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Found 52 results

  1. This game is build using Intersect Engine. The beginning. What the game will be. Features. Classes. Storyline. Screenshots. Sorry for my really bad english! Also I take any criticism and feedbacks. Thanks guys! Login Theme
  2. Zahvi

    Vu Du kein [WIP]

    Vu Du Kein is a fantasy ORPG based on the mechanics of astrological science. When creating a character you choose a display name and a class. Note: "your CLASS will decide your element, (AKA: TEAM/FACTION.) and attributes." You are given 12 character slots. You may start out by choosing 1 of 12 classes. As the game progresses you will be able to prestige your account, this allows you to unlock an additional character slot. A new character and class can now be obtained and fight along side you, following you around while assisting you through out the game, in and out of battle. You will be able to unlock all 12 classes and play as multiple classes simultaneously while switching from character to character to take control and battle with that class, (But watch out switching a class can cost a hefty amount of mana.) However, you will only be able to venture out with a max of 4 characters at a time. Your stats are set based upon your attribute and can only increase when your characters level increases. You can not increase the stats manually, however, they can be modified by collecting and applying gear to your character. Change Log: Intro: Road Map: Screenshots: Videos: Features: Engine: Credits:
  3. Refur

    WIP Nimue

    Do you like Nimue? You can help us with a small donation
  4. Cuddleheart

    WIP Doodle Quest

    Doodle Quest is a new hobby project of mine. I'm so stoked on all the projects and guides for this engine that I wanted to share a bit of what I've been working on (thanks to all your help)! I am currently building it in the intersect engine (Thank you so much!). Doodle Quest is currently a one person project (me!) It will tell the tales locked within a child's imagination. All the assets will have a drawn ascetic. I am currently in the process of creating assets (namely I have been working on music as of late) and writing story. Down the road, I hope to have a small-scale mmo with a few word-of-mouth friends playing. Currently, the game has two races and two sexes, a few items, some starter quests and the beginnings of a grasslands map. Pictures Video ♥
  5. Grizzy

    WIP Phantom Farm

    Hey everyone! Thanks for taking your time to come check out my fun little project. I'm excited to not only create something fun people may enjoy but to also expand my skill set along the way. Once the engine (Intersect) if fully released I plan to expand my coding abilities while also having fun working on this title. I currently have been teaching myself C++ as well as Python (Just finished Python Crash Course 2nd Edition). In addition to that I will also be doing all the graphical work, music production/composition and whatever I can myself... However enough about that, please join me as I explain the concept I have come up with in my head that may not be as cool as I think it is.. lol. Phantom Farm will be a 2D MORPG slathered with sexy 80s style/chiptune music. It will be a darker toned game that might remind you slightly of Stranger Things meets Ghostbusters. The universe will be set with two sides. Tho good and evil might not be as clear as some other RPGs the "light and dark" worlds will be very clearly defined. There will be two identical worlds where battles will ensue to take primary control of the Universe. There will be two identical worlds parallel to one another just with different stories, characters, and atmospheres. PVP based battles will occur and the winners will take control of the parallel universes AOB. I'm actually still trying to figure out exactly how this will work (Please slap some of yalls amazing suggestions around, I am always open to new ideas and crit), the general idea of the thing is each world trying to over take the other side. Players who contribute the most during battles will accumulate PVP points that will be tallied at the end of the day and posted on the website where the leaderboards will be available 24/7. (Leaderboards will likely be updated based on EST). I have no specific ideas down yet when it comes to story but I hope to have that done once I get more done with the graphical work and the idea more clairvoyant and understandable. Screen Shot of some of the graphics I made today. A lot more detail and work to be added. I've already purchased a server and will allow anyone to hop on that might want to just come hang around and socialize. One of my primary focuses of education during the creation of this will be learning how to cultivate and create a well functioning social environment for players. So again any suggestions and ideas slap em at me please. Thank you guys very much. Will be updating this as much as possible so I hope to hear more from everyone soon!
  6. Background/Story Races/Classes Towns/Cities Items Crafting System Quests Special Notes (May or may not happen depending on how much i put into this game) Credits Updates Images
  7. Shigetsu

    WIP Soulum Ender

    Using Intersect Engine VERY SHORT SYNOPSIS :(Probably not even a synopsis but at least it doesn't spoil much) -"Why are you shaking? Usually, humans don't move when they're dead" -"I can't die... I haven't fulfilled my promise yet!" -"Tell me young human..." -"I told them I would save them from our enemy" -"You do not lack courage my friend" -"Huh... What courage, I betrayed humanity's hope..." -"Then... Rise again great human and with my power, you shall be... Their savior" GAMEPLAY : -Max Level -> 55 (might change) -Battle people in a ranked deathmatch to climb ranks (D -> C -> B) -Ranks are reset every season end -Get awards at the end of every season depending on your final rank -Craft different weapons and costumes using schemes you drop on bosses or small enemies (or simply buy them xd) -Discover a unique ongoing story (Your choices can change the story progressing) -Finish all side quests to unlock hidden quests ( I'm not supposed to say that but whatever) -Hidden quests might unlock new story chapters -New story chapters unlock endgame dungeons -Fight the world Boss everyday -Things might be missing here so this post isn't immune to editing RACES : - Humanity Sword Master(Melee) Soulum Master (Range + AoE) - Place Holder Place Holder Place Holder THE TEAM : -Shigetsu (Scriptwriter - Graphic stuff - General management) -Akihiko (Programmer useless af for the moment) -Kuro (Graphic stuff) -No one (No joke it's his name)(Scriptwriter - Future Illustrator ) GOODIES : -Current overall progress for pre-alpha 1 : Maps : 69% ( Should be at 100% once i finish what I've planned) Characters(NPCs included): 100% Spells : 100% for both classes Dungeon 1 : 0% (Not sure if i'll finish this or not) Quests : 0% UI : 100% Items: 60% Storyline : 100% (Includes the first chapter(Hidden truth) and some of the second(A new world)) General : 66% PS : This game will have its own light novel written in both japanese and english (wish us good luck )
  8. AisenArvalis

    WIP Erathea

    Erathea Online is the project I have worked on for numerous years but now is the time to bring it to life. Life is also the main theme of the game, it's meant to be similar to a life simulator. There won't be any classes or specific roles. You want to be a Warrior, be a Warrior. You want to be a Farmer, be a Farmer. It's that simple, anyone can play anything they want within reasons. For example, you can't play as any non-humanoid race (Dragon, Wolf, etc). Features: No Classes Hundreds of Skills & Spells to learn A vast world to explore Intricate Crafting & Gathering system Player owned land/houses Team: @AisenArvalis - Team Lead Nathalorial - Mapper, Storywriter @Dashplant - Sprite Artist Engine: Intersect Engine to begin with and will most likely be made using a custom engine made from the source when it's released. Progress: Story - 10% Maps - 0% Quests - 0% Monsters - 1% Equipment - 1% Spells & Skills - 0% Roadmap: Great City of Highborough Plains north of the Great City Cave in the plains Of course, as more information gets to a release worthy state, I will edit this post or make another post. I'm also a very bad writer so don't mind my horrible setup for the game information.
  9. froggy

    WIP World of Adea

    World of Adea Using Intersect Engine Before you read on, many things are subject to change as i see fit, and much will be. I am currently the only one working on this project. I appreciate all comments, both negative and positive ones. If anyone has any input whatsoever, don't hesitate. Thank you! Update 31/10 -17 Restructured whole first page with new information Update 12/1 -17 Updated What's Next with new info (because of Beta 1 being released) Update 6/1 -17 Updated Screenshots section Update 4/7 -18 Doing a public playtest What the game is about Features Screenshots Classes Current Progress & What's next?
  10. croc_god


    Please delete this post! The game is still in development, but has undergone significant changes.
  11. Introduction For a while now I've had some ideas for an Ancient Roman themed MMO with a dynamic, Bethesda style storyline. Now that Intersect has grown more stable and the event editor works properly for the most part, I've decided to start the project myself using the engine. Roma Gloriana is a WIP online RPG set during the Roman Republic's transition to an empire. The world is an approximately 1:4 scale replica of Ancient Rome and the surrounding frontier. Each of the blue grids below represents a 32x24 map in Intersect. Story You are a gladiator, sold into slavery under the wealthy politician and general Pompey. When by chance the marauding Julius Caesar arrives at your camp with his legion in search of men, you are faced with the decision to either join him on his quest to take over Rome, or remain loyal to your captors and save your home from dictatorship. After taking part in a slave uprising, players will be introduced to a war-torn Rome with three factions vying for power and men. These are: Caesar and the Populares - want to transform Rome into a military dictatorship with Caesar in control Pompey and the Optimates - want to retain the power of the Senate and put a stop to the usurper Julius Caesar Vercingetorix and the Gauls - want to massacre everyone and pillage Rome After deciding who to side with, players can embark on the main story, a series of quests where they must win the support of the five sub-factions of Rome: the patricians, plebians, senate, army and gods. While the quests are the same regardless of who you side with, the objectives will be different. For example, a quest for the populares may have you fight in a large-scale battle on one side, while the same quest for the optimates might have you fight on the other side. In addition to the main story will be close to a hundred side quests to be completed alone or with friends, and hopefully activities such as gladiator dueling and chariot racing. So what? This is still in an early planning stage. Right now I'm working on the story/characters and developing the map. Most of the custom sprites and tiles I've been working on are finished at this point. No estimated release time, I just wanted to throw the idea for my project out there and see what people think. I will keep this post updated over time as I make more progress. My ultimate goal here is somewhat of a New Vegas-esque experience with a branched story and narrative fail-safes. I want you to be able to do quests for Caesar the whole game and then at the last minute decide to assassinate him and conspire with barbarians to sack Rome. As far as I know everything I have planned is possible with lots and lots of switches. Misc stuff a small percentage of the items and armor I've been working on (everything has paperdolls) a handful of custom sprites and edits
  12. Hello everyone! I've been working on this game for a long time, and now I want to show you guys some progress that I’ve done. I’m an avid fan of many great shooters on PC, especially arena classics such as Doom, Quake, and Team Fortress 2, but not quite fond of violence elements like blood and gore. With that in mind, I decided to spend 4 years with my own programming skills to make a little game called Battle Splash. Battle Splash - Gameplay Trailer Battle Splash is a third-person shooter which takes inspirations from water fights, featuring action-packed, fast-paced water fights in peaceful and relaxing environments. In this game, I want to include the elements that defines 90s arena classics (something like Quake with bright colors, water splashes, and no violence) with class-based elements. Players can choose one of 4 cheerful girls with same weapon loadout, while having distinctive stats for creative playstyles. Furthermore, each girl carries an exclusive item that serves their co-operative role. Currently, I’m optimizing the game so that up to 32 players can join in large playgrounds for water fights. I’m also planning to support modding tool that allow everyone to customize their own water fights for their own preferences. I’m also making a Greenlight page of Battle Splash for Steam submission. If you find this interesting, please visit my greenlight page and vote "yes". That would be a great support for me! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=804737940 Thank you very much for taking a look of my project. I hope that you guys are interested in my little game, as well as leaving feedbacks to improve it. Have a nice day!
  13. Hello, Today is the time to finally confirm the work on Fallen Sky Online. Currently, the Vault Softworks team is working hard to get the online offshoot of Fallen Sky to work. (Falling Sky 1 will be available in early March) Currently we can say that we are still at the beginning of the development, but already have some settings to Present. Thanks to the team of the program "Intersect" we are able to provide Fallen Sky with an online version! About Fallen Sky Online: The game takes place in the vicinity of Bad Kreuznach and takes on the challenge to find the kidnapped children of the city again or from the steal the mercenaries. Furthermore we try to find out more about the anomaly spells which have a strong power. FSO takes place in the year 2120 after the great nuclear world war that brought civilization back to the deepest Middle Ages. Fight mutated creatures, monsters and evil gangs to free the world from the bondage of the atom! Behind the Scenes: In Fallen Sky, the player or the observer will be aware of what can happen if humanity is deprived of the comfort we currently have. In addition, one is encouraged to reflect on how desperately everyone struggles for his own or the group's survive, the tracks hate others for his peer fear of dying or losing his people .... Rage .... Rage rise from fear ... Progress: -> Mapping: 12% -> Scripting 20% -> Storyline 70% -> Equipment 41% -> Crafting Entitys 4% Thanks for visit this Thread ~The Vault Softworks Team Vault Softworks Germany LLC, Apolda (TH)
  14. Here is the current GUI W.I.P Give feedback please.
  15. Darkest Dawn Online Reimagined is a complete rework of Darkest Dawn Online from scratch! A few of the main concepts from DDO Legacy will cross over, but most of the features will revolve around one primary concept - everyone has a randomly generated race, and everything about you is randomised - your avatar, your weight, your hair - even your stats! (These will be balanced) The chance of two people having the exact same race is almost microscopic - every player needs to work together to shape a world which they want to live in, making acquaintance of various players and NPC's to help you. But be warned - someone else may not have the same idea of a world as you do. Features -Completely randomised race -Open PvP game: You can kill anyone whenever unless you are protected by an angel -Small maps: This game's map is being designed so that you will always be exploring new areas, but finding your way around will not be chaos, like most alternative MMORPG's Team Currently, the team is only me - if you want to join, then feel free to PM me! Main Aspects 1) Completely randomised race 2) When you die, you will become a ghost temporarily and drop all of your items if they're not bound (legendary rarity) 3) All NPC's are neither enemies nor friends, they are neutral - made to act like players with a completely randomised race of their own! 4) There is a 1-day cooldown between randomising 5) Most maps are open PvP but some are safe Progress Release date Late 2019 Update log this will be added to! [FEATURE] Randomise race aspects [MAP {STARTER}] Sandfall Village [FEATURE] Re-randomise race once per day [FEATURE] Basic Intersect Features: Parties, Friends, etc [ITEM] Tough rope: Capture bandits [FEATURE] All NPC's are voice acted with Text To Speech [MAP] The Wilderness [MAP] Yellow Brick Road [MAP {STARTER}] Anceton [MAP] Tundra -- Remade on 28/9/2019 [MAP] Arctic Warren [MAP] Lake of Admiration [MAP] Aquarin [FEATURE] Tutorial [MAP] Wolford Meadows (Main, North and West) [MAP] Vallation [FEATURE] Bounties in Vallation [FEATURE] Real-time darkness [EXTERNAL] https://tinyurl.com/ddorstats [MAPPING] Major mapping enhancements [ITEMS] 2nd life ring, Rift Scythe (cut holes through worlds) [GUI] Danger indicator - Shows image to say if map is arena, pvp or safe [MAP] Tides of Time [MAP] Two ocean maps (with placeholder names) [QUEST] Tin Woodman quest (bottle of oil) Future plans when things are done here they will be transferred to the update log! Maps: Dungeon Abandoned Temple Jungle Cave (currently working on) Features: Jobs - Woodcutting, fishing (Makeshift) Guilds NPC's: Mercer - Clothes Shaman - Magic Bosses: 1/5 Rating: Lower number = harder boss Timelord - 1 - Put in Tides of Time map Dreamfoot - 3 Blighthound - 4 Transfer DDO features: Guilds - Intersect B6 broke this, look at later DDO's Enemies - 1 transferred so far {Dreamvine} More info: Discord (mainly for DDOR, but has a DDO category as well): https://discord.gg/gVEDb7d
  16. Khaikaa

    WIP Phazon Hunters

    Phazon Hunters is a space sci-fi game strongly inspired in the Metroid series. Synopsis Tasks Features Staff Screenshots Yeah, after all this time, I'm finally making a game in english so anyone in this community can enjoy it, isn't that cool? lol
  17. Yhuriell Eclipse is a 2d MMORPG, developed by BraveWolf with Intersect Engine. It seeks to build a realistic medieval world, full of magic, adventures and enemies, but with an evolving story, endearing characters and progress of time, where the decisions you make can affect the game. Choose your side, and live your own adventure. [For Developers] I know medieval MMO’s are quite common this days, and most of them use the same formula. Maybe the project will not be the best of his genre, but i want to make an enjoyable experience, and build a world that feels real. Because of this, i want you to give me feedback if you find things that can improve, or aspects of the game that needs a rework(Graphics, Mapping, Storytelling, Systems). Story: Classes: Features: Screenshots Progress: Depending on how the development go over this month, i have planned to release a public alpha on the last days of the month.
  18. Aesthetic

    WIP Arcwyre

    Hello again AGD! It's been some time since I've posted here or made Arcwyre's development status public, and today I get to show you all why! Over the past months me and my team have put together something I am truly proud of and I feel like we've finally found that spark we needed. So, without further ado, lets get into the meat of it all! Introduction A few of you may remember Arcwyre in it's early development stage being created with Intersect. Sadly, despite my love for the engine and it's creators I hit a wall. I felt as though what I wanted to achieve was outside of the scope of Intersect, so I spent many long hours of research to find the best tool available to me and my team. We settled with an amazing GSE called 001 Engine. With this engine I have been able to achieve things I never dreamed of due to my inexperience in programming. Due to this, Arcwyre has been completely reimagined into a game where I can fully express my creative desires as well as work in a flexible and somewhat familiar environment. So, What is Arcwyre? Arcwyre is an action packed MMO that defies many of the genre's stereotypes. We have combined the feeling of accomplishment accompanied by MMO style progression with the fast-paced and skill based combat of MOBA's. All of this takes place in a gorgeous, 2D retro styled, open world where danger is around every corner. We hope this fusion of 2 very popular genre of games will resonate with many of you who bounce between games like WoW and LoL. Enjoy the best of both worlds in one experience! Gameplay In Arcwyre, we wanted a more intense experience than the casual point and click MMO so we implemented a full, open world, PvP system. If you leave the safety of a house or Haven you can be attacked and attack anyone you see. If PvP isn't your cup of tea you can also enjoy intense PvE dungeons where your sick Skill-Shot abilities are put to the test against powerful bosses, and your mind is tested with mind bending puzzles, all for the promise of great loot like cosmetics, Glyphs, and shiny new gear! Even slaying other players in combat will award experience and loot boxes you can use to progress your character and prove your dominance in the world of Arcacia! Now, you may be saying "how is getting slaughtered by high level characters at level 1 enjoyable!?" We thought of this too. In Arcwyre your level does not determine your power, but instead acts more like a milestone, or prestige. Higher levels grant access to rarer cosmetics, more interesting Glyphs, as well as a few other cool features that wont be discussed quite yet. What all of this means is that you can download Arcwyre 100% free and jump right into the action on the same playing field as everyone else. The only factor that will determine whether or not you win in a fight is your skill alone! Features Completed features: Free 8 directional pixel-based movement Mouse based aiming and skill shots Full server console Dungeon Finder to queue into groups Amazing particle effects Sprite skeletons allowing for more in depth animation Full screen with customizable resolutions API integration Fully encrypted graphics, music, sound, and data Anti-Cheat system Complex boss framework allowing for intense boss fights with hundreds of different capabilties Open world with seamless transitioning Customizable Processing Radius to help low FPS players run the game more smoothly More I'm probably forgetting to put here WIP Features: Massive open world containing over 800 maps Nation system where your allegiance affects your PvP status with other players Massive scale Nation Wars Steam Integration Mac/Linux compatibility (Possible AGD integration, allowing members of the forums a special rank for being part of the community that jump started this whole project! Depending on JC and Kibz) Media Screenshots: Gifs: Lore: Development Process Before, during Arcwyre's Alpha, I had some major flaws as a developer. I was focused on the wrong aspects of development, I was much too focused on player approval, and I had a massive issue with transparency. After some reflection I feel like I can improve in all of these areas and create a better experience both for myself and my team, as well as the players who follow and support us. To better accomplish this I have set myself on a strict development schedule with days devoted entirely to community updates, accepting player feedback, and reflecting on the current status of the game and what can be improved. I hope that this will create a more welcoming environment for old fans and new and help us move towards releasing this game for all of you to enjoy. Thank you, AGD! At the end of the day none of this would have been possible without the support of @jcsnider, @Kibbelz, @panda, and all of the members here who supported Arcwyre in the first place and renewed my love for game development. Without this website or the Intersect engine I would have gave up on my dream of game development long ago. As a side note, I have not forgotten about those of you who have donated to Arcwyre. I'm sure many of you were upset when the game closed and felt like you have thrown money into a fire, but I would like to assure you that this is not the case. I still possess a list of every single person who contributed to Arcwyre and you will all be receiving in-game, as well as out of game, rewards for your contributions.
  19. Welcome to Runic Lands! History: You were on a plane heading home after an adventure with Nikoro's army. The plane magically crashed and you fell on an Island that you never heard about it. When you wake up you realize you are without clothes and your suitcase is lost, but that will be the least of your problems. The island is inhabited by some humans and aggressive creatures, who will not hesitate to attack you. You must make yourself worthy, forging armor and weapons and surviving on the skin of animals you find, and your flesh to be able to live. But these islands are not what they seem, as you get deeper inside you realize that there is a very aggressive civilization ... They will not hesitate to kill you but you must survive at all costs! Your main mission is to rescue the 10 Survivors who left on their own. Developing: Maps: 45% Objects 70% Resources 80% Npc 60% Animations 70% Missions 25% Magic 100% Projectiles 50% Official facebook page of the developer group Official Game Group Urysoft official website Español: Bienvenidos a Tierras Rúnicas! Historia: Ibas en un Avión rumbo a tu hogar después de una aventura con el ejercito de Nikoro. El avión mágicamente se estrelló y caíste en una Isla que nunca escuchaste sobre ella. Cuando te despiertas te das cuenta que estas sin ropa y tu maleta se perdió, pero eso sera el menor de tus problemas. La isla esta habitada por algunos humanos y criaturas agresivas, que no dudaran en atacarte. Debes hacerte valer por ti mismo, forjando armaduras y armas y sobreviviendo con la piel de animales que encuentres, y su carne para poder vivir. Pero estas islas no son lo que parecen, a medida que te vas metiendo mas adentro te vas dando cuenta que existe una civilización muy agresiva... No dudaran en matarte pero debes sobrevivir a toda costa! Tu misión principal es rescatar a los 10 Sobrevivientes que se fueron por cuenta propia. Desarrollo: Mapas: 45% Objetos 70% Recursos 80% Npc 60% Animaciones 70% Misiones 25% Magias 100% Proyectiles 50% Pagina de Facebook del Grupo desarrollador Grupo oficial de Tierras Rúnicas Pagina oficial del Grupo desarrollador IMÁGENES: Bosque: Tierras Comunes Mapa Mundi: Bosque Perdido: únete a nuestros grupos!
  20. AQ ENGINES : The evolution ! AQ Engine is devided into two creators : One for your Orpg 2d game and the other one for your custom 3D Game 2D AQE : Features : -Dynamic day and night system -Character customization -Unique weather system -Open source ? Who knows -Skill trees -Smart NPCs -Cinematics -An extra super mega map editor ( surprise for later ) -WIP ( fast updates and bug fixes) -A GUI lol -Friends -Pets -Transformations -3D animation effects -Combos and realistic fight system -Parties , teams etc ... -GUI always being updated -Any other thing that you would expect from a ORPG creator -Your suggestions Screenies : The inside of the game is still looking draft , I'll be fixing that and then showing you how things look like More screenshots are coming ... 3D Engine : WIP ( Not yet available for preview ) I won't be updating this topic often due to the lack of my time , but I'll still be working on it .
  21. Hello I present you my upcoming indie 2D MMORPG Isolated Paradise. So far there isn't much information, as the game's alpha will start soon. The games website is: http://www.ghostwiregames.com/ Game Story: Class System: When starting the game the players can choose between two (2) classes (Fightet and Mage). Then the game starts. Although, there are only two classes that a player can choose, then he has to buy his skills (books) in order to fix their class in the way he/she likes. Example: I start with fighter and then i buy mostly ranged/bow skills or with mage i buy more fire skills. Skills until now: Mage: Fighter: Both Classes: Dungeon System: In the game's world there are many dungeons, some are freely open, others need keys or an item to have or to consume in order to enter, others are party only, while others open randomly on enter for every player (a message will be sent to the player on enter about the open dungeon. Misc Information: When the game starts ventrillo client will open. Also players cant disconnect from the game if they aren't in a safe zone. In the game there are wood cutting and mining and craft system. The game will have an open world. Items until now: There are many NPCs, some of the mare bosses, others are monsters, while others are shop keepers quest givers or mere NPCs. Finally, the game accounts are protected with a custom crypt system. Some game fotos: http://imgur.com/a/4tANL Support the project: https://www.paypal.me/AlexandrosTitonis
  22. Project Concept This is a project made in Unity Engine (Version 5+), C#. Website: http://www.indiedb.com/games/elder-tales Free to play Informations Pixel Multiplayer Fantasy RPG Tiled Based Characters and Maps Photon Networking Engine SQL Server Data Engine World TCP Server Socket (C#) Features Multiplayer Cross-plataform Open World Immersive map design based on tilesets Elaborated maps with forests, rivers, mountains, ice places, villages and citys. Fun and beautiful 2d graphics (WIP design) Advanced melee/ranged/magic combat system Chat with players, trade, party and guilds etc... Day, night, rain and snow cycles Explore, build, fight and rise. Be a hero or farmer, be a expert swordmaster or intelligent alchymist, be everything you want. Day and Night System (old), new version will come. Test Server: The test performed above shows the server's large capacity to handle connections and multiple requests at the same time. Panels with fade in and fade out I have been added fade in and fade out effects to the panels like login, account etc... These effects give a better look at screen transitions and are widely used. In the above gif you can already see a change in the visuals of texts, colors and design but the graphic question will still be improved but it is something that we can use for test versions. Character Creation Some changes were made in character creation but it is also in progress because I want to add character customization but until then already works with the new server and 100% original The character creation is already synchronized with the server, has been added function to delete the character, until then can only have one per user but it is something that I will plan to add new slots in the future. New panels in-game The panels inside the game have also been restructured, with a better look and new concepts. all information is already being saved and loaded by the new server. The panels are draggable and have best fit into all screen resolutions. Equipment System and new UI Previously I had not implemented 100% the equipment system and the inventory but in this new update already we can see this advance when equipping items to show a visual in the player. Everything is synchronized between the server and client, all players can equip items, walk, have their own information stored and shared when necessary. (sorry, i'm naked). All graphics so far are free and may change over time but I really liked this new interface and I will keep this pattern for now. Map Overhaul I made some modifications in the world and the map where players will start the adventure but it is still in progress and will be added all objects, npcs, animals, effects etc... but I would like to share some pictures of the work that I am doing in the maps. I'm only using free resources but it can be changed over time but in the same color and concept pattern. Forward From now on I will further advance the project, improve some current functions and implement new systems. Soon we will have the long awaited test version even though it contains problems but will be essential for the project. In the roadmap I already have all tasks including the game world (maps) and not just systems features, because it is something that I want to evolve enough to launch a test version. Thanks guys! Continue to support us, the community is very important to the project.
  23. Please Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/pcQsZQW Story: Concept: The game will have a class-less system, allowing players to choose their path according to how they leveled their skills. While there are 5 skills (Brawn, Agility, Mantra, Vitality, and Spirit), there are three unique combat elements that can be utilized by our Exorcists. Combat Elements: Exorcists are able to use Mantra Cards, Cursed Weapons and Prayers. Mantra Cards: Inspired by the way runes used to work in oldschool runescape, Mantra cards are to be consumed in order to cast powerful spells! Those who choose to focus on their Mantra skill will be able to unlock many card combinations to create different diverse effects. Obtaining Mantra Cards: Mantra Cards are obtainable by purchasing blank cards (first from the left in the picture) from an NPC, and visiting the corresponding altar of the Mantra you want to imbue your card with. The Sky Mantra is up in the mountains, the Life Mantra is deep in the forest, etc. Time and Death altars are within extremely unsafe areas, where you are at risk of killer players and powerful wraiths taking your life and your items! If you choose to focus ONLY on Mantras, keep in mind that you have to keep replenishing your deck of cards! In the picture below I am imbuing a Blank Card with a Life Mantra. Cursed Weapons: Weapon based combat focuses on maximizing the quality of your weapon and base damage. Melee weapons like swords, and ranged weapons like guns, all have a base damage. Those who choose to focus on their weapon based combat abilities will have to focus on increasing their base damage output with equipment and Skills (Brawn for melee and Agility for ranged). Exorcists will be able to find Weapon Masters around the world who will teach them special moves for their weapon of choice. Using melee weapons require no resource input, not even energy of any sort, but they do have durability and need to be fixed occasionally. Using ranged weapons, however, will require Ammo. Bullets for guns, and arrows for bows. A benefit of this is that Ammo can have an elemental attribute, giving you extra damage against certain foes. Prayers: Based on the idea of toggle buffs used to aid Exorcists in combat. Prayers are toggle-able buffs that once activated, will drain the Exorcists's prayer points until the Prayer is turned off or until all the Prayer points run out. The prayers can help with increasing damage output, decreasing incoming damage, assisting Mantras, and restoring Hit-points over time; among other uses. Prayers are unlocked as the level of the Spirit skill goes up. The Prayers that are unlocked will depend on how you build your skills, for example: if you Build Spirit and Brawn, you will unlock prayers that will allow the Exorcists to deal heavy damage with their bare fists! Another example is if you build Spirit and Mantra, you can unlock Prayers that can reduce the usage of cards when casting spells. Prayer Points increase with Spirit, but can also increase with equipment! Character Progression: Open World PvP: MURDERER! yup, you can kill other players in areas that are not marked safe. Killing another player in an unsafe zone will cause their items to drop, giving you their valuable loot! However, killing other players will give you the murderer status, making you everyone's enemy. You will not be punished for killing Murderers. Murder Status expires after an hour, during that time most NPC's will reject you, therefore you cannot store your items in the bank. Should be an interesting hour. Logging out will pause the count down on your status. You have to be online for an hour. Dynamic NPC relationship: Quests will dynamically change the way the world reacts to the player, as there are different npc groups that can become allies or enemies. There will be a special window that will show the relationships that the player gained with NPC groups - which can make some areas more or less dangerous for the Exorcist, depending on if they made new enemies or new allies. Engine: Progress: Current Staff: *me* Sample Content:
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