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Story Today I did this on my project...


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8 hours ago, Cheshire said:

Interesting, is that done through cutting down the tilesize to something like 16*16 for movement? It looks like it's still beholden to some form of tiles. 

And does it work with pathfinding, npcs, block tiles etc.?


Not actually, Habib almost figured out. Basically i just changed bind controls to move Offset instead, so it really moves at every pixel on the map but the movement packets are only sent when you reach the 32x32 bound. In other words, i just keeped the default movement but now the input depends on Offset, not the ControlKey. That way i dont need to change the whole logic behind tiles and positioning since it work the same.

There are limitations of course, the other players doesnt see the offset so there is a error margin of 16px at max, but it wont affect features that depends on positioning and its a minimum error. Also i changed the EntityMovePacket offset processing to make movements a little more smoof.

It stills a prototype. Blocks for example needed to be implemented so probably the other features need a bit of code too lol

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Trying to work on my project slowly, even if its only an hour a week. Today is not much, but I got the basic animation in for pushing objects. (Actual pushing of objects is next).


I know the loop isnt perfect on the pushing segment, but I will polish it later. I also need to stop input when the animation is switching back to idle.



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