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Found 33 results

  1. Grizzy

    WIP Phantom Farm

    Hey everyone! Thanks for taking your time to come check out my fun little project. I'm excited to not only create something fun people may enjoy but to also expand my skill set along the way. Once the engine (Intersect) if fully released I plan to expand my coding abilities while also having fun working on this title. I currently have been teaching myself C++ as well as Python (Just finished Python Crash Course 2nd Edition). In addition to that I will also be doing all the graphical work, music production/composition and whatever I can myself... However enough about that, please join me as I explain the concept I have come up with in my head that may not be as cool as I think it is.. lol. Phantom Farm will be a 2D MORPG slathered with sexy 80s style/chiptune music. It will be a darker toned game that might remind you slightly of Stranger Things meets Ghostbusters. The universe will be set with two sides. Tho good and evil might not be as clear as some other RPGs the "light and dark" worlds will be very clearly defined. There will be two identical worlds where battles will ensue to take primary control of the Universe. There will be two identical worlds parallel to one another just with different stories, characters, and atmospheres. PVP based battles will occur and the winners will take control of the parallel universes AOB. I'm actually still trying to figure out exactly how this will work (Please slap some of yalls amazing suggestions around, I am always open to new ideas and crit), the general idea of the thing is each world trying to over take the other side. Players who contribute the most during battles will accumulate PVP points that will be tallied at the end of the day and posted on the website where the leaderboards will be available 24/7. (Leaderboards will likely be updated based on EST). I have no specific ideas down yet when it comes to story but I hope to have that done once I get more done with the graphical work and the idea more clairvoyant and understandable. Screen Shot of some of the graphics I made today. A lot more detail and work to be added. I've already purchased a server and will allow anyone to hop on that might want to just come hang around and socialize. One of my primary focuses of education during the creation of this will be learning how to cultivate and create a well functioning social environment for players. So again any suggestions and ideas slap em at me please. Thank you guys very much. Will be updating this as much as possible so I hope to hear more from everyone soon!
  2. Hey guys! Please Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/pcQsZQW I've been working on my project for a little while, and thought I'd make a post and share my progress (mostly to motivate myself to do more). Screenshots at the bottom! Story: Concept: The game will have a classless system, allowing players to try different things. However in the scheme of things they will end up having to choose an archetype (one of 5). Each archetype is balanced to be stronger than 2 others, and weaker than 2. Beyond the starting zone, players will be able to PK, gaining infamy the more they kill and gaining bounty on themselves. Quests will dynamically change the way the world reacts to the player, as there are different npc groups that can become allies or enemies. In the game you are an Exorcist. Exorcists are able to use Mantra Cards, Cursed Weapons and Prayers. Mantra Cards:Inspired by the way runes used to work in oldschool runescape, Mantra cards are to be consumed in order to cast powerful spells! Those who choose to focus on their Mantra skill will be able to unlock many card combinations to create different diverse effects. Mantra Cards are obtainable by purchasing blank cards (first from the left in the picture) from an NPC, and visiting the corresponding altar of the Mantra you want to imbue your card with. The Sky Mantra is up in the mountains, the Life Mantra is deep in the forest, etc. Time and Death altars are within extremely unsafe areas, where you are at risk of killer players and powerful wraiths taking your life and your items! If you choose to focus ONLY on Mantras, keep in mind that you have to keep replenishing your deck of cards! Cursed Weapons: Melee weapons like swords, and ranged weapons like guns, all have a base damage. Those who choose to focus on their weapon based combat abilities will have to focus on increasing their base damage output with equipment and Skills (Brawn for melee and Agility for ranged). Exorcists will be able to find Weapon Masters around the world who will teach them special moves for their weapon of choice. Using melee weapons require absolutely no resource input, not even energy of any sort. Special moves are only limited by cooldowns. Using ranged weapons, however, will require Ammo. Bullets for guns, and arrows for bows. A benefit of this is that Ammo can have an elemental attribute, giving you extra damage against certain foes. Prayers: Prayers are used to aid Exorcists in combat. Prayers are toggleable buffs that once activated, will drain the Exorcists's prayer points until the Prayer is turned off or until all the Prayer points run out. The prayers can help with increasing damage output, decreasing incoming damage, assisting Mantras, and restoring Hitpoints over time; among other uses. Prayers are unlocked as the level of the Spirit skill goes up. The Prayers that are unlocked will depend on how you build your skills, for example: if you Build Spirit and Brawn, you will unlock prayers that will allow the Exorcists to deal heavy damage with their bare fists! Another example is if you build Spirit and Mantra, you can unlock Prayers that can reduce the usage of cards when casting spells. Prayer Points increase with Spirit, but can also increase with equipment! I'm still working on two more types. Right now I am thinking of a gunslinger type character inspired by the Exorcist Gun in the Marvel universe. Or just a ranged type character using either a crossbow or bow. I'll figure it out later. Character Progression: Engine: Progress: Current Staff: *me* Sample Content: I will edit this and add more as I go!
  3. Cuddleheart

    WIP Doodle Quest

    Doodle Quest is a new hobby project of mine. I'm so stoked on all the projects and guides for this engine that I wanted to share a bit of what I've been working on (thanks to all your help)! I am currently building it in the intersect engine (Thank you so much!). Doodle Quest is currently a one person project (me!) It will tell the tales locked within a child's imagination. All the assets will have a drawn ascetic. I am currently in the process of creating assets (namely I have been working on music as of late) and writing story. Down the road, I hope to have a small-scale mmo with a few word-of-mouth friends playing. Currently, the game has two races and two sexes, a few items, some starter quests and the beginnings of a grasslands map. Pictures Video ♥
  4. Refur

    WIP Nimue

    Do you like Nimue? You can help us with a small donation
  5. Are you interested to make a game great? We're two friends who started developing games for fun. Today we have 4 years of experience with Unreal Engine and many 3d modeling tools and additionally, numerous submissions for UE4 game jams and other prototypes. We would like to know if our latest development provides an enough interesting concept to continue working on it and furthermore, we are really looking forward to hear some feedback about the game in general. You control a Factroid. A machine built to colonize new planets, gather and process resources as well as evolve with better technology. Build a main base and automate item production and research new technology. It will be possible to scan other planets and even solar systems to expand your factories and eventually colonizing the whole galaxy. Embedded Video Link Key Features: Several infinite resources to gather from manually Mine resources faster the more you mine Construct and place buildings to automate your mining and production process Build a steam based engine system to fully power your Factroid Research new technologies in your Factroid Research the transmitter upgrade for the Factroid to gain access to other sectors on the planet (WIP) Build bigger and more complex factories Future Plans: Scan the planet to find new sectors (levels) Transfer resources between sectors Sectors can have different resources Scan solar systems for other Factroids and take them over More buildings, items and resources (Tier 2 - Tier n) More energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal, fusion) Better conveyor belt system Productions continue even if the app is closed or in the background (real-time-server-like behavior) Better User Interface Upgrades for buildings (for instance shorter production times) Underground levels Release on iOS Ideas: Prepare the arrival of the Factroid builders with terraforming and facilities for humanoid life forms Research every building manually by placing the ingredients into Factroid instead of having a research tree More specific upgrades for Factroid. (Building range, faster construction speed, better power output, quicker sector transfers etc.) Tower Defense like sectors for special resources for instance Daily / Weekly quests Make it multiplayer: trade with other players, time based events and/or PvP planets/sectors
  6. Zetasis

    WIP New Eden

    Summary Story Features OST Discord Meet the Team In Closing Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to leave your feedback and critique on this thread and on our Discord Server! We're always looking for ways to improve! Be sure to stay tuned for our Dev Logs, released every Sunday! Dev Logs Dev Log - August 18th, 2019
  7. Richy

    WIP Sacred Stones

    The Story: Long ago, when the world was dark and void. A God descended to the planet to create the perfect world. From the mountains to the rivers, this God had placed. From the creatures to the animals, this God had placed. This God created even the light, there is no darkness to be found, except that of His universe. This God created men, and women, but once men and women were created, this God found it hard to control His world. So He created Angels to help with the controlling of this world... Then there was a fight in the universe, for one of the Angels (which it's modern day name is the (Dragon King)) betrayed the God, and created deception which led to destruction in His world. Man went against each other, women went against each other, even the animals went against each other. God then cast the Dragon King away from the world and bound it with 6 Stones and placed each Stone deep inside the world's modern day Caverns and Dungeons; However when some of the other Angels learned that God had cast the Dragon King with 6 Stones, they had also betrayed God and descended to the world to gather the 6 Stones in an attempt to free the Dragon King. God can not allow this to happen because if these Angels get the 6 Stones and release the Dragon King. The planet will be consumed by the waters that he can call upon... So now; God has chosen many men and women, but only needs one man or woman, to get ALL 6 Stones at any cost, even if it means mass bloodshed in the planet. for all 6 Stones need to be given to God to cast another demon away. Will you be the one to get the Sacred Stones??? TD:DR Story God created 6 Stones to bind the Dragon King away from the planet which caused deception and destruction. God placed each Stone inside Caverns and Dungeons and now God needs all 6 Stones back... Will you be the one to get the 6 Sacred Stones??? The Concept: The Stones: Being that there are only 6 Stones in this world. Players will have to engage in PVP to take a Stone they need from another player to achieve getting all 6 Stones. The coding is already in place and it prevents ALL the exploits that I can think of... These Stones are not Items so they can not be bought/sold or traded, they will show inside the main GUI once acquired. Each Stone gives a player a specific power: This is a Spoiler so. The Engine: Highly modified EO 2.0 in VB6. Ambardia's server and client to be exact. The Graphics, Sound, Music: Right now; I am using Ambard's graphics for the most part. I am redesigning the UI because I am using Ambardia Reborn as my base so everything was wiped off the server and I'm slowly replacing what needs placed in the client so a lot of it is ripped and modified by me.. As well as Reiners Tilesets, and some other tileset resources. I have no clue what all is in here, as I've not really looked through it all yet. Sounds and Music, Probably Enterbrain and Blizzard tracks right now, I know I have some custom tracks in there. Anything else, I've no clue where they came from. The Staff: I still credit Ambard @ Ambardia Productions as I am using resources that I did not create, but I am trying to use as much as my own as I can, even though I know I'm not that great in graphical design. But as of right now, I am solo developing this. I might open for a small group of testers at some point (if anyone is interested, PM me.) I will let you know when I can use the testing via PM reply... Screenshots: All I really can show is some of the UI I have edited, as that has been my biggest focus, as well as the coding of the Stones. I have a small sample map that I just created because I got tired of seeing the black screen. The Future: Not even really thinking about it. I am doing this basically because I've been very bored and thought of a concept and went with it. I don't know how far it'll take me but I am accepting feedback and/or suggestions right now about this. I will likely be taking my time with development as I am known to burn out very quickly. I have re-done alot of the UI and the Stone codes within just 2 days. So, in-game content will probably be a slow progress to make sure it's all good and smooth sailing. I am solo testing until I feel confident enough to move this into an alpha stage: But be warned, it'll be quite awhile.... Completion States: Story: 50% Coding: 80% Stones: 100% Mapping: 0% Items: 0% NPCS: 0% Spells/Summons: 0% Animations: 0% Quests: 0% Skills: 0% Playability: 0% Thanks: Anyone who decided to TL;DR but still did. I love you. <3 Development Blog Updates: I won't be bumping this thread with updates so I'll just add any and all updates right here. TODO: ... I don't know when lol. Still need to update UI for Shop/Bank and Trades. I have to clean up the resources in my folders and remove items/spells/animations/sprites/sounds/music I won't be using. I'll have to start with the creation of items, as I have the items and item stats documented. Will have to try creating music and sounds... As I know I will be lacking in those resources the most. August 20th 2019 Updates: Finally fixed EO 2's Hotbar. The blt was fine, the problem was the fancy math in IsHotbarSlot(X,Y). When that just needed a simple Left = (32 * i) Updated UI's for Item/Spell description boxes. Cleaned up how imgbuttons were handled, unnecessary duplicate calls in each Select Case, instead of just calling them all invisible once and then just loading/unloading the picture box of which button was clicked. August 19th 2019 Updates: Got the coding completely done for the Stones: Meaning.... Players who stay logged in for over an hour will reset their inactivity state. Players who are inactive (logged out) for over 24 server hours will lose 1 stone per 24 hours of inactivity. These stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began. The stones are the main mechanic of the game and need to be available for all. Players will lose 1 stone per PVP death, that stone will be given to the PK'er. Players will lose 1 stone if they exit the game during the PVP combat timer. (UI changes which timer is on/off.)... These stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began. Players who have stones are able to be attacked in safe zones, but they can defend themselves once attacked, the pre-emptive strike is there for players that are trying to get the stones, yet there is no pre-emptive strike if the attacker also has a stone. Players get special bonuses for having each stone. The player who get all 6 stones are rewarded greatly by the God's as it is the end game for the conquest of all of the stones. All of the stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began, and this player does not need the stones any longer. I'm calling the Main UI done, I've spent more time than I wanted to on this... I just need to touch up the other GUI's.
  8. Gibier

    WIP DBZ Renaissance

    (please keep in mind that the game is only in french) thanks to Webfoot Technologies for DragonBall Legacy Of Goku serie jcsnider, Kibbelz and SPQR Panda for intersect EVOLV for the walking squirrel in game RPG Marker for the tileset Story DBZ Renaissance is a dbz fan game. The game will include all the main saga from DragonBall Z. The player will have the possibility to do many thing such as complete side quest, find hidden item in the game's world like the dragon ball, collectable capsules and more. Gameplay After the account creation, the player will spawn in the other world as a soul. The player will have the option to read a little guide to learn few more things on the game. He will need to talk to Enma to select a character. After the character has been select the player will need to talk to Enma one more time. The character will spawn to the Kamé Sennin's house. Here the player will have the choice to do the main quests, side quests, find hidden items or only kill npc. Feature system - Flying system to travel on the water - Two equipment slot to equipe capsules - Possibility to craft two same capsules together to increase their power - Find collectable capsules all around the game world - Powerfull housing system - Walking squirrel on the maps - Day and night - Ressources Screenshot/image of the game Person behind the game Creator: Gibier Infographer: Resvid Moderator: Mapper: Spriter: Progression before alpha 2 release 1. Directional arrow for main quests 2. Gather acorn (side quest) 3. Visible dinosaur on map 4. Breakable cliff if level is enough 5. Find dragonball 6. Capital city mapping + tileset 7. Mapping District 8. Reset accounts 9. New fight formula 10. Openable door if level is enough 11. Fix bugs 12. Changing goku's house to dbz log2 Old update progression
  9. Shigetsu

    WIP Soulum Ender

    Using Intersect Engine VERY SHORT SYNOPSIS :(Probably not even a synopsis but at least it doesn't spoil much) -"Why are you shaking? Usually, humans don't move when they're dead" -"I can't die... I haven't fulfilled my promise yet!" -"Tell me young human..." -"I told them I would save them from our enemy" -"You do not lack courage my friend" -"Huh... What courage, I betrayed humanity's hope..." -"Then... Rise again great human and with my power, you shall be... Their savior" GAMEPLAY : -Max Level -> 55 (might change) -Battle people in a ranked deathmatch to climb ranks (D -> C -> B) -Ranks are reset every season end -Get awards at the end of every season depending on your final rank -Craft different weapons and costumes using schemes you drop on bosses or small enemies (or simply buy them xd) -Discover a unique ongoing story (Your choices can change the story progressing) -Finish all side quests to unlock hidden quests ( I'm not supposed to say that but whatever) -Hidden quests might unlock new story chapters -New story chapters unlock endgame dungeons -Fight the world Boss everyday -Things might be missing here so this post isn't immune to editing RACES : - Humanity Sword Master(Melee) Soulum Master (Range + AoE) - Place Holder Place Holder Place Holder THE TEAM : -Shigetsu (Scriptwriter - Graphic stuff - General management) -Akihiko (Programmer useless af for the moment) -Kuro (Graphic stuff) -No one (No joke it's his name)(Scriptwriter - Future Illustrator ) GOODIES : -Current overall progress for pre-alpha 1 : Maps : 69% ( Should be at 100% once i finish what I've planned) Characters(NPCs included): 100% Spells : 100% for both classes Dungeon 1 : 0% (Not sure if i'll finish this or not) Quests : 0% UI : 100% Items: 60% Storyline : 100% (Includes the first chapter(Hidden truth) and some of the second(A new world)) General : 66% PS : This game will have its own light novel written in both japanese and english (wish us good luck )
  10. Winter's Harvest is a farming game like you have never seen before, though it shares similarities with games such as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon it breaks free of these bonds bringing you a true multiplayer experience. In Winter's Harvest each player will have a unique farm that they may build on, raise animals and plant crops. However outside of each players farm is a whole world to explore, full of quests, dungeons, and crafting like any other MMO. If you dont have enough Hay to feed your animals through the winter you can purchase some from other players through the auction house. The game will inherit mechanics from the games before it such as relationships and weddings. However these will exist in the game between real players, with full systems to support them. Will you rebuild the world? Or let magic overtake it? More information coming soon. Main Menu Music (By SoundImage) Q. What engine are you using to build this? A. Unity Q. Are you using any Unity Addons? A. Yes, the bulk of the work is already done by: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/ummorpg-2d-93984. This helps me leave the core systems alone and let me spend my time on creating content and game specific features. It is a great asset, if you have Unity experience and want to create a 2D ORPG as well, this might be a great place to start! Q. What are you using for networking? A. uMMORPG 2D uses Mirror for its high level networking and Telepathy for its low level networking. Q. Where did you get that GUI? A. I purchased it on the asset store, I will not share the link. Though it is free and I am fine with others user it, the last time I posted graphics I had chosen for my game others tried to use them immediately. Do your own research and find a style that works for you. If you search for them they are not hard to find. Full info is in the game credits. Q. What do you have done so far? A. Not much! I currently have the Main Menu and character creation / login working. I need to revamp the ingame UI and then I will start working on implementing a farming system with seasons, day night and weather. Q. Are you recruiting? A. Not at this time. Q. Do you have any estimated release date? A. No, it is purely a hobby project. Q. Will it be free? A. It will definitely be free, however cosmetic items through donations may be available. Q. What platform will be supported? A. The game will be playable via your browser and PC at launch. I may port to PS4 and Xbox or Switch if the game becomes successful enough. Q. Do you plan on getting custom art and music made. A. If I get far enough in the project then yes, I will most likely be hiring some artists and musicians. Q. Who is doing the programming? A. I am currently doing all the programming myself. Q. Why create a topic this early in development? A. Mainly to keep myself motivated and have a nice log of all the progress I have made! Q. Are you using any sort of version control system? A. Yes, GitHub. (Private Repo) Q. Will you release the source? A. If I abandon the project I might, but not likely. It also relies on payed assets that I could not legally release. Q. What is the weirdest bug you have encountered so far? A. My server console window plays the main menu music. Q. Will you give up on this project like so many before it? A. Well if there are no more questions ill just wrap things up here then!
  11. -Pre-Release & WIP While In Pre-Release- We're Official Open to the Public! Join Our Forums @ www.dragonballz-ro.boards.net The Game has a lot to Offer, and We just finish up the Saiyan Saga! We're in WIP due to the fact of new content popping up time to time and giving you guys unique things to experience overtime, like new playable characters in the Character Shop or New Skills in General, Also including new tough boss fights that you can do with your friends and family. The Video is Self Explanatory on combat, and etc. The Combat is very unique as you can see in this video. Storyline of the Game is based on Original Storyline but with Fanmade twist added into the story itself. We just released v2.4 which has the Complete Saiyan Saga Done! We're focusing on adding a lot of the storyline that is original from the show itself and like legacy of goku, but with dragonball Super in it eventually. We have a huge and great amount of players/community that's playing the game now! Theres a Huge Selection of Staff and most of them are kept anonymous for there reasons only. But we do have a Artist/Mapper who did the video up above for us as well named @jesusbleach Download Link for the Game is a Installer, Didn't want people to join the game without signing up due to the fact if someone gets banned and wants to unban themselves by explaining to us what happen and wanna know why they was banned. - Removed - -Engine i'm using is a BR Crystal DE Custom Made, and over the 8 Months my Staff has changed so much in the engine that it's basically been redone from scratch, including upgrading everything in the engine and more as we go.
  12. Aesthetic

    WIP Arcwyre

    Hello again AGD! It's been some time since I've posted here or made Arcwyre's development status public, and today I get to show you all why! Over the past months me and my team have put together something I am truly proud of and I feel like we've finally found that spark we needed. So, without further ado, lets get into the meat of it all! Introduction A few of you may remember Arcwyre in it's early development stage being created with Intersect. Sadly, despite my love for the engine and it's creators I hit a wall. I felt as though what I wanted to achieve was outside of the scope of Intersect, so I spent many long hours of research to find the best tool available to me and my team. We settled with an amazing GSE called 001 Engine. With this engine I have been able to achieve things I never dreamed of due to my inexperience in programming. Due to this, Arcwyre has been completely reimagined into a game where I can fully express my creative desires as well as work in a flexible and somewhat familiar environment. So, What is Arcwyre? Arcwyre is an action packed MMO that defies many of the genre's stereotypes. We have combined the feeling of accomplishment accompanied by MMO style progression with the fast-paced and skill based combat of MOBA's. All of this takes place in a gorgeous, 2D retro styled, open world where danger is around every corner. We hope this fusion of 2 very popular genre of games will resonate with many of you who bounce between games like WoW and LoL. Enjoy the best of both worlds in one experience! Gameplay In Arcwyre, we wanted a more intense experience than the casual point and click MMO so we implemented a full, open world, PvP system. If you leave the safety of a house or Haven you can be attacked and attack anyone you see. If PvP isn't your cup of tea you can also enjoy intense PvE dungeons where your sick Skill-Shot abilities are put to the test against powerful bosses, and your mind is tested with mind bending puzzles, all for the promise of great loot like cosmetics, Glyphs, and shiny new gear! Even slaying other players in combat will award experience and loot boxes you can use to progress your character and prove your dominance in the world of Arcacia! Now, you may be saying "how is getting slaughtered by high level characters at level 1 enjoyable!?" We thought of this too. In Arcwyre your level does not determine your power, but instead acts more like a milestone, or prestige. Higher levels grant access to rarer cosmetics, more interesting Glyphs, as well as a few other cool features that wont be discussed quite yet. What all of this means is that you can download Arcwyre 100% free and jump right into the action on the same playing field as everyone else. The only factor that will determine whether or not you win in a fight is your skill alone! Features Completed features: Free 8 directional pixel-based movement Mouse based aiming and skill shots Full server console Dungeon Finder to queue into groups Amazing particle effects Sprite skeletons allowing for more in depth animation Full screen with customizable resolutions API integration Fully encrypted graphics, music, sound, and data Anti-Cheat system Complex boss framework allowing for intense boss fights with hundreds of different capabilties Open world with seamless transitioning Customizable Processing Radius to help low FPS players run the game more smoothly More I'm probably forgetting to put here WIP Features: Massive open world containing over 800 maps Nation system where your allegiance affects your PvP status with other players Massive scale Nation Wars Steam Integration Mac/Linux compatibility (Possible AGD integration, allowing members of the forums a special rank for being part of the community that jump started this whole project! Depending on JC and Kibz) Media Screenshots: Gifs: Lore: Development Process Before, during Arcwyre's Alpha, I had some major flaws as a developer. I was focused on the wrong aspects of development, I was much too focused on player approval, and I had a massive issue with transparency. After some reflection I feel like I can improve in all of these areas and create a better experience both for myself and my team, as well as the players who follow and support us. To better accomplish this I have set myself on a strict development schedule with days devoted entirely to community updates, accepting player feedback, and reflecting on the current status of the game and what can be improved. I hope that this will create a more welcoming environment for old fans and new and help us move towards releasing this game for all of you to enjoy. Thank you, AGD! At the end of the day none of this would have been possible without the support of @jcsnider, @Kibbelz, @panda, and all of the members here who supported Arcwyre in the first place and renewed my love for game development. Without this website or the Intersect engine I would have gave up on my dream of game development long ago. As a side note, I have not forgotten about those of you who have donated to Arcwyre. I'm sure many of you were upset when the game closed and felt like you have thrown money into a fire, but I would like to assure you that this is not the case. I still possess a list of every single person who contributed to Arcwyre and you will all be receiving in-game, as well as out of game, rewards for your contributions.
  13. froggy

    WIP World of Adea

    World of Adea Using Intersect Engine Before you read on, many things are subject to change as i see fit, and much will be. I am currently the only one working on this project. I appreciate all comments, both negative and positive ones. If anyone has any input whatsoever, don't hesitate. Thank you! Update 31/10 -17 Restructured whole first page with new information Update 12/1 -17 Updated What's Next with new info (because of Beta 1 being released) Update 6/1 -17 Updated Screenshots section Update 4/7 -18 Doing a public playtest What the game is about Features Screenshots Classes Current Progress & What's next?
  14. Welcome to Runic Lands! History: You were on a plane heading home after an adventure with Nikoro's army. The plane magically crashed and you fell on an Island that you never heard about it. When you wake up you realize you are without clothes and your suitcase is lost, but that will be the least of your problems. The island is inhabited by some humans and aggressive creatures, who will not hesitate to attack you. You must make yourself worthy, forging armor and weapons and surviving on the skin of animals you find, and your flesh to be able to live. But these islands are not what they seem, as you get deeper inside you realize that there is a very aggressive civilization ... They will not hesitate to kill you but you must survive at all costs! Your main mission is to rescue the 10 Survivors who left on their own. Developing: Maps: 45% Objects 70% Resources 80% Npc 60% Animations 70% Missions 25% Magic 100% Projectiles 50% Official facebook page of the developer group Official Game Group Urysoft official website Español: Bienvenidos a Tierras Rúnicas! Historia: Ibas en un Avión rumbo a tu hogar después de una aventura con el ejercito de Nikoro. El avión mágicamente se estrelló y caíste en una Isla que nunca escuchaste sobre ella. Cuando te despiertas te das cuenta que estas sin ropa y tu maleta se perdió, pero eso sera el menor de tus problemas. La isla esta habitada por algunos humanos y criaturas agresivas, que no dudaran en atacarte. Debes hacerte valer por ti mismo, forjando armaduras y armas y sobreviviendo con la piel de animales que encuentres, y su carne para poder vivir. Pero estas islas no son lo que parecen, a medida que te vas metiendo mas adentro te vas dando cuenta que existe una civilización muy agresiva... No dudaran en matarte pero debes sobrevivir a toda costa! Tu misión principal es rescatar a los 10 Sobrevivientes que se fueron por cuenta propia. Desarrollo: Mapas: 45% Objetos 70% Recursos 80% Npc 60% Animaciones 70% Misiones 25% Magias 100% Proyectiles 50% Pagina de Facebook del Grupo desarrollador Grupo oficial de Tierras Rúnicas Pagina oficial del Grupo desarrollador IMÁGENES: Bosque: Tierras Comunes Mapa Mundi: Bosque Perdido: únete a nuestros grupos!
  15. croc_god


    Please delete this post! The game is still in development, but has undergone significant changes.
  16. Project Concept This is a project made in Unity Engine (Version 5+), C#. Website: http://www.indiedb.com/games/elder-tales Free to play Informations Pixel Multiplayer Fantasy RPG Tiled Based Characters and Maps Photon Networking Engine SQL Server Data Engine World TCP Server Socket (C#) Features Multiplayer Cross-plataform Open World Immersive map design based on tilesets Elaborated maps with forests, rivers, mountains, ice places, villages and citys. Fun and beautiful 2d graphics (WIP design) Advanced melee/ranged/magic combat system Chat with players, trade, party and guilds etc... Day, night, rain and snow cycles Explore, build, fight and rise. Be a hero or farmer, be a expert swordmaster or intelligent alchymist, be everything you want. Day and Night System (old), new version will come. Test Server: The test performed above shows the server's large capacity to handle connections and multiple requests at the same time. Panels with fade in and fade out I have been added fade in and fade out effects to the panels like login, account etc... These effects give a better look at screen transitions and are widely used. In the above gif you can already see a change in the visuals of texts, colors and design but the graphic question will still be improved but it is something that we can use for test versions. Character Creation Some changes were made in character creation but it is also in progress because I want to add character customization but until then already works with the new server and 100% original The character creation is already synchronized with the server, has been added function to delete the character, until then can only have one per user but it is something that I will plan to add new slots in the future. New panels in-game The panels inside the game have also been restructured, with a better look and new concepts. all information is already being saved and loaded by the new server. The panels are draggable and have best fit into all screen resolutions. Equipment System and new UI Previously I had not implemented 100% the equipment system and the inventory but in this new update already we can see this advance when equipping items to show a visual in the player. Everything is synchronized between the server and client, all players can equip items, walk, have their own information stored and shared when necessary. (sorry, i'm naked). All graphics so far are free and may change over time but I really liked this new interface and I will keep this pattern for now. Map Overhaul I made some modifications in the world and the map where players will start the adventure but it is still in progress and will be added all objects, npcs, animals, effects etc... but I would like to share some pictures of the work that I am doing in the maps. I'm only using free resources but it can be changed over time but in the same color and concept pattern. Forward From now on I will further advance the project, improve some current functions and implement new systems. Soon we will have the long awaited test version even though it contains problems but will be essential for the project. In the roadmap I already have all tasks including the game world (maps) and not just systems features, because it is something that I want to evolve enough to launch a test version. Thanks guys! Continue to support us, the community is very important to the project.
  17. First of all , excuse my bad english as it's not my main language Sooo ... What's this ? Shinki " Sacred treasure " is an ORPG game based on the other world where : angels , demons and fallen angels live Credits -Intersect developers -RPG Maker Tiles Story Things have been too much calm for the five last years in the other world . That's because a demon was planning to take his revenge after being defeated by the angel of the death : " Makoto " . First of all , that demon named " Daikoku " unleashed the sealed beasts and obliged them to generate an evil aura which aspires the power of the other beasts and gives it to him , the evil aura also turns the beasts crazy and offensive .... To stop that , angels , fallen angels and demons made a peace pact and called their strongest warriors for that they start defeating dungeon bosses . You're one of these warriors , so will you be able to stop this danger and save the other world ? Disponible classes Angel | Tenshi Fallen angel | Daten-shi Demon | Akuma Features Almost thanks to intersect developers for all these features below and for the engine that I'm using -Transformation (Thanks to intersect) --- Not ready -Using the craft system for weapon upgrading --- Ready -Weapon stats according to the class --- Ready -Launcher --- Ready -Fullscreen with resolution choice (Thanks to intersect) --- Ready -The maps in caves or dungons get more darker if you move far away from the exit --- Ready -Fully character customization using paperdolls --- Ready -Lights to let you see in the dark maps --- Ready -Mazes where you can find unique items --- Ready -Game secrets using switches and variables , will allow you to access to the secret game ending (alpha) --- Not ready -Day and night ( Thanks to intersect) --- Ready -Dungeon leader ( using variables and switchses also) --- Ready -Zones capturing which gives you more power according to the zone that you got --- Ready -Donation to the goddess " Yubiwa " --- Ready GamePlay -Dungeons in solo version or party one -Lots of quests using events and npcs -Mysteries and secrets to find for that you can continue your progression I think that's all for the alpha version Game screenshots STAFF Director : AQG Productions Game makers : Eros (me) - Kurogetsu - The Kurh Music composer : The Kurh Managers : Zerolimit Progression Tutorial --- 100 % First dungeon ---- 90 % Second dungeon --- will unlock after that the alpha goes out Alpha progression --- 95 % Thanks for reading , and I really hope you like this Visit our forum Discord invitation link available in the forum's footer
  18. Guest

    WIP Rebirth Fantasy Online

    Rebirth Fantasy is a 2D Online ORPG that is being developed using Visual Basic 6.0, RFO will be a fantasy theme game which players are placed on a world with Swords and Magic. Story line will be a little bit anime-like and we are basing the player game story on the character on the story we create Rebirth Fantasy engine is created from scratch using DirectX8 as our Graphic Engine and Bass Sound System for our sfx and WinSocket for network The Graphics and SFX we will be using are custom made from Rebirth Fantasy Team Game Style There were 7 Active Dungeons in Artic Continent, Human's started the Adventurer Guild as a place where adventurer accept missions and task and enter on one of those Dungeons. Their task is to explore and search for treasures inside the dungeon or they can do hunting missions or searching for items, mining for ores and more. Using the items they collect, they can create weapons and armors or they can also upgrade them to next level Adventurers are not set into a class restriction they can freely use any weapons they wanted to use as long as they have the skills to do use them Story Characters Game World Starter Map (Talli Island) Media Support us! by giving us small amount of Donations
  19. Hello everybody, I am Ykuzo sorry early for my English, that I am French, thank you for your understanding! So, DBZ Next Generation is a game of French fan dbz. The game will include the main saga of DragonBall Z. There are three modes of game: Story Mode: This mode includes the main saga of DragonBall Z. -Fight Mode: In this mode, every player has to fight alone or in team in the arena, according to their level. -Exploration Mode: Of numerous caves and dungeons to explore with the aim of collecting objects and the powerful which will serve in the mode story and fights. The mode of game is to ask for the connection STAFF: For the moment, I made alone, and thus I look for a serious person to help me Creator: Ykuzo Infographer: Ykuzo Moderator: Mapper: Ykuzo Spriter: Ykuzo Screenshot of the Game: Story Progression 20%: Saga Saiyajin: 80% Saga Freezer: 0% Saga Cyborg: 0% Saga Buu: 0% Fight progression 0%: Easy Arena [100-199]: 0% Medium Arena [200-299]: 0% Hard Arena [300-399]: 0% Ultime Arena [400-500]: 0% Exploration Progression 0%: Rainforest: 0% Desert of despaire: 0% Forgotten Tropics: 0% I accept all the criticisms because they allow to grow up ! Thank you for having taken time to read
  20. Xeno

    WIP Starhaven

    STORY Many ages ago in a scientific labratory far beyond the planet Terra, the creation of new life became an emerging reality. Scientists were able to create new forms from existing genetic material. Thus began, the Creation Age which extended out into several galaxies as the technology became prevalent. The scientists on Gamma 9 knew of the current existence of humans on Terra, but wanted to experiment by placing three other sentient races to co-habitat with them. The result: Tribal wars that lasted in Terra until all races were nearly extinct. To prevent this extinction, elders from each tribe got together and formulated a plan. Known as the Elder Council, the wisest and most skillfull of each tribe would teach the races peace. From this alliances began to form, and the races learned to prosper together. Still some, stayed vigilant in their war efforts. To this day, Terra remains on the balance of war and peace. In the village of Cherub, rumor has it that birth was given to a new race - an evolution of the genetic mutations started long ago in Gamma 9. The child is now 5 years old, and is wise beyond his years. So much that the Elder Council came to Cherub to learn from him. Through their questioning, the boy revealed that the scientists long ago planned for the evolution of the races in order to stop war altogether. Still, some details remain uncertain. When you meet them, they ask you to go on an adventure which will reveal the truth about Terra and creation. CHARACTER CREATION Upon creating a character, you will be given the choice of 4 races and one of 12 zodiac signs. Every 10 levels you can choose a new sign, until you have 4 total. The races are as follows: Human, Orkin, Elven, Drow: SKILL ADVANCEMENT Instead of choosing a class at start, players will choose 2 sets of skills from 6 skill trees. The skill trees are: Brutality Defense Focus Holism Destruction Music MORE ABOUT THE GAME Starhaven will be a story-driven, quest focused game with very little grinding. PvP will be available as Tribe Wars, set to certain times of the day. All zones, including dungeons, caves, forests, etc will be very large in size making exploration a large focus as well. Since this is a mix of fantasy and sci-fi, some of the zones may be very different than the ones people are used to seeing in fantasy titles.Gear in the game will not be limited to a class set, and along with the skill trees will allow for a very unique build for each created character. Crafting, along with crafting skill levels will also be available.
  21. Well It's about time to start this topic. City Of The Brain Eatters is a modern zombie survival game created in the intersect engine. Players will be able to enter different buildings scavenge for loot and with the loot they will be able to create weapons and armor. There will only be 1 "safe area" in the world which will be the old police station. This area is now controlled by ex-police and what few survivors made it to this area. Even this area is not truly safe, Zombies can still enter the city if they happen to kill the guards off. The game will have a random ish world spawn(I will set up about 100 different spawn spots and you will randomly warp to one of these on spawn) I might also add a spawn at Police station button after you do a certain quest. Also debating about adding another controlled area at the hospital. I will be adding 2 main Drug dealers in the world which will have random prices on drugs, you will not be able to sell to them you must find a drug user to sell the drugs to. There are only 6 users in the world(might drop to less). You can not talk to the same drug dealer twice in a roll and you can not talk to the same drug user twice. (Meaning you must buy drugs from dealer A the sell to User A then you must buy from dealer B next, Dealer A will not sell to you, and You must sell to User . There will be 3 different craft houses you can used these are not located in any police camps and you will need to either clear them out yourself or get help to clear these out. I plan on also making a full sewer system under the city. Graphic Update screen shot Basic Map Idea Resources and general idea how to harvest what they will give. Crafting basic idea still need to add number of objects to it Drugs
  22. Introduction Story Planned Features Screenshots Progress
  23. Ascension Game Dev Projects Board You want to share your game and we want to see it! The projects board will soon be one of the most active boards here at AGD and because of that we are going to expect higher quality threads here compared to other sections of the site. Before posting please refer to the current guidelines on how to make an informative post to show off your game or work in progress! When Posting your Game: Do: Add a tag to your title telling us the state of your game! PL - You are still planning/mapping out your game and organizing your thoughts WIP - You have a good plan for your game and it is currently in development ALPHA - Game is still being worked on and is vastly incomplete but we can test it BETA - Game is mostly complete, bugs are being fixed and is playable RELEASE - The game is released and completely playable! Post the name of your game. (Even if it's a placeholder!) Post the engine your game is built with. (We're game devs, we like to know this stuff) Post about current progress (required!) Story Required Current Staff Sample Content (Screenshots, music, videos -- content is the biggest selling point!) Plans moving forward Why we should play more! Tell us what you are going to do! Tell us what you have done so far and what you will do moving forward Don't: Recruit here, use the recruitment board for that! Want a sub board for your project? It has to be a game! Sorry, this is a game dev forum, we don't want a massive forum index, if you want a sub board you need to be making a game. It has to be at an Alpha stage or beyond. This means that we need to have tried your game. Base on the alpha we can determine if the game shows promise and is likely to make it to release. It has to be serious and far along in development: An alpha 1 week after conception won't cut it. We want to make sure you are dedicated to your project. At least wait 6 weeks. If you think you qualify shoot a PM to an admin @jcsnider or @Kibbelz so we can evaluate your thread, progress, and game. You are free to post links to your social media pages, website(s) and communities. That said downloads must be accessible here by a direct link (no adfly, no signups)! Not following the guidelines above will result in your threads being moved to the low-effort forum. If you're topic is moved to the low effort forum it needs to be revised and polished before it will be suitable for the recruitment board. This allows the recruitment forum to remain full of valuable posts and not overran with those that happen to be low effort. If you're post is moved to the low effort board you have 5 days to revise and fix it. You can then hit the report button and ask us to re-evaluate it and move it to the main recruitment board. If not fixed within 5 days it will be deleted. This way only serious projects make it through.
  24. Background/Story Races/Classes Towns/Cities Items Crafting System Quests Special Notes (May or may not happen depending on how much i put into this game) Credits The CoAG Updates Images
  25. This game is build using Intersect Engine. The beginning. What the game will be. Features. Classes. Storyline. Screenshots. Sorry for my really bad english! Also I take any criticism and feedbacks. Thanks guys! Login Theme
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