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Closed Alpha Heroes Apocalypse Online

Weylon Santana

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I would suggest using item images that match with the pixelated style. The easiet way to do that is to find some 16x16 item images and resize them by 200% using the nearest neighbor settings. Other then that it’s looking alright so far. Good luck on your project!

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6 hours ago, Zetasis said:

I would suggest using item images that match with the pixelated style. The easiet way to do that is to find some 16x16 item images and resize them by 200% using the nearest neighbor settings. Other then that it’s looking alright so far. Good luck on your project!

I really understand what you say. At the moment we are focusing on the basics. So at the first moment it will appear that the items and sprites graphics do not match. In the future when we work in more detail in the graphics. We will fit the items with the sprites graphics, we are still studying the way they are constructed. colors, techniques and everything. I appreciate your comment, we will be taking into consideration in the future.


The concept art, will be for the construction of a background for the client, which is consistent with the game. Concept art of game places, class sprites or even monsters, in addition to backgrouds, we also use for other things, like advertising. So, my girlfriend is focusing on this now, and in the future for the next seasons of the game, we will fit the graphics, looking like everything from the same universe / artist.

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Since February 16, I have not touched the project because of my college, I'm in the final stages of it. Now I've returned with my project even firmer than ever.


Returned missions and bug fixes
Construction of gui
Elaboration of concepts arts
We recruited another 4 people to the staff -
2 for event handling, for missions and history
1 for the graphic part of elaborating icons, and concept art, working together with my girlfriend
1 for mapping.
That joining my current team of 4 people, helps me to see an approximate date for a launch, as at the end of the year.


Returning the missions, I decided to create a moment of panic and chaos to prepare the story for the second season. I hope you like this video.


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Report May 31.


Fixed bugs on maps
Creation of commands for administration in a common event.
Bugs in missions
Fixed bus in editors - How Invisible Items in shop why it had been deleted
Reconfiguration of all classes
It was remade all the basic magic system to be inserted in that first season.
Server is online for more people to work.
More work done on the site, planning.
New items inserted and reconstruction of the graphics we had to meet the need of new graphics.

More new missions made.

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Because, after a long time we are resuming the project, with many ideas and applications. After almost 6 months, I reviewed my project with new eyes after experiencing new experiences. I am changing the entire thesis of the project, but much of the original still stands for excellent planning. Now with more free time I will focus all my time available on the project. It's been almost a month since I returned to the project, but now I've only had time to update the entire page.

I refitted all the missions I had.
I re-edited all requirements for all weapons, resources, spells.
I have refactored all the animations of the 0 - Now I know to configure enough animations, still more to make compatible with the size of the sprites.
I have refined all events of 0 and have recovered much of everything, reworking the new story.
I worked hard enough all this time. I'm hoping to finish at least one beta by the end of the year. And I increased my activities here at AGD.
Now I have a better north, and I'm moving forward with everything.


Go check all.

Heroes Apocalypse

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Today I finished the whole system on the part of farming system.

In my tests, I decided to split the '' Master in Farming '' into 2 parts.
Putting points in this mastery up to 50 points. New areas are released to plant new things.
Each specific area is designated to plant a different kind of thing.



This shows 1 kind of animation for when you plant something.
We will have 13 different types of ingredients this season that can be planted and harvested for the most different purposes.



The second part of the farming system will be the possibility of caring for animals. You buy them, put them in a barn, pay an NPC to care for them.
They begin puppies, over time they grow, and in that they can get more resources from them.

This is just a note. This second part will only be worked on the second season.

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Today I did more missions.
Currently 30/120
Finishing thus all the missions around the village of Tmuir.


I did all the inside from Avrone - The next city where the missions continue.
Stores, Npcs, Interiors. All that is needed.


I made the whole system of class evolution.


I fixed many bugs of logic.


Pic of Day.


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Today I did many things.
I studied and refined the whole class system.
I did more missions.
I spent a good deal of time correcting logic errors that I found playing and replaying several times.

I changed my game system.
My plan was

Main Mission -> Secondary Mission -> Main Mission -> Secondary Mission -> Main Mission ...
That is, to continue some main missions, would have to complete some secondary, it is through them that I slowly introduce some systems of the game.

And as there are 4 villages and 1 kingdom. Each village and kingdom would have its share of major and minor missions. 8 secondary missions per village and kingdom. and some major missions with no right amount.

But when I arrive at the missions of the second village. History becomes indenpendent of secondary missions. Making the village missions 3, 4 and the kingdom unused. Even more than the main missions now, they involve these 2 villages and the kingdom. With the 8 side missions of village 1 and 2, the player has already explored much of the island and the systems that the game offers.

Now I have 30 major missions - 9/30 are done.
And 40 secondary missions - 16/40 made.

Now I will focus my efforts on the main missions to finish everything. 7 major missions have already been made, getting 16/30, but the other 14 missions will be needed to complete these extremely important 7.

While the secondary missions, which remain, as there is nothing but a '' new mission '' space in the database, I will use it in the end, to create yes side missions. But something more random, in uncommon places, some even suspense, - I have the resources for that - to give a player an air of '' there's something else to do '' once it's over.

Taking into account that SPOILER - the end of the main missions lead to the resurgence of 2 archangels of one good and another of evil and the causes of this in the game world will only be shown in the second season


I have hopes, yes, that at the end of this month all the main missions will be finalized, and I might even release a beta. I already have vps for this.

Remembering that the language of the game is Portuguese / Brazil


Pic of Day ;D


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And here we are again. Finally I was able to finish all that is necessary for the first season and I was able to advance another step from WIP to CLOSED BETA.


This year end and the beginning of the year I did not post any more updates here at AGD, because to some extent this distracted me. Then decide to post only something when I had finished it all. And finished. Let's get to the topics.

Many changes have occurred since I took over the project.

[First] I finished all the missions, with the possibility of completing all of them, but it is not an easy task.

[Second], I removed the class system, now we have unique classes, a better and more developed system will be added later in the project, without affecting the state in which it is, I will add new classes over the seasons.

[Third], I've changed the formula for physical damage and magical damage to meet my needs.

[Fourth] I've changed all the monsters [npcs], history in general, spells and among other things, I made up a lot of everything that I already had and I was able to finish in time.

[Fifth] I changed the way things worked, stores, monsters xp, mission rewards, made everything harder. Before, I manipulated huge numbers and never reached a reasonable balance. Now, I made the game more difficult, with small numbers, for a better manipulation of the constants and balance of PVP and PVE.

[sixth] I created a lot of maps, interiors, situations, conditions, redistributed all existing monsters to all maps, changed the brightness of the player that did not exist outside the villages [we will have torch for the player to light in the dark], name of all maps and changed the music of all maps and interiors [there are still some, more will be added over time]

[seventh] at last I checked everything, and I just noted the next tasks so that the entire first season is really 100% and in that we will move to an OPEN BETA.
At this point in CLOSED BETA, I will test if all the missions are going well and if the features are ok. If so, then I will move on to CLOSED ALPHA, where I will finish all pending tasks to launch an ALPHA OPEN.


I appreciate who you read and the support I receive from you. Heroes Apocalypse is getting closer and closer to the end of Season One and you can then test and return with feedback.

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Fast Modification.
As stated on the main page, we have a mastery system that configures all the main points of the game, crafting, weapon requirements or spells among other things.

In each city there was a "learning center" where there were masters in each specialization who trained you at the cost of skill points.


A change was made, to speed up the process in the project, I deleted all the learning centers of all the cities, since if I had to modify these masters, I would have to modify all the masters what it costs time.

In contrast I created a unique learning center in the sky, where the player can go free until typing  /learning. There will be all masters and any modification stays in one place.

I posted this update because it can give ideas to other developers.


That is the basis, soon complete post.



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Latest Updates

The paperdolls of all the swords and all the shields were created.
Corrections were made on maps.
Created the most scary scenario on the lake near Tmuir. With Crocodiles.
Much of the sound of the game was remade and sound special effects added to each npc.
Created command /anfloçare where it shows the map of the whole island.
I corrected more simple logic errors.
All missions are OK.


Today conducted test with 3 players. : D
We're thinking of opening the server for everyone next Sunday to find out how many people the server supports. Today's picture.


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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post in English  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I'm looking for testers for my game.


Finally I finished all the pending issues for my game. And I can open it for beta testing this Sunday, whose link I'll post on the topic of my project and here too [if the admin approves my request for help]


Heroes Apocalypse


It is not paid, of course, but I greatly encourage the help of all who can participate, even those who do not speak Portuguese. I wanted everyone's help in order to have general feedback. And in the end, I will put together a simple questionnaire so that you can answer what will guide me in the best way.


To leave this post according to the rules here is a brief technical sheet.


Name: Heroes Apocalypse
Engine: Intersect Engine
Current Proguess: Open Beta
Vacancies: Testers.
We look for Volunteers.
"Tell us what you are going to do!": With all the feedbacks, I will finalize some systems that are not finalized, that do not interfere in the playability of the game in the current state, but that I intend to give them more importance later, and I will organize the launch of the game.


Everyone who volunteers will receive a quote notice from me.


Thank you all at once.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Post em Português ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Procuro testers para meu jogo.


Finalmente terminei todas as pendencias para o meu jogo. E poderei abrir ele para beta teste neste domingo, cujo link postarei no tópico do meu projeto e aqui também [caso a a admin aprove meu pedido de ajuda]


Heroes Apocalypse


Não é pago, claro, mas agredeço muito a ajuda de todos que puderem participar, mesmo aqueles que não falam portugues. Queria a ajuda de todos para poder ter um feedback geral. E no final, fomularei um questionário simples para voces poderem reponderem o que me guiará pelo melhor caminho.


Para deixar esse post de acordo com as regras aqui está uma breve ficha técnica.


Name: Heroes Apocalypse
Engine: Intersect Engine
Current Proguess: Open Beta
Vagas: testers
Procuramos Voluntários.
"Tell us what you are going to do!": Com todos os feedbacks, finaizarei alguns sistemas que não estão finalizados, que não interferem no jogabilidade do jogo no estado atual, mas que pretendo dar-lhes mais importancia mais a frente, e organizarei  o lançamento do jogo.


Todos que se voluntariarem receberão uma notificação de quote minha.


Agradeço a todos desde já.

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Finally finalized almost everything remaining only the paperdolls of the axes and the gui of the client. Everything is already on point.

Full sound [spells, places, etc]
Created item creation system, and amplified the mining system.
Created all the crafting part of the game.
Among other small things [commands, correction of details and etc.]

We are waiting for players to open beta this Sunday. They can be Portuguese or outside Brazil, we need help to test our machine and mechanisms in the game.

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We're starting our update count of 0 and we'll start counting from the Open Beta. Those were the tasks so far.


Update # 1

Map of Anfloçare - What's on sale in the Item Shop. Now shows where to complete the side missions of the only. The 8 side missions of the Tmuir.


Update # 2

I corrected the shield in the blacksmith who was asking himself to be made. Now ask for the right item.


Update # 3

Added Level in Monsters.
1 - 2 Face Monsters.
3 - 4 Moderate Monsters.
5 - 6 Difficult Monsters
7 - Bosses


Update # 4

Withdrawn some hot blades of axes and blacksmith's swords, as well as hot shells and some ores that were making it easy for the player's life to get the last items of that first season.


Update # 5
Modified price of wood sticks

This prevents the player from mining too many trees, exchanging all the woods on wooden sticks and selling them all for a greater price than the original wood, creating a scheme to make money easily.


Update # 6

Added description for all missions. [As far as possible by]


Update # 7

Added restriction to npc none enter within the place of birth of the player.


Update # 8

Increased basic XP base from 50 to 100.
Increased base multiplier from 3% to 5%


Update # 9
Fixed the blacksmith did not complete 2 missions.
Now he completes

Missions Collect rock and collect wood.


Update # 10 - Developed by @Derop
Main Menu GUI.
Soon he would update the whole game.









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Update # 11

Checked all the requirements of the spells and was reorganized in the store.

The first 10 spells are exclusively combat, which takes up the entire first line.

While the other 4 in the line below are exclusively secondary to buffs.



Update # 12

Ores were distributed all over the map.

There are 8 Ores. 1 - Normal when mined 2 - Coal 3 - Iron 4 - Bronze 5 - Silver 6 - Gold 7 - Ruby 8 - Lazurita


In Order the minimum required to mine is:

1 - Normal when mined

2 - Coal - Mastery in Mining = 1

3 - Iron - Mastery in Mining = 2

4 - Bronze - Mastery in Mining = 3

5 - Silver - Mastery in Mining = 4

6 - Gold - Mastery in Mining = 5

7 - Ruby - Mastery in Mining = 6

8 - Lazurita - Mastery in Mining = 7


The map was created to show the location of the minerals and the map to show the location of the monsters. Maps sell in the items store.




Update # 13

The name of the maps appear when entering a city or teleporting.




Update # 14 (for added security, please review again if the bug and / or issue has been resolved as soon as the new client is released) (edited)

1 - Paperdolls of axes and tools were created.

2 - Corrected the error of Portuguese reported in the mission Decision Making.

3 - The tables were removed in front of the blacksmith, allowing the direct contact with blacksmith.

4 - Forging and cooling conditions have been added for when the player has no points needed to use them - which warns the player that there is an interagagel item when nothing appeared before.

5 - Increased automatic despawn time of the rats and basic respawn of them.

6 - The names of Tânacia and Tanâcia were withdrawn and the city was renamed only of Tanacia

7 - The price of items in the armory item store was increased.

8 - The Monsters have become stronger, and give more xp than usual, the Golens and God the guardian of nature have changed the time of respawn.

9 - The axes that the hunter uses has been removed from the tag [axes] and can no longer be used to cut, only the ax tool can - this tool and the other items will have evolutions as well.

10 - The Banker now makes sound of trunk opening when interacting with him as well as all the chests that there are until the moment.

11 - The welcome message from the server has been modified and the player is also offline.

12 - In spells for sale, was placed in the description which status influences that magic.

13 - The Masters of Mining and Creation now tell you what you can do when you reach the required number of points. The Masters of Spades - Axes - Spells [and Witchcraft when activated] will not tell you what the player can use when he attains mastery as it already comes in the items.

As for the rest of the masters, they will tell you what the player can do when they are activated. That's all for now. All reported bugs have been fixed. All approved suggestions have been Applied. I appreciate your help and we will continue with this work.


Update # 15

Swords and Shields can now only be used by Divine Knight while Axes can be used only by Legend Hunter.


Update # 16

Error while trying to logout and error while trying to select char has been fixed.

A new NPC - Ashor was added. He will take care of answering the initial doubts of the player. At the moment there are only two - What are the Masters and How to get money. The more common questions you have, the more you will be asked to respond.

And the sound effect when you move from level after level 50 has been added.


Update # 17

1 - Placed doors in the hallways indicating that there is a corridor that goes to the second floor.

2 - Increased xp Base from 5% to 7%

3 - Weapons now have in description% critical and attack speed

4 - Fixed the bug of the tree block being under the tree - reported by @slayer was a bug yes.

5 - Resources now give randomized minerals between 0 and 5

6 - Ashor gives advice only on the first 8 missions.

7 - Monsters below level 3 do not run away anymore.


Update # 18

1 - Fixed many bugs reported.
2 - Attended and applied in the game many suggestions.
3 - A new requeriment was added in weapons, magic and shields in addition to the Mastery - The Level
4 - Increased difficulty in the game [exp formula and pve balance]
5 - Gui continuously being implemented.







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