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Story Today I did this on my project...


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*BROKEN* The Schedule was made using Self switches and movement routes and 4 pages. One for moving to the spot, one for standing in the spot, one for moving to the door, and one blank page(simulating that he is now through the door).

I discovered a huge flaw with this. While it sometimes gets stuck and must be reset by entering a new map, if you reset in the wrong phase of movement it will bug out and move to an undesired location. Only solution I see is to create seperate events; one to move to the spot and another to stand/return.

The Achievement system is just User Variable booleans and images, and will be accessible(in my game) physically ingame(no ui) via a (purchaseable?) trophy room of some sort.

The Rep system is just a player integer variable. will be used for quests/stores/etc.

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Today, i've tried to contribute the following enhancements for the intersect engine:

- Show/hide the chat log by pressing a button.

- Show/hide the chat log by by using chat action keys (enter/esc) - this is optional ; game settings -> interface !

- A button that clears the entire chat log.





If you like what you saw there, feel free to give it a try and contribute with feedback while it's under development / review here !


Also, this week i've finally decided to jump into the fun of what instances are capable to do for ASO.


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