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Story Today I did this on my project...


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1 hour ago, Beefy Kasplant said:

Please give feedback:



That's pretty cool. However, I feel like the statistics interface is too charged and I also feel like something could be better with the player vitals interface. 

That chat box is pretty cool. Would be interesting to see the police and its color. I do like that top right interface too.

Maybe the top of that mount is too clear and flat compared to the grass?


29 minutes ago, wishy said:

Getting close to releasing this, just gotta add a few more customisation options, everything, including the cashshop, is working ofcourse.

Setup is done in less than 5 minutes with little to no programming experience needed.



What an amazing system, waiting to see it out.

Right now I don't understand much of initialization steps, but I guess the project will be released with a tutorial?

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58 minutes ago, Shenmue said:

What an amazing system, waiting to see it out.

Right now I don't understand much of initialization steps, but I guess the project will be released with a tutorial?

Thanks :) Those steps are to make sure the webhost and gameserver are properly configured, and yep will include a tutorial too.

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Well, actually I did not do this today, in fact it took a lot more time.

I am always trying to find ways to use random generators and other mechanisms to make the game world more interesting.


First problem with map design is that I have to remind myself that this is NOT 3D. I am still trying to get accustomed to 2D which pretends to be 3D. I have to plan carefully how to use the layers the Intersect Engine provides. I always wish there were more of them. And I will need more variations of shadows.




I wanted to create a rather simple dungeon where you have to find a lost amulet.

Story hook is a priestess who travels regularly through that dungeon to perform her rites. She wears an amulet which protects her from the undead guardians, but one day she loses it in the dungeon and does not dare to return without it. So it will be your quest to enter the dungeon, defy the undead, find the amulet and return it to the priestess.


The map is dark and you cannot see well. The monsters are dangerous to a low level player, but rather slow. In addition, as time passes, more monsters spawn, so it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid them. There are no obstacles in the pathways.


I am using additional elements of the free Time Fantasy tile sets (Ashland and Atlantis).  I created an event that spawns the undead pirates (and despawns them once you equip the protecting amulet), controlled by a common event that keeps track of the total number of "Drowned", which will never be more than 4.

Since I cannot spawn an item via event (could easily be coded into the source code later, probably), I have to create 4 events for the different locations where the amulet may be found. Each has three pages:

1) Does the random generator generate my number: Active and visible (additional tile "Amulet")

2) Any other number: Inactive and invisible.

3) Amulet has already been found: Inactive and invisible.


A very helpful trait of the Intersect event creation tool is that you can cut and paste conditional branches with all the dependent commands, which helps a lot to keep an overview.




Next I am going to test how the random numbers and the switch "Search amulet / amulet found / quest ended" works best for party/multiplayer.


Stay healthy and safe!



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