items: 220/220

Monsters: 75/75

** Quests: 0 / X

Resources: 25/25

Shop: 5/5

Spells: 14/14 (+27 of the monsters' spells [total: 41])


* With "Classes", we are meaning, the complete class (history, evolutions and spells)

** Quests: We do not have all missions counted for each character, but on this basis we will launch the two characters with all full story missions.


Contribute to this project.

Contribute to this project. By making donations you will get all exclusive items when the official version is released. Contact me via PM.



Sorry for any mistake. I'm brazilian.


The language of the game will be in English.


Any mistake that may be in the donation page or forum, or writing. Please let me know. ;):776_two_hearts:

Thank you for reading this far and I will leave the date of the last update made.


January 14, 2018.


I will update this date every time I update.

Thank You All Again. <3


Current Staff:


@Weylon Santana - (But known as me ) - Working on the stories and missions, ahead of the whole project. I am a writer, I have two books and I am writing the third. Good story is not going to go away (which explains the history of the game being so great). I also develop systems in theories. (class system, missions, crafting, culinary, spells, among other gears that moves the game). I work on database too and logical things.


@Thunren (My partner which is also the front of the project.) - This already has no account in AGD, but has skills in image manipulation, this will also be our designer (of sprites, items, paperdolls and so on). Often making corrections in images. As well as our mapper.


Daniele Almeida - This one, has incredible drawing skills (pixel art or anime style), will create icons that will represent the items inside the game (usually it will create weapons {swords, staffs, etc} will be almost compatible with the graphics that we will buy). As well as creating images that will tell specific stories within the game. (something like a legend to get more fucking epic).


Herminio Bruno - Graduating in administration, he is taking care of all the mercabilidad of the product (game), making us consulting and opening our eyes to the digital market. He is taking care of marketing strategies, selling and planning the project.


@SkyZero- An excellent Brazilian user of the AGD and that has enough experience with the intersect. He will be involved with daily missions, side missions, work among several other things of the game in the forward seasons.


We do not have a date for predicting the launch of this database. We hope that in February we will have a Season 1 consistent with two classes for you to test and give you opinion, changes will be made based on your opinion. Delays may perhaps occur, but I hope not.





Edited by Weylon Santana
Updates was maded.

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58 minutes ago, mateusfar said:

nice ideas, but I want to see pictures! where are they?

At the moment we only have bases, as soon as we have content we will post, I do not think it will be relevant to post only ground and separate sprites. as soon as we build everything together, we will do uptade here on the site. ;)

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Your History Missions idea is really neat, keep up that sort of creativity and your project will be sweet!

One note on the map, the building in the upper left has some misaligned crates in front of it :) But good map

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1 hour ago, Henry said:

Your History Missions idea is really neat, keep up that sort of creativity and your project will be sweet!

Thank you very much. I chose not to delve into the question of the history of each character right now. But eventually when we buy the rest of the graphics (and it's very close) I'll put the stories together and publish here.



1 hour ago, Henry said:

One note on the map, the building in the upper left has some misaligned crates in front of it

As for the house. Thanks for the note, but it was intentional, humans are not perfect nor so organized, even more then. I decided to leave several things not only there, misaligned, it does not make sense everything to be 100% aligned, sychronized, perfect. There have to be flaws like these, it gives a more special touch on the map, a natural mess of the human being.

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6 hours ago, Weylon Santana said:

I decided to leave several things not only there, misaligned, it does not make sense everything to be 100% aligned, sychronized, perfect. There have to be flaws like these, it gives a more special touch on the map, a natural mess of the human being.

To have them all be misaligned the exact same way just looks off though, maybe vary it up a little bit?

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4 hours ago, Joyce said:

To have them all be misaligned the exact same way just looks off though, maybe vary it up a little bit?

I will check. Also take into account that there are several prints there, so as at the top of the entrance some things have become misaligned, there also may be, perhaps a bad image editing, my failure. I'll try to post some prints separately today.

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New Update November 18, 2017.

Corrections were made in the Kingdom of Anfloçare (some things changed on the map). It was created a new village "The Village of Zenave" (The first one was deleted and redone this above), A brief description was added to the Kingdom and the Village, photos were added to the village. Replanning some things for the base and some minor fixes.

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Update December 09, 2017.

Updates were made in the history, images and content of some topics.

Changes were made in the Session Maps: Addition of Stories and New Images were relocated. A change was made in the Class Session. For the last few days I have finished all the external mapping across the country and re-selecting what will be released in Season 1.

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Update December 16, 2017.


In the last days [December 9] until today [December 16] were made:
All the items we need for Season One.
All the craft tables we need for Season One.
All the monsters we need for Season One.
All the animations and spells we need for Season One.
The distribution of monsters throughout the nation [in the two nations].
The balance between the xp that the monsters give and the level of the players, so that it is not extremely difficult to raise of level, but that also will not be easy.

*This balancing was tested by me, where I put myself in the skin of the player and I passed level manually [killing monster by monster].


Personal note: Now we have to create the jobs, history missions and daily missions. And finally a cleaning and overhaul. I believe you can launch in the middle of January or at the latest, february.

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So folks. I hope someone is reading this.


Heroes Apocalipse is having a lot of advancement, in its logic, in its planning and of what is already done. For example, we have the first 30 minutes fully playable game, one or two tons of bug fixes, adjustments in history and theme among many other things. I have been working hard together with my team ...


(despite 2 losses on the team: Jesusbleach [who will still help us in a lot, but not as actively as before and Draxius12 who for life's occupations (like family, work, course) left the project]).


... despite these losses we are hard work.


This project was making me anxious, I wanted to pitch it before my classes started, after all we have everything we need to launch it still in February. But through this post I say that I intend to delay the project a lot.


I want in addition to having the whole story consistent, I want to launch the game as coherently as possible, playable and without so many bugs to correct. Tested as much as possible so that I can release a direct and official version and not yet in beta. Then in June or July we will launch. I will not be in such a hurry even though you are very excited and have everything basically ready.


Some people are following this project so I decided to postpone it so that I could have more time to work on more things, to insert new ideas that until then were selected for the following seasons. Working on comic missions and easter eggs (which I particularly love the idea of inserting a thousand secrets into my designs).


The entire project is being cataloged. Every feat and idea is being strictly noted, and so on. We have the organization and time, but I will postpone further for better quality of the game and I hope that in these next months some things can be realized for a more epic and fun game.


I will try to update this topic more often. I will try for more videos (despite the extremely weak pc I have). Personal notes and anything else to draw your attention and make you more interested in venturing with us. We have a good team, great ideas, consistent and consistent planning, great features and so on. This project will not be overlooked. We are even more motivated than ever.

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Improved audio features.
Story being made. 50% done in the history of the knight.
Correction of tons of bugs.
Change of language of the game for Portuguese. (sorry, but so I'm having many facilities, then the game will be in Portuguese)
Improvements made to animations.
Insert more graphics.
Work done on the monsters' graphics.
Changes in project planning.
Beginning the manufacture of paperdolls

The work is well advanced.


Photo of the Day (Taken when the game was in English. The translation is still occurring. Probably the next photos will be in Portuguese.)


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Working outside the editor. In the graphic part, my girlfriend who is also partly our pixel artist, Daniele Almeida, made our first Concept art. We will be working on many over the course of the game.


Our knight sprite, and a weapon of our project game.



Our concept art made in sheet and rendered on computer.



The final design. Painting by: @jesusbleach


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