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Story Today I did this on my project...


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On 4/17/2021 at 6:47 PM, trollface said:

Dudes looking at the camera like, "Bro, really... You moved me from the other screen to THIS???"

Lol, I am hoping its a bit of a shocking discovery to players.


10 hours ago, Beast Boyz said:

I only see people enjoying the moment and a rude adventurer coming without invitation.

haha, Satanic rituals is just enjoying the moment huh? ---> Me after a rough day at work.


9 hours ago, Lunam said:

Bohemian Grove lol

It is similar I suppose...

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Lots of UI Development work today, designed some screens and also programmed responsive components in Salem2D. Removed JSON ui scripting and split things up into UI-Populator classes, and the code came out really clean. Bout to start working on textboxes and then I'm gonna start working on getting actual logins going.

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Just created a new boss mode. Extreme and Nightmare. Starring our lovable fox, where she shows her true nature in snow storms and freezing capability. If you thought the normal (Easy) Aun was hard, this one will make you pull your hair. Good luck spirits out there, will be recording the raid against her soon hopefully. 

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1 hour ago, Oddly said:

Programmed Textboxes into the UI system of Salem2D so I could make more progress on my main_menu



be careful dude!!! you screenshoted your password!!!!!! oh gosh I hope nobody realizes and changes your agd nickname from oddly to dodly

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Finished all the layout > menu windows, time to start work on the layout > game windows.
Some things are kinda wonky due to the hierarchy of the json file and the form components used to generate the visual aspect.


I also added this neat little toggle-able grid overlay to help with coordinates.

Also started a github for the project, its coded in VB.NET and I'm not a good coder by any sense so you get what you get xD you've been warned.

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Hadn't posted my updates for a few days.
Made my first sprite which gave me ideas on the art style and theme of the game I'm developing

I researched the usage of Perlin Noise Algorithms for the purpose of procedural world generation, and coded some test algorithms in python which I will be implementing into my game later written in C++.

Learning to create land masses gave me some ideas about the mechanics of my world and how the world will be generated, which will later take temperature, pressure, humidity, etc into account in order to generate biomes. I have plans to also create some sort of seasonal-farming system now.


Created my first walking animation. (still need to convert this into a sprite base with paper doll and wanna add animation to the hair, but thats all in good time.



Started developing some world objects to kinda define an artstyle for my project, its not done but it is progress

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Making progress! About 50% done deserializing, and only the location/size/image edits are shown/loaded atm so i want to fine tune everything once im done and add that stuff.


So for example if you change hidden to true it should hide the visual component and right now it doesnt do that. But eh. Progress!


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