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Found 52 results

  1. I would like to register here the most beautiful menu that I have ever made and that I will probably never be able to do again, I even made a personalized cursor, there is still a lot to finish but only this menu has left me with a lot of inspiration and pride <3
  2. Shrine Online - 2D MMORPG Made with Intersect Game Engine Story: You have been recruited to join as a hero to a land that is being threatened by malicious monster. You will need to train, learn new skills, craft new weapons and follow up a quest line in order to craft your own equipment in the Godly Shrine. Only those who have equipped the Godly Equipment will be able to beat the malicious monster that is regularly breeding minions that are scattered all over the land. Come be the hero who saves the land! Gameplay Script: You choose a class: Knight High HP High Damage Small Radius Attacks Archer Medium HP Medium Damage High Radius Attacks Wizard Low HP High Damage High Radius Attacks Starting game in Noob Island where you have to accomplish the following quests (Level 1-10): Kill 30 Red Beetles Gather 4 wood logs Kill 30 Slimes Gather 4 rocks Kill 30 Bears Gather 4 fish Kill 45 Wasps Kill Boss The quests grant you equipment, life potions and mana potions. After killing Noob Land boss, you are granted an item which lets you teleport to the main land for levels 11-30, called Hamlet City. In Hamlet city you will meet shops for each class, crafting tables, potions store, gathering quests, killing quests, dungeons and boss runs. When reaching level 30, you will be able to access a special quest that you need to pass a dungeon with a boss at the end of it. Completing this quest will open up a permanent portal to the next city, Orcas City. Orcas City is for player levels 31-60. There will be similar gameplay through Orca City but the difference from Hamlet city is the map, monsters and quests. At Level 60 a new quest will be available. When completing this quest, a permanent portal will be opened up for player to a new city called Arctica City, which is for players levels 61-90. This special quest will include gathering and craft a special key that will grant access to a cave with a boss that needs to be killed. For the time of Alpha and Beta testing, there will be a special map for those who have reached level 90. This map will be a hard core grinding map with very good mob spots. The monsters in this map will have a VERY small chance to drop Godly Shards, which can be used to craft the best equipment available in the game. You will need to gather some shards, go to the Godly Shrine (which is also difficult to get to, as it is fully protected by dragons of all sizes, and you will need to craft it there. You will have a high chance to fail the craft, so far that you will need additional items to raise the chance of successful craft. Getting to craft Godly Equipment in the Godly Shrine will take it’s time, and will give us, the developers, more time to work on new content and new graphics for the game. Additional features: Guilds Parties Friend List Stats distribution Skills upgrade Crafting Skills (Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining) Bounty Hunter Achievements Boss Raids Dungons 1 on 1 PVP Group vs Group PVP Ranking Chat system Development Progress: Maps Hamlet City (Lv. 1-30 Map) - 75/100 Orca City (Lv. 31-60 Map) - 50/100 Arctica City (Lv. 61-90 Map) 10/100 Godly Shards Arena (Lv. 91-100 Map) 0/100 Classes Warrior - 80/100 Archer - 50/100 Mage - 40/100 Druid - 20/100 Assassin 5/100 Paladin 0/100 Crafting Fishing 30/100 Woodcutting 30/100 Mining 30/100 Quests Grinding Quests 5/100 Gathering Quests 5//100 Boss Quests 0/100 Shrine Online is recruiting for the following positions: Alpha Testers Game Moderators Map Creators Quest Creators Story Creators Event Creators Community Managers Fans & contributors Youtubers Media Content Creators Contact Us: Email - shrineonlinemmorpg@gmail.com Discord - https://discord.gg/tHQSzgc Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Shrine-Online-MMO-105588561317447 I will post here new updates of game dev progress with content and graphics. Embedded Video Link Embedded Video Link Take care! PraySword
  3. So for the past few months I have been working on a metroidvania-ish game when I have the free time. I thought it would be fun to share some progress and get some feedback from the AGD community. Everything except sound effects and music has been done by me. Music credit goes to @Eric Matyas and his amazing work. I'll link a couple youtube videos to show how far the project has come since I first started work on it. First video: Latest Video: As always, I'm open to constructive criticism and general feedback! I'll try and keep posting updates on this thread but if you want to make sure to see all updates it wouldn't hurt to subscribe to my youtube channel.
  4. Eridonis

    WIP Usatsune

    Beginning You start off as a spirit wandering a strange dimension. You are reincarnated into a world, that throws dice?! The land who is governed by two entities, Aundrea a Fox Spirit and Eridonis a Rabbit Spirit. A play on words mixing two Japanese names together. (Usagi/Rabbit) and (Kitsune/Fox). Either you choose to be a Villager and harvest, mine or fish to gain a living. Or be a Adventurer and take on quests and defeat monsters and evils. OR Choose the path of Justice and remove all Corruption in the land of Usatsune. Choose the path of Corruption delete all those who abide in there false Justice. Choose the path of Neutrality why not be a normal person let others do the hard work. Intersect Engine Solo Dev, Just killing time atm Currently Working On: Mapping (15% Complete) Assassin Corp Info. Events throughout all the quests you take you will probably bump into one of these hooded characters, you are warned before hand if you wish to part take in the event. If accepted prepare for a Dead End (Means a Honor/Level Reset). These bosses will be no joke. A dangerous crew that are ranked by chess pieces. All dangerous and people you should try to avoid at all costs. Defeat the Board Master before more chess pieces awaken. Candidates will have to be maxed Honor/(Level 30) and Max Corruption. Also don't forget: The others bosses as well, depending on where your path may follow. Currently Working On: Map - Usatsune Village (Will Update This Image.) Date Log: 2020-07-02: 5:42 PM EDT
  5. Main icon Made with Intersect Engine Inspired by Undertale, Sword Art Online and Guardian Tales By The Bunny Gamer and Abyss Description: In this story-driven MMORPG, you wake up in a vast and strange world. Magic and monsters surround you. The decisions YOU make will determine your friendships, partners, and so much more. You can do good, or do evil, and that will impact the world around you. On a quest to escape this world, you will face bosses and evil henchmen. You can make friends, or you can venture alone. As you journey on your adventure, some questions will arise. Is this world really up to you, or are you but a puppet. Is it worth sacrificing lives for your own benefit? And most of all, will you discover your True Fate? Combat: True Fate Online features two options for combat: Aggressive: You use a weapon to kill the enemy, which will reduce your morality.. Passive: You can alternatively talk to an enemy to resolve your differences. If you succeed a conversation with an enemy, you are then able to resolve with them which will make them flee. You will gain social experience which will allow you to unlock social skills such as "Negotiate: Negotiate with your enemy and reduce both of your health" and "Degrade: Reduce the enemy's defence and taunt them" (these can be used to assist your aggressive combat as well). In order to talk, you will need to solve a puzzle within the time limit. Update plans: The game is very story based so first of all we will focus on completing and polishing the storyline. Meanwhile and afterwards, we will focus on making the experience more "MMORPG-like". Expected release date: Late 2020 / Very early 2021 JOIN THE DISCORD Here is the old version of this post: (we have updated the core game design massively since)
  6. Fugaku

    WIP Age of Baurah

    Age of Baurah "The beginning of the truce" Overview Age of Baurah is an MMORPG SandBox immersed in a fantasy world reigned by two great factions in contention for territories, power, resources and world reputation. In Baurah there are different types of Races and Classes that will give you a unique gameplay and dynamics exploring new territories, defeating different monsters and fighting side by side with your friends against your enemies. Baurah is the central continent where the conflict between two large factions (Gollik and Mezuk) divided on the map by a powerful city known as Throdok arises. Throdok's reign is so powerful that even the two warring factions couldn't even do anything against Throdok. The factional division began with an internal dispute in Throdok where two powerful leaders were banished from the city, many of the followers of both leaders made the decision to move with their leaders. In Throdok many living beings of different races coexisted, so when this division occurred, followers of different races moved to other cities. In this way a player will be able to choose between 4 Races to select (Vermot/Humans, Mantl/Humanoids, Lycan/Wolf's, Nihles/Elf's) Depending on the race you choose, it may be a benefit when choosing a class. For example if you choose to be a Vermot your suitable class would be Conjured, the Vermot race stands out for its intelligence and learning of powerful spells, however this does not limit the option of being able to be another race and choose to be conjured. Baurah has 4 classes and 7 subclasses. Starting classes are ''Conjured, Wagner, Slayer, Sorcerer'' In Baurah there are conquerable islands, each faction can enter an exhaustive war against their enemies to conquer these islands that will generate resources and benefits for the victorious faction. One of the most important events in Baurah is the well-known Faction War where every day the warriors will be able to join the war in a continent outside Baurah, the objective is to defeat the enemy fortress killing the guards and the fortress chief. The victorious faction will be able to have the privilege of invading the enemy city, killing their allies, their camps, their power source, their npcs and thus obtain points redeemable for premium items. Throdok works as a link between Gollik and Mezuk, thus Throdok is a neutral city that is in favor of peace on the continent, this means that Gollik and Mezuk cannot wage wars on Throdok soil, nor in their surroundings. Mercenaries inhabit Throdok who may be in favor of one or the other, or even in favor of both, Mercenaries is a neutral faction that inhabits Throdok Lore Chapter 1: The beginning of chaos. Chapter 2: The division of powers. Chapter 3: The war began. Factions, races, classes and subclasses Faction: Mezuk Mezuk is the representation of pure evil. Evil spirits cursed the leader of the Mezuk many years ago which produced a curse on every inhabitant of Mezuk Town, this curse caused misfortune in the continent as they dealt with causing mass murders of innocents. The moment you crash into the Mezuk city border you will find red flags flying at different watchtowers and towers. Faction: Gollik Unlike the Mezuk, Gollik is the representation of goodness, goodwill, and the land of the reborn. The leader of Gollik is said to be a demigod son of a powerful God who demanded peace in the world and as a consequence of his desires he fathered his son in search of absolute peace. Rumors assure that he was born a year after the leader of Mezuk was born. In ancient scriptures they assured that the son of a God would come to the planet and end evil, with the devil himself. When you reach the Gollik border, you will see the celestial flags fly with great force at the surveillance posts. Races Race: Vermot Vermot is called the Humans in the land of Baurah. These beings stand out for their intelligence and their ability to resolve critical situations with powerful ranged abilities generating a great impact in battles. When making use of magic these beings usually stand out with their Magic Power and Intelligence. Race: Mantl Mantl are humanoids that physically have many similarities to Vermot, however their intelligence is too low but they have impenetrable defense and strength. Humanoids generally tend to excel in those two aspects; Strength and Defense. Race: Lycan The Lycan are a race of wolves that look like a human being, they can stand on two legs and have enough intelligence to reason and recognize between their friends and their enemies. Their reaction speed makes them a deadly weapon in wars, their attacks do giant damage in a few seconds, they have the ability to sneak out of any situation in seconds. His particular points are Attack Speed and Vitality. Race: Nihles Nihles are the well-known Elf's who, like the Lycans, have an extraordinary reaction speed, however, their attack at close range is their weakness, so their attacks are usually at a long distance, being more effective than other races. Skill Points are focused on Vitality and Attack Speed. Classes and Subclasses Classes: Conjurer (High Magic Damage, Low Defense, Low Speed, Low Vitality) - AOE Damage The Conjurer are the classic magicians, in this case makes use of staves and spell books. They use item runes that provides them with different spells depending on the rune (For example, a fire rune grants you fire spells). Their recommended race is the Vermot for the use of Magic and Magical Power. It has a special subclass that you can choose at a certain level, this subclass gives you curse powers, Maligned. Classes: Wagner (High Defense, Medium-High Attack, Low Speed, High Vitality) - Tank The Wagner class are the warrior colossi that possess different heavy weapons at close range, a lot of defense and a lot of vitality. Its damage is normal, it does not stand out unlike others but it is a tank by nature, its points in favor are Defense, Vitality and Strength last. Their recommended race is the Mantl as they have similarities in points. It has two subclasses in which you can choose the one appropriate to your gameplay; High Warrior and Lancer Classes: Slayer (Very Low Defense, High Attack, High Speed, High Vitality) - DPS They are the classic assassins, the warriors in the dark waiting to stalk their victims. His abilities stand out as they make use of abilities to hide, increase their speed, among other qualities that make them stand out from others. They use daggers or bows and eventually small shields to reward their low level of defense, as assassins they wear light armor. its points in favor are Attack Speed and Vitality. Their recommended race is the Lycan or Nihles as they have similarities in points. It has two subclasses in which you can choose the one appropriate to your gameplay; Assasin and Hunter Classes: Sorcerer (Very High Defense, Very Low Damage, Low Speed, High Vitality) - AOE Healer/Buffer Their attack is too low, in reality they are not able to be effective for attacks, however their importance is vital in a war since they can grant healing and spells to give you power, more life, speed, among other needs that may be important during the battle of factions or against monsters. They use shields and decks to attack at short distances, with few effective attacks but with a very high defense. His points are defense and vitality. The recommended breed is Mantl. It has two branches or subclasses; Buffer and Healer. Additional Systems Achievements Elements and Runes 5x Basic Professions (Harvester, Miner, Cooking, Woodcutter, Fisher) Faction Points Dungeons and Bosses Screenshots and Media Screenshots Videos Team & Current Plans Team Updates Plans Thank you very much for getting here and reading our game concept. We seek through suggestions and comments to be able to feed on their advice to improve our aesthetics or game idea. https://discord.gg/H2tgV4q
  7. Hi all-- I am a long time viewer of the forums, but just recently became more invested in development of a personal project. I have supported a number of online rpg projects over the years, and I've learned a lot. This is my first journey down the path of developing my own game and I am in the very infant stages of establishing a look and feel--taking my time. I have always loved the Time Fantasy sprites created by finalbossblues, and I've followed his journey from the start. There are, what seems to be a handful of great games telling stories using those sprites. I like to think of them all as facets of one big story, which is probably the basis of the story I will develop. Classic fantasy story of threads of fate, time, crystals, alternate dimensions and magic--who doesn't love that? At any rate, before I continue to babble--I wanted to share some magic animations I have developed for feedback. I am hoping to stay true to the sprite style and create some animations that feel like they fit in. Specifically looking for feedback on: Pixelation--purposefully designed to be slightly pixelated to fit into the graphic style of time fantasy sprites. Fit to the spell: First is Sancta, a magic protection/damage reduction buff, second is Aegis, a Protect/Physical reduction and armor, and third is a generic heal. Frames/Speed of animation -- is the speed too fast, or does it appear to flow and give enough of an effect quickly for instant casts. (Note, the bubbly green-tinted spell that fires off with each one is a cast animation) Any feedback is appreciated. (I know the video is not the best quality and I cropped out a lot, so as to focus on the spells and not share too much) I want to make sure I am taking critique before I develop the entire spell-line for four classes, and eventually split those four classes into subclasses. I can be a bit of a perfectionist, and my only fear is that I will be too critical and slow my progress. Feedback helps! Thank you! Embedded Video Link https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/0541edfebe970fc2be4d14a60c54e34b.mp4
  8. wishy

    WIP Floor 100

    -under construction-
  9. Welcome to Valhalla the paradise of every Nordic! Where to fight and eat is an everyday thing .... Enter the great Sands to fight with your companions, until the great imminent arrival of the great wolf Fenrir! The Ragnarok will be overcome, but unfortunately our God ODIN will die in the clutches of Fenrir.. Although Valhalla will continue for eternity, when you become a God, you can enter the Qualifying queues to prove that you are the most powerful of all Midgard You must fight the best warriors. SHORT VIDEO OF DEATHALLA Systems: General arena all against all ►2◄ Coaches room ►1◄ Arena PvP 1vs1 ►4◄ At level 30 you can enter the queues of qualifying 1 vs 1 Where you will fight to climb and be the strongest warrior in Midgard ►5◄ Skins Marriages (In the future) Clans Runes Photos: Great hall of Freyja: Arena PvP 1 vs 1: General Arena: Hall of Trainers: You can follow us on Instagram Facebook
  10. Introduction Silvershire is a retro, fantasy-driven, online RPG with the aim to bring back the classic and simplistic RPG style, experience and atmosphere - "A mix between Zelda and Pokemon". Features 20 levels of character development. At the moment the starter zone (1-10) and mechanics are as good as done. (More zones will be added throughout development, we strive for quality over quantity) Custom graphics. The current tileset is a placeholder, the idea is to re-pixel the tileset to a custom, more detailed, style in the near future. 4 standard classes to choose from. Warrior(melee DPS), Knight (tank), Wizard (ranged DPS) and Priest (support) with a variety of 16 different spells in total. Interactive world. The idea is to make every sign, jar, crate etc. interactable, creating small side-stories and a world full of exploration and hidden loot. Extensive profession and crafting system. The game its focus is on putting effort into crafting your own gear and weaponry along the way. Item prefixes and suffixes. All crafted gear will generate its own different prefix and suffix, adding bonus stats and increasing the value. Different instance styles. Dungeon crawls, puzzles, wave-styled dungeons etc. Including the option to scale the dungeon to max. level with fitting rewards. Standard kill, deliver and collect quests spread across the world to help character progression and development. EDIT: Media has been removed due to the disappointed interest of the community. For the once actually interested, I'd like to refer you to our discord, which has an up-to-date #sneak-peeks section. Discord The project has been in development for some time now and I decided to create a Discord server to start building a community and gather people for Alpha testing. Silvershire is currently a one-man show, building upon the latest Intersect engine, and therefore members of AGD are more then welcome for help and support when interested! JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER NOW! Feel free to join our Discord, reply onto this topic or shoot a PM with feedback, additions, ideas or questions! Hope to see you soon in the #tavern! Cheers, RocknRolla
  11. Yhuriell Eclipse is a 2d MMORPG, developed by BraveWolf with Intersect Engine. It seeks to build a realistic medieval world, full of magic, adventures and enemies, but with an evolving story, endearing characters and progress of time, where the decisions you make can affect the game. Choose your side, and live your own adventure. [For Developers] I know medieval MMO’s are quite common this days, and most of them use the same formula. Maybe the project will not be the best of his genre, but i want to make an enjoyable experience, and build a world that feels real. Because of this, i want you to give me feedback if you find things that can improve, or aspects of the game that needs a rework(Graphics, Mapping, Storytelling, Systems). Story: Classes: Features: Screenshots Progress: Depending on how the development go over this month, i have planned to release a public alpha on the last days of the month.
  12. Jotak1ng

    WIP Suankee World

  13. update: we are now live and in a closed testing period! if you want to get involved join the discord and message Boltz!. Concept: Realm of shadows (name subject to change) is 2d MMORPG set in the medieval fantasy era with wizards, knights, and other fantasy creatures.The game focuses heavily on PVP, PVM, and skilling. The world is being cursed by an evil magic causing deep shadows to submerge over the lands.players set out in the open world completing quests, slaying monsters and exploring the shadow in hopes of stopping this madness, it will take a lot of will power to not let the evil that dwells within control you. The game is being developed using Intersect, Currently we are a team of 4 with one trial member. Solobergy aka. Boltz - I am the writer and developer. I do the mapping and some of the artwork Airrider and Future hero - They take care of 90% of the art like animations, armors etc. PnumaticLlama - Trial Member - Photoshop guy Shadow - Discord moderator. he also handles anything drawing related, an example of his work features/gameplay: Below is a list of features I hope to include in the game throughout the growth of this project if not added already. -full character customization: change complexion, hair, eyes. -paper dolls: Each item has its own paper doll allowing players to mismatch different items. our items and styles are 100% unique. -Open world PVP: this comes with an infamy/jail system to prevent players from pking to much in none shadowed areas. -Beautiful and 100% unique animations. -Skilling: I am trying to make skilling worthwhile for players who do not like PVP/PVM so much. skills will include, mining/smithing, woodcutting, fishing, etc. -Mini-games/raids. -Pets. -PVP arena. -Questing system with daily, repeatable, side and primary quests. -Unique class system: there isn't really a class system, players can obtain new spells as monster drops and quest rewards allowing them to learn and forget spells at any time. players can miss match armors and weapons to create a combat style they enjoy. eventually, players will have the option to choose a specific magic type to pursue which will give them access to different spells depending on which style they choose. The game is community driven, I want everyone to feel like there opinion matters, one of the things we do to encourage community interaction is allowing players to submit weapon ideas for a chance to get them accepted into game. players send us drawings of weapons they imagine and we turn them into pixel art and the community votes! here is my personal favorites from the first rounds winners. https://discord.gg/Cdfv9HD Come Join the fun!
  14. Khaikaa

    WIP Phazon Hunters

    Phazon Hunters is a space sci-fi game strongly inspired in the Metroid series. Synopsis Tasks Features Staff Screenshots Yeah, after all this time, I'm finally making a game in english so anyone in this community can enjoy it, isn't that cool? lol
  15. froggy

    WIP Nation At War

    Hey guys, froggy(SCTrav) here. I have been working on a project beside Adea for a while, while Adea was fun to do, I've put it on the shelf for various reasons. Story Concept Features Current progress Content Maps Items/NPCs Staff and future plans I will update this main post when I have something newsworthy. Thank you for reading, froggy
  16. AisenArvalis

    WIP Erathea

    Erathea Online is the project I have worked on for numerous years but now is the time to bring it to life. Life is also the main theme of the game, it's meant to be similar to a life simulator. There won't be any classes or specific roles. You want to be a Warrior, be a Warrior. You want to be a Farmer, be a Farmer. It's that simple, anyone can play anything they want within reasons. For example, you can't play as any non-humanoid race (Dragon, Wolf, etc). Features: No Classes Hundreds of Skills & Spells to learn A vast world to explore Intricate Crafting & Gathering system Player owned land/houses Team: @AisenArvalis - Team Lead Nathalorial - Mapper, Storywriter @Dashplant - Sprite Artist Engine: Intersect Engine to begin with and will most likely be made using a custom engine made from the source when it's released. Progress: Story - 10% Maps - 0% Quests - 0% Monsters - 1% Equipment - 1% Spells & Skills - 0% Roadmap: Great City of Highborough Plains north of the Great City Cave in the plains Of course, as more information gets to a release worthy state, I will edit this post or make another post. I'm also a very bad writer so don't mind my horrible setup for the game information.
  17. Darkest Dawn Online Reimagined is a complete rework of Darkest Dawn Online from scratch! A few of the main concepts from DDO Legacy will cross over, but most of the features will revolve around one primary concept - everyone has a randomly generated race, and everything about you is randomised - your avatar, your weight, your hair - even your stats! (These will be balanced) The chance of two people having the exact same race is almost microscopic - every player needs to work together to shape a world which they want to live in, making acquaintance of various players and NPC's to help you. But be warned - someone else may not have the same idea of a world as you do. Features -Completely randomised race -Open PvP game: You can kill anyone whenever unless you are protected by an angel -Small maps: This game's map is being designed so that you will always be exploring new areas, but finding your way around will not be chaos, like most alternative MMORPG's Team Currently, the team is only me - if you want to join, then feel free to PM me! Main Aspects 1) Completely randomised race 2) When you die, you will become a ghost temporarily and drop all of your items if they're not bound (legendary rarity) 3) All NPC's are neither enemies nor friends, they are neutral - made to act like players with a completely randomised race of their own! 4) There is a 1-day cooldown between randomising 5) Most maps are open PvP but some are safe Progress Release date Late 2019 Update log this will be added to! [FEATURE] Randomise race aspects [MAP {STARTER}] Sandfall Village [FEATURE] Re-randomise race once per day [FEATURE] Basic Intersect Features: Parties, Friends, etc [ITEM] Tough rope: Capture bandits [FEATURE] All NPC's are voice acted with Text To Speech [MAP] The Wilderness [MAP] Yellow Brick Road [MAP {STARTER}] Anceton [MAP] Tundra -- Remade on 28/9/2019 [MAP] Arctic Warren [MAP] Lake of Admiration [MAP] Aquarin [FEATURE] Tutorial [MAP] Wolford Meadows (Main, North and West) [MAP] Vallation [FEATURE] Bounties in Vallation [FEATURE] Real-time darkness [EXTERNAL] https://tinyurl.com/ddorstats [MAPPING] Major mapping enhancements [ITEMS] 2nd life ring, Rift Scythe (cut holes through worlds) [GUI] Danger indicator - Shows image to say if map is arena, pvp or safe [MAP] Tides of Time [MAP] Two ocean maps (with placeholder names) [QUEST] Tin Woodman quest (bottle of oil) Future plans when things are done here they will be transferred to the update log! Maps: Dungeon Abandoned Temple Jungle Cave (currently working on) Features: Jobs - Woodcutting, fishing (Makeshift) Guilds NPC's: Mercer - Clothes Shaman - Magic Bosses: 1/5 Rating: Lower number = harder boss Timelord - 1 - Put in Tides of Time map Dreamfoot - 3 Blighthound - 4 Transfer DDO features: Guilds - Intersect B6 broke this, look at later DDO's Enemies - 1 transferred so far {Dreamvine} More info: Discord (mainly for DDOR, but has a DDO category as well): https://discord.gg/gVEDb7d
  18. Richy

    Concept Sacred Stones

    The Story: Long ago, when the world was dark and void. A God descended to the planet to create the perfect world. From the mountains to the rivers, this God had placed. From the creatures to the animals, this God had placed. This God created even the light, there is no darkness to be found, except that of His universe. This God created men, and women, but once men and women were created, this God found it hard to control His world. So He created Angels to help with the controlling of this world... Then there was a fight in the universe, for one of the Angels (which it's modern day name is the (Dragon King)) betrayed the God, and created deception which led to destruction in His world. Man went against each other, women went against each other, even the animals went against each other. God then cast the Dragon King away from the world and bound it with 6 Stones and placed each Stone deep inside the world's modern day Caverns and Dungeons; However when some of the other Angels learned that God had cast the Dragon King with 6 Stones, they had also betrayed God and descended to the world to gather the 6 Stones in an attempt to free the Dragon King. God can not allow this to happen because if these Angels get the 6 Stones and release the Dragon King. The planet will be consumed by the waters that he can call upon... So now; God has chosen many men and women, but only needs one man or woman, to get ALL 6 Stones at any cost, even if it means mass bloodshed in the planet. for all 6 Stones need to be given to God to cast another demon away. Will you be the one to get the Sacred Stones??? TD:DR Story God created 6 Stones to bind the Dragon King away from the planet which caused deception and destruction. God placed each Stone inside Caverns and Dungeons and now God needs all 6 Stones back... Will you be the one to get the 6 Sacred Stones??? The Concept: The Stones: Being that there are only 6 Stones in this world. Players will have to engage in PVP to take a Stone they need from another player to achieve getting all 6 Stones. The coding is already in place and it prevents ALL the exploits that I can think of... These Stones are not Items so they can not be bought/sold or traded, they will show inside the main GUI once acquired. Each Stone gives a player a specific power: This is a Spoiler so. The Engine: Highly modified EO 2.0 in VB6. Ambardia's server and client to be exact. The Graphics, Sound, Music: Right now; I am using Ambard's graphics for the most part. I am redesigning the UI because I am using Ambardia Reborn as my base so everything was wiped off the server and I'm slowly replacing what needs placed in the client so a lot of it is ripped and modified by me.. As well as Reiners Tilesets, and some other tileset resources. I have no clue what all is in here, as I've not really looked through it all yet. Sounds and Music, Probably Enterbrain and Blizzard tracks right now, I know I have some custom tracks in there. Anything else, I've no clue where they came from. The Staff: I still credit Ambard @ Ambardia Productions as I am using resources that I did not create, but I am trying to use as much as my own as I can, even though I know I'm not that great in graphical design. But as of right now, I am solo developing this. I might open for a small group of testers at some point (if anyone is interested, PM me.) I will let you know when I can use the testing via PM reply... Screenshots: All I really can show is some of the UI I have edited, as that has been my biggest focus, as well as the coding of the Stones. I have a small sample map that I just created because I got tired of seeing the black screen. The Future: Not even really thinking about it. I am doing this basically because I've been very bored and thought of a concept and went with it. I don't know how far it'll take me but I am accepting feedback and/or suggestions right now about this. I will likely be taking my time with development as I am known to burn out very quickly. I have re-done alot of the UI and the Stone codes within just 2 days. So, in-game content will probably be a slow progress to make sure it's all good and smooth sailing. I am solo testing until I feel confident enough to move this into an alpha stage: But be warned, it'll be quite awhile.... Completion States: Story: 50% Coding: 80% Stones: 100% Mapping: 0% Items: 0% NPCS: 0% Spells/Summons: 0% Animations: 0% Quests: 0% Skills: 0% Playability: 0% Thanks: Anyone who decided to TL;DR but still did. I love you. <3 Development Blog Updates: I won't be bumping this thread with updates so I'll just add any and all updates right here. TODO: ... I don't know when lol. Still need to update UI for Shop/Bank and Trades. I have to clean up the resources in my folders and remove items/spells/animations/sprites/sounds/music I won't be using. I'll have to start with the creation of items, as I have the items and item stats documented. Will have to try creating music and sounds... As I know I will be lacking in those resources the most. August 20th 2019 Updates: Finally fixed EO 2's Hotbar. The blt was fine, the problem was the fancy math in IsHotbarSlot(X,Y). When that just needed a simple Left = (32 * i) Updated UI's for Item/Spell description boxes. Cleaned up how imgbuttons were handled, unnecessary duplicate calls in each Select Case, instead of just calling them all invisible once and then just loading/unloading the picture box of which button was clicked. August 19th 2019 Updates: Got the coding completely done for the Stones: Meaning.... Players who stay logged in for over an hour will reset their inactivity state. Players who are inactive (logged out) for over 24 server hours will lose 1 stone per 24 hours of inactivity. These stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began. The stones are the main mechanic of the game and need to be available for all. Players will lose 1 stone per PVP death, that stone will be given to the PK'er. Players will lose 1 stone if they exit the game during the PVP combat timer. (UI changes which timer is on/off.)... These stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began. Players who have stones are able to be attacked in safe zones, but they can defend themselves once attacked, the pre-emptive strike is there for players that are trying to get the stones, yet there is no pre-emptive strike if the attacker also has a stone. Players get special bonuses for having each stone. The player who get all 6 stones are rewarded greatly by the God's as it is the end game for the conquest of all of the stones. All of the stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began, and this player does not need the stones any longer. I'm calling the Main UI done, I've spent more time than I wanted to on this... I just need to touch up the other GUI's.
  19. Summary Story Features OST Discord Video Dev Logs January 12, 2020 January 26, 2020 February 8, 2020 March 8, 2020 Meet the Team In Closing Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to leave your feedback and critique on this thread and on our Discord Server! We're always looking for ways to improve! Be sure to stay tuned for our Dev Logs, released every Sunday! Dev Logs Dev Log - August 18th, 2019 Dev Log - August 25th, 2019 Dev Log - September 1st, 2019 Dev Log September 8th and 15th, 2019
  20. Grizzy

    WIP Phantom Farm

    Hey everyone! Thanks for taking your time to come check out my fun little project. I'm excited to not only create something fun people may enjoy but to also expand my skill set along the way. Once the engine (Intersect) if fully released I plan to expand my coding abilities while also having fun working on this title. I currently have been teaching myself C++ as well as Python (Just finished Python Crash Course 2nd Edition). In addition to that I will also be doing all the graphical work, music production/composition and whatever I can myself... However enough about that, please join me as I explain the concept I have come up with in my head that may not be as cool as I think it is.. lol. Phantom Farm will be a 2D MORPG slathered with sexy 80s style/chiptune music. It will be a darker toned game that might remind you slightly of Stranger Things meets Ghostbusters. The universe will be set with two sides. Tho good and evil might not be as clear as some other RPGs the "light and dark" worlds will be very clearly defined. There will be two identical worlds where battles will ensue to take primary control of the Universe. There will be two identical worlds parallel to one another just with different stories, characters, and atmospheres. PVP based battles will occur and the winners will take control of the parallel universes AOB. I'm actually still trying to figure out exactly how this will work (Please slap some of yalls amazing suggestions around, I am always open to new ideas and crit), the general idea of the thing is each world trying to over take the other side. Players who contribute the most during battles will accumulate PVP points that will be tallied at the end of the day and posted on the website where the leaderboards will be available 24/7. (Leaderboards will likely be updated based on EST). I have no specific ideas down yet when it comes to story but I hope to have that done once I get more done with the graphical work and the idea more clairvoyant and understandable. Screen Shot of some of the graphics I made today. A lot more detail and work to be added. I've already purchased a server and will allow anyone to hop on that might want to just come hang around and socialize. One of my primary focuses of education during the creation of this will be learning how to cultivate and create a well functioning social environment for players. So again any suggestions and ideas slap em at me please. Thank you guys very much. Will be updating this as much as possible so I hope to hear more from everyone soon!
  21. Please Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/pcQsZQW Story: Concept: The game will have a class-less system, allowing players to choose their path according to how they leveled their skills. While there are 5 skills (Brawn, Agility, Mantra, Vitality, and Spirit), there are three unique combat elements that can be utilized by our Exorcists. Combat Elements: Exorcists are able to use Mantra Cards, Cursed Weapons and Prayers. Mantra Cards: Inspired by the way runes used to work in oldschool runescape, Mantra cards are to be consumed in order to cast powerful spells! Those who choose to focus on their Mantra skill will be able to unlock many card combinations to create different diverse effects. Obtaining Mantra Cards: Mantra Cards are obtainable by purchasing blank cards (first from the left in the picture) from an NPC, and visiting the corresponding altar of the Mantra you want to imbue your card with. The Sky Mantra is up in the mountains, the Life Mantra is deep in the forest, etc. Time and Death altars are within extremely unsafe areas, where you are at risk of killer players and powerful wraiths taking your life and your items! If you choose to focus ONLY on Mantras, keep in mind that you have to keep replenishing your deck of cards! In the picture below I am imbuing a Blank Card with a Life Mantra. Cursed Weapons: Weapon based combat focuses on maximizing the quality of your weapon and base damage. Melee weapons like swords, and ranged weapons like guns, all have a base damage. Those who choose to focus on their weapon based combat abilities will have to focus on increasing their base damage output with equipment and Skills (Brawn for melee and Agility for ranged). Exorcists will be able to find Weapon Masters around the world who will teach them special moves for their weapon of choice. Using melee weapons require no resource input, not even energy of any sort, but they do have durability and need to be fixed occasionally. Using ranged weapons, however, will require Ammo. Bullets for guns, and arrows for bows. A benefit of this is that Ammo can have an elemental attribute, giving you extra damage against certain foes. Prayers: Based on the idea of toggle buffs used to aid Exorcists in combat. Prayers are toggle-able buffs that once activated, will drain the Exorcists's prayer points until the Prayer is turned off or until all the Prayer points run out. The prayers can help with increasing damage output, decreasing incoming damage, assisting Mantras, and restoring Hit-points over time; among other uses. Prayers are unlocked as the level of the Spirit skill goes up. The Prayers that are unlocked will depend on how you build your skills, for example: if you Build Spirit and Brawn, you will unlock prayers that will allow the Exorcists to deal heavy damage with their bare fists! Another example is if you build Spirit and Mantra, you can unlock Prayers that can reduce the usage of cards when casting spells. Prayer Points increase with Spirit, but can also increase with equipment! Character Progression: Open World PvP: MURDERER! yup, you can kill other players in areas that are not marked safe. Killing another player in an unsafe zone will cause their items to drop, giving you their valuable loot! However, killing other players will give you the murderer status, making you everyone's enemy. You will not be punished for killing Murderers. Murder Status expires after an hour, during that time most NPC's will reject you, therefore you cannot store your items in the bank. Should be an interesting hour. Logging out will pause the count down on your status. You have to be online for an hour. Dynamic NPC relationship: Quests will dynamically change the way the world reacts to the player, as there are different npc groups that can become allies or enemies. There will be a special window that will show the relationships that the player gained with NPC groups - which can make some areas more or less dangerous for the Exorcist, depending on if they made new enemies or new allies. Engine: Progress: Current Staff: *me* Sample Content:
  22. Are you interested to make a game great? We're two friends who started developing games for fun. Today we have 4 years of experience with Unreal Engine and many 3d modeling tools and additionally, numerous submissions for UE4 game jams and other prototypes. We would like to know if our latest development provides an enough interesting concept to continue working on it and furthermore, we are really looking forward to hear some feedback about the game in general. You control a Factroid. A machine built to colonize new planets, gather and process resources as well as evolve with better technology. Build a main base and automate item production and research new technology. It will be possible to scan other planets and even solar systems to expand your factories and eventually colonizing the whole galaxy. Embedded Video Link Key Features: Several infinite resources to gather from manually Mine resources faster the more you mine Construct and place buildings to automate your mining and production process Build a steam based engine system to fully power your Factroid Research new technologies in your Factroid Research the transmitter upgrade for the Factroid to gain access to other sectors on the planet (WIP) Build bigger and more complex factories Future Plans: Scan the planet to find new sectors (levels) Transfer resources between sectors Sectors can have different resources Scan solar systems for other Factroids and take them over More buildings, items and resources (Tier 2 - Tier n) More energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal, fusion) Better conveyor belt system Productions continue even if the app is closed or in the background (real-time-server-like behavior) Better User Interface Upgrades for buildings (for instance shorter production times) Underground levels Release on iOS Ideas: Prepare the arrival of the Factroid builders with terraforming and facilities for humanoid life forms Research every building manually by placing the ingredients into Factroid instead of having a research tree More specific upgrades for Factroid. (Building range, faster construction speed, better power output, quicker sector transfers etc.) Tower Defense like sectors for special resources for instance Daily / Weekly quests Make it multiplayer: trade with other players, time based events and/or PvP planets/sectors
  23. Shigetsu

    WIP Soulum Ender

    Using Intersect Engine VERY SHORT SYNOPSIS :(Probably not even a synopsis but at least it doesn't spoil much) -"Why are you shaking? Usually, humans don't move when they're dead" -"I can't die... I haven't fulfilled my promise yet!" -"Tell me young human..." -"I told them I would save them from our enemy" -"You do not lack courage my friend" -"Huh... What courage, I betrayed humanity's hope..." -"Then... Rise again great human and with my power, you shall be... Their savior" GAMEPLAY : -Max Level -> 55 (might change) -Battle people in a ranked deathmatch to climb ranks (D -> C -> B) -Ranks are reset every season end -Get awards at the end of every season depending on your final rank -Craft different weapons and costumes using schemes you drop on bosses or small enemies (or simply buy them xd) -Discover a unique ongoing story (Your choices can change the story progressing) -Finish all side quests to unlock hidden quests ( I'm not supposed to say that but whatever) -Hidden quests might unlock new story chapters -New story chapters unlock endgame dungeons -Fight the world Boss everyday -Things might be missing here so this post isn't immune to editing RACES : - Humanity Sword Master(Melee) Soulum Master (Range + AoE) - Place Holder Place Holder Place Holder THE TEAM : -Shigetsu (Scriptwriter - Graphic stuff - General management) -Akihiko (Programmer useless af for the moment) -Kuro (Graphic stuff) -No one (No joke it's his name)(Scriptwriter - Future Illustrator ) GOODIES : -Current overall progress for pre-alpha 1 : Maps : 69% ( Should be at 100% once i finish what I've planned) Characters(NPCs included): 100% Spells : 100% for both classes Dungeon 1 : 0% (Not sure if i'll finish this or not) Quests : 0% UI : 100% Items: 60% Storyline : 100% (Includes the first chapter(Hidden truth) and some of the second(A new world)) General : 66% PS : This game will have its own light novel written in both japanese and english (wish us good luck )
  24. Winter's Harvest is a farming game like you have never seen before, though it shares similarities with games such as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon it breaks free of these bonds bringing you a true multiplayer experience. In Winter's Harvest each player will have a unique farm that they may build on, raise animals and plant crops. However outside of each players farm is a whole world to explore, full of quests, dungeons, and crafting like any other MMO. If you dont have enough Hay to feed your animals through the winter you can purchase some from other players through the auction house. The game will inherit mechanics from the games before it such as relationships and weddings. However these will exist in the game between real players, with full systems to support them. Will you rebuild the world? Or let magic overtake it? More information coming soon. Main Menu Music (By SoundImage) Q. What engine are you using to build this? A. Unity Q. Are you using any Unity Addons? A. Yes, the bulk of the work is already done by: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/ummorpg-2d-93984. This helps me leave the core systems alone and let me spend my time on creating content and game specific features. It is a great asset, if you have Unity experience and want to create a 2D ORPG as well, this might be a great place to start! Q. What are you using for networking? A. uMMORPG 2D uses Mirror for its high level networking and Telepathy for its low level networking. Q. Where did you get that GUI? A. I purchased it on the asset store, I will not share the link. Though it is free and I am fine with others user it, the last time I posted graphics I had chosen for my game others tried to use them immediately. Do your own research and find a style that works for you. If you search for them they are not hard to find. Full info is in the game credits. Q. What do you have done so far? A. Not much! I currently have the Main Menu and character creation / login working. I need to revamp the ingame UI and then I will start working on implementing a farming system with seasons, day night and weather. Q. Are you recruiting? A. Not at this time. Q. Do you have any estimated release date? A. No, it is purely a hobby project. Q. Will it be free? A. It will definitely be free, however cosmetic items through donations may be available. Q. What platform will be supported? A. The game will be playable via your browser and PC at launch. I may port to PS4 and Xbox or Switch if the game becomes successful enough. Q. Do you plan on getting custom art and music made. A. If I get far enough in the project then yes, I will most likely be hiring some artists and musicians. Q. Who is doing the programming? A. I am currently doing all the programming myself. Q. Why create a topic this early in development? A. Mainly to keep myself motivated and have a nice log of all the progress I have made! Q. Are you using any sort of version control system? A. Yes, GitHub. (Private Repo) Q. Will you release the source? A. If I abandon the project I might, but not likely. It also relies on payed assets that I could not legally release. Q. What is the weirdest bug you have encountered so far? A. My server console window plays the main menu music. Q. Will you give up on this project like so many before it? A. Well if there are no more questions ill just wrap things up here then!
  25. mikamesu

    WIP Dragon Runes

    The magic once flourished in the lands of Valline, common to the creatures that embraced her. But power, always has a cost, like those with magic hunger, crazed and tried to seize everything by themselves. This conflict became known as the first major war, which resulted in the disappearance of magical energies and all drones. She is gone, lost from the hands of the people and forever asleep. There existed two factions in the first great war to the right, the Stigma, composed of Humans, the Knights of the Bultharos Dragon and great magicians of light. From the left, the Warborn wielded themselves as weapons against their will driven by the desire for power. Centuries have passed since and suddenly these innate energies have awakened from their long rest. However, not all were blessed with the gifts of his return and those who can not handle it, quickly began to fear it. Valine is once again threatened by the flames of war, the rumors that dragons' eggs had been found would be the fuse of a new era of chaos to come. Self-attack and using skills Auto-attack Click on a monster once to direct it. Click again to attack! If you do not have a target selected and use some of your combat skills (located on the battle bar at the bottom of the screen), you will automatically select a target and an attack. Very handy in crowded rooms of Player vs Player! Area of Effect Spells (AoE) AoE attack spells damage all monsters on the screen. Some AoE attacks have a limited range or a limited number of targets that will affect them. They use bows their specialties are agile and long range attacks. They are disciples and masters of the swords, besides being very resistant. They are those who dedicate their lives to the study and practice of the arcane arts SCREENS Final considerations This is a Brazilian project and we have plans to bring it to the english community. The game is in development and we still have a long way to go before its release, the game is designed to be a 2D RPG. Our team at the moment is small only I Mika) and Kenshiro at the moment, we count on your support, suggestions and criticisms that we will help to improve more and more. Social Discord Facebook References / Inspirations / Diablo 3 Torchlite 2 Aqworlds Wing of Misadventure Ragnarok among others.
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