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Weylon Santana

Closed Beta H.A. Online v0.6 [Recruiting].

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Update # 19

1 - Deleted 7 Swords, 7 Axes, 7 Shields.
Attack, Shield gives up to 100 extra bonus in physical and magic defense, Rings - Give up to 100 extra points in physical defense only while Colares give up to 100 extra points in magic defense only.
3 - The speed of attack of axes and swords was reduced. In addition, Swords continue faster than Axes, but Axes give more damage and more damage and more damage.
4 - Because the horseman has 100 extra points in physical defense and magic compared to other classes, if he uses the 7 rank shield, accessory and amulet, this makes him a tanker class rather than a balanced one.
5 - Hunter is now a high damage offensive class
6 - Updated sprites of classes, event archangel sword, knight spells icons and hunter, swords, axes, shields.
7 - Updated all the recipes to stay in accordance with the new organization of the items.
8 - Changed the price of items in stores.
9 - Changing the class name
Old Name // New name

Rage Of The Night
Legendary Hunter - Hunter
Empress of Light - Druid
Sovereign of Destruction - Necromancer

10 - New classes inserted - Necromancer and Druid.
The Druid was made to be a support class with skills focused on buffs while The Necromancer functions as an offensive class focused on enemy debuffing.



The whole presentation of the main page has been reworked.

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Stopped updates due to illness and other responsibilities.
Now we are picking up where we left off to advance the further. New Ideas, projects and motivations. We are at full steam. I leave our first riddle.


''Perfection is a symbol of something to be worshiped, or a sign that chaos will come.''


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I am returning to the topic again.
The project is active and has always been active.

I'm revamping the main page and adding points that I didn't have before, besides working a little on the aesthetics of the topic.

The game is online and playable.


I'm posting images of the latest news[v0.3], Efficiency in Hunting, if you came to this comment, please see the main page to find out how this efficiency works.


Location of the barn in the village.






Automatic chat notification for checking the vacancy and sex of the animal, only when it is inside the barn. Outside it, it simply says whether the player won or not.



Chat notifications when the animal is hungry.



and so on



[Using the JC format now hehe]


What are the next

Search for a song for the farm background.
Give the animals a chance to breed.
Insert diseases and night theft for animals to be more vulnerable.


Stay tuned :3_grin:

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2 hours ago, felipesmoke94 said:

Muito bom, eu não consegui fazer download!

Estou esperando Tiago ajeitar o site, para fazer download e cadastro, mas o servidor está on, assim que tudo tiver ok avisarei aqui.


2 hours ago, Beefy Kasplant said:

Looks cool! Nice use of events :)

I spent a week making it all work, I tested all the bugs that happened, I believe everything is working normally.


1 hour ago, wishy said:

Should make an english version :) Would play!

Thank you very much, and I am really thinking about making an English version and leaving the two servers running, or translating the entire game into English only, since it is an almost global language. I'm analyzing the situation, but maybe in a few weeks.

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Version 0.5
We are finishing translating 100% into English. Global version.
I made several small changes in this process.

For this reason I am downgrading, from playable to closed beta.

The most important is ...


We need players to be able to test the game. To help us look for everything to be in English, you can make corrections if you need to, and also on the site / game features.


So if you are reading this, and if you were interested in the game for what it says on the main page, we will leave 10 vacancies available, we believe it is necessary to find all possible bugs and errors. Then we start planning the game's release right here on the forum.


Comment on this topic or feel free to contact me in private. I will create a chat so that we can communicate.

Whoever helps will be rewarded after we reset the database at the end, on launch day.


Heroes Apocalypse is a totally Free to Play game, with no items sold, etc., the reward that players will receive will only be a small advance in the beginning, when we go to launch, to reward their work.


I will leave this accountant, and update every time someone volunteers.

4/10 players


Call only if you have enough time to play, we will start testing as soon as we fill the vacancy or no one else appears to start. Then taking advantage of the quarantine where many have free time, and while I finish the translations.


Thanks for listening.

I'm quoting you three here for looking interested, if you want, send a message xD 





Edited by Weylon Santana
new player

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32 minutes ago, Weylon Santana said:

Versão 0.5
Estamos finalizando a tradução de 100% para o inglês. Versão global.
Eu fiz várias pequenas mudanças nesse processo.

Por esse motivo, estou fazendo o downgrade, de jogável para beta fechado.

O mais importante é ...


Precisamos que os jogadores possam testar o jogo. Para nos ajudar a procurar tudo em inglês, você pode fazer correções, se necessário, e também nos recursos do site / jogo.


Portanto, se você estiver lendo isso e se estiver interessado no jogo pelo que diz na página principal, deixaremos 10 vagas disponíveis , acreditamos que é necessário encontrar todos os possíveis erros e bugs. Então começamos a planejar o lançamento do jogo aqui no fórum.


Comente este tópico ou sinta-se à vontade para entrar em contato comigo em particular . Vou criar um bate-papo para que possamos nos comunicar.

Quem ajudar será recompensado depois que redefinirmos o banco de dados no final, no dia do lançamento.


Heroes Apocalypse é um jogo totalmente gratuito, sem itens vendidos, etc., a recompensa que os jogadores receberão será apenas um pequeno avanço no início , quando formos lançar, para recompensar seu trabalho.


Vou deixar esse contador e atualizar sempre que alguém se voluntariar.



Ligue apenas se você tiver tempo suficiente para jogar . Começaremos a testar assim que preenchermos a vaga ou mais ninguém aparecer. Depois aproveitando a quarentena onde muitos têm tempo livre e enquanto termino as traduções.


Obrigado pela atenção.

Estou citando vocês três aqui por parecerem interessados, qualquer coisa envie uma mensagem xD  @ felipesmoke94  @Beefy Kasplant  @wishy


I will help as much as possible, I don’t have all the time in the world but I’ll set aside some time to help!

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11 minutes ago, felipesmoke94 said:


I will help as much as possible, I don’t have all the time in the world but I’ll set aside some time to help!

Okay. I'll put your name on the list, because as I am going to leave a week and a little to test, you can explore a lot. Okay?

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Version 0.6
I am adding several images of the game on the main page, in addition to also describing a little about the work system of Heroes Apocalypse [ver0.6].

If you have an opinion, you are welcome to participate.
If you want to help with the tests, leave your comment. I call you. :3_grin:

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