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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I just wanted to make a small guide on how to get New and Future Intersect releases (this also allows connection for the editor) to work, if you have Antivirus software, and Windows Defender Firewall. 1. First we run the "intersect server.exe" to ensure that we can't connect publicly. 2. The first thing we do is make sure our Antivirus has an exclusion for the folder, or file, so that it can listen for connections. I am using Avast, but the concept should be the same for any other Antivirus software. We will start by going to settings, it usually appears as a gear icon. See below. 3. Then we continue to our exclusions setting by scrolling down and clicking "Exclusions", please see below. 4. Once in our "Exclusions" settings, you should see an area that looks like this. Click on "File Path" (Avast), see below please. 5. A smaller window will pop up, if you are using Avast at which time, you can make your "File Path" selection. See picture below. 6. After we click "OK" on the "File Path" selector, we will want to verify the correct path has been selected and then finally click "Add", to add the exclusion. 7. Once the exclusion is added we can click "Ok", and close Avast, or any other software you are using. Usually this is all you will have to do, but if you are running Windows 10 (Only OS tested so far), and Windows Defender there are a few more steps you must complete. If you don't you might still see this message even though you made an exclusion in your Antivirus software. 8. To add the "Intersect server.exe" to the Windows Defender network connection exception, open your "Tray" icon ^, it might appear as <<< on other systems. 1). Right click on the Windows Defender icon. 2). Click "open". 3). See below. 9. After Windows Defender opens you will see the "Firewall & network protection" icon to the left, click it. You should then see an option called, "Allow an app through firewall" appear at the bottom. We will then click this to open our Firewall settings. 10. Once you have clicked "Allow an app through firewall", another window will open to reveal all apps ran on your machine. You will then scroll down to "i" for "Intersect server.exe". We will then ensure each box needed, for each app instance is checked off. 11. Before we check mark the instances of "Intersect server.exe" though, we want to make sure it is the current "Intersect server.exe" we are using. You will highlight one of the instances, and then click "Details" to reveal the path of the instance. Verify it is correct, and click cancel. You may also change the type of connection "Intersect server.exe" should use, in case you clicked the wrong one on first start (EX: Public to Private, and vice versa). I suggest Private if you are at home. 12. Once all paths are verified, and you are happy with the instance connection type click, "Change settings". This will allow you to check mark the instances of "Intersect server.exe", so Windows Defender knows they are allowed. After all instances needed are check marked, we then click "OK". 13. After doing all the previous steps correctly, you should be able to finally run "Intersect server.exe", and receive the following output. 14. Happy creating! I apologize, you may have to do a bit of research if you are not using the same Antivirus software, or Operating System.
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