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Found 3 results

  1. Lets hear the community's suggestions for Pestilence Online.
  2. 1. Is the Game currently playable? Pestilence is still currently a WIP, though if youd like to jump on and help debug and play around pm me. 2. Are you recruiting staff? Yes, I could always use some extra help on Pestilence. Feel free to pm me or make a topic with your experience and portfolio. 3. What engine are you using to develop Pestilence? Intersect. 4. Will Pestilence be free to play? Yes, there will be a membership option for more content but we do not plan to add cosmetics or Pay to win type game-play. 5. How many people are developing Pestilence? It's just me as of right now.
  3. This post will showcase the most up to date version of our current world map! Current Areas Shown: Barrens entrance, Sadon's Farm, Town of Caerleon, Docks, Calapar Swamps, Forest of Maelyss, Noob Tutorial area and some areas in between. You will arrive at the docks after going through the intro cut scene to the game. The cut scene shows how a small happy island village started the plague. A boat bringing in chickens & cows to the island also happened to have rats on it. The plague spreads and destroys the island. The noob area will act as a bit of a quick tutorial quest you must complete to gain access into the main lands. It will teach you the basics of combat, fishing, mining ex. The Town of Caerleon will be your first low level city/town hub. It will grant access to shops, quests, banks, class skill trainers and more. Sadon's Farm will act as a quest area and a gathering skill area for farming and such. Calapar Swamps will act as a low level combat training zone and be a part of a huge main story line quest. Forrest of Maelyss will be another low level training zone for new players, with the first boss encounter located at its end. The barrens Entrance will be a pk hub/town. Supplies for pking will be available for sale, bank access, vitals fountians and much more. Things to Finish: Currently the bulk of the current map area is completed. What needs to be done is fill in details on maps like rocks, flowers, sticks ex. I need to finish some buildings around the world that are currently empty shells. The lower and right sides of town including the WIP castle need to be finished off as well as the noob training zone. Whats Next? Next will be to complete a large portion of the barrens (the worlds pk area). I would also like to add in any necessary underground maps/caves and second floor maps as well as add in another few low level training areas and bosses. Once this is completed I will move on to quests and then plan on opening up the game to an early alpha test period.
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