Friends list and advanced chatbox March 3rd 2017   News and Updates Its been a while since we've done a dev blog since mostly we've been working on a lot of minor quality of life chages here and there alongside major code refactoring but we have some features i've been working on worthy enough of a dev blog! We felt that the current chat was too basic for Intersect and decided to bring it up to the same level of other chatbox's similar to other engines out there. In this update (included in beta 4.0) we will now have the following chat channels:   No channel: Local chat. Only players on your current map or in the surrounding 8 maps can hear your message. Also has a cute chat bubble in game! /all & /global: The global game chat where anyone can listen anywhere in your world /announcement: Another global message just in a different in chat to stand out which only admins can use. /admin: A private admin chat that only admins can message and read. Can't have any players hearing our super secret plans right? :^) /party: A private party only what where you can message other party members. /pm & /message: A private message between you and the members name following the command. Example: /pm Kibbelz hi how are you? /reply & /r: Once you have initiated conversation with someone in a private message you don't want to type out /pm name_here every time do you? A short hand way to just message the player you were talking to previously again!
  Examples of these chat channels can be seen in the screenshot below:   Event Driven Commands: Yes you heard right, common events can now be triggered by custom /commands as shown in the screenshots below We also now have a new command in the text display function within the event editor. I suggest you read up about it in the updated thread here   Friends List We all know starting a project with a small community can be tough, but what keeps people coming back aside from your good content is the community. We decided to help give more players the chance to interact more with one another with a friends list! It can be accessed on the main HUD at the bottom right of the intersect client. You can add friends by searching for them in the textbox and remove them by right clicking them on your friends list. Friends are filtered by being offline or online including what map they're on! Look at the screenshots below for a general feel :     Whats next? Make sure to check out the Intersect Road Map as for what features we have next planned in line! We will continue tieing loose ends, fixing bugs and refactoring some code. Last stretch guys, we're nearly there!   As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!   -The Intersect Development Team