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  1. No longer looking for members. Closed topic.
  2. Nin Online is a Naruto-inspired MMORPG that has been running for a few years now. We're currently in the midst of porting our game client from VB6 to C# with Unity. We have around 50% of the client done, which you can find a preview of here. The game was initially based on Eclipse Origins, albeit quite heavily modified. In mid-2020 we relaunched the game's service with a newly written C# server with networking based on Mirror. We're looking for someone to continue the development of this Unity client, working closely with myself and some of the other programmers who have worked on the game before. We're looking for an experienced programmer to do most of the heavy lifting. After the client project is complete, there is more potential for work as a gameplay programmer. This will be a well-paid job. Feel free to PM me here or reply with your discord id if you're interested.
  3. The game I'd like to design does not use "Magic" or "Spells". I would like to rename "Magic" to "Tech" and "Spells" to "Skills". So basically everywhere the word "Magic" or "Spell" are used in the game I would like them changed. This would include the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. I think I can leave all of the art work as is and just work that in to the story or description. I'm willing to pay if someone is willing and able to take on this large task. Although I'm new to this whole thing and wouldn't have the slightest clue on how much such a job would be worth. My end goal is to have a MMORPG that my friends and I can play together. More of an ORPG since I'm not looking to make money off it or open it up to the public. Although I would make it available to others that are interested. I've been looking for am easy to use MMORPG maker for a long time and just recently discovered you guys and so far I'm loving it. I think my long dreamt of game design might finally have a chance of seeing the light of day.
  4. Hello There! I have been developing BitScape Crusade for the past 3 years in my spare time. I have done everything through the Intersect Engine and have upgraded verions over the years (Kudos to the Intersect team!). The game is nearing the stage for public launch and I really want to have some things in place beforehand. I recently paid for hosting on HostKoala since I saw JC and some other devs recommend it (Pricing and CPanel is hard to beat from what I've seen). Up until this stage I have hosted the game server and everything else locally on one of my personal pcs, and I am ready to use HostKoala to set up some other things but I don't have the know how. Here are the things I need done on HostKoala: -CMS-API Website linked to Game DB's -Auto Updater I just need someone to help me do the initial setup and show me how to manage it correctly and I can make all the changes needed visually etc. ***I tried for 2 days setting up CMS on my personal PC with XAMPP and Laragon and kept getting different errors. That is why I have decided to go the HostKoala route ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additionally I am also looking to have some other systems implemented into BitScape: -Mini Map -Guilds -Player Housing If you are experienced with any of these things and are willing to help and get paid for it please contact me! (Insane Pricing will be ignored - Let's be realistic xD) Thanks so much!! -Nimbo
  5. Here is the basic concepts behind my game - https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/5906-shoppe-a-slice-of-life/ Shoppe: A Slice of Life will be a crafting based mmorpg with pve and pvp. The theme of the game is PRODUCTION. Players will run shops while going out on adventures. Most items in game will be crafted by players with resources they find by either gathering, completing quests, pve and pvp. I'm looking for a full time ( meaning available most hours ) coder to be my developer partner. I am using the Intersect Engine, so knowledge of it is a plus!!! I do want this game to be done within the next few years, so I decided to hire a Coder while learning to code C# myself. I have worked on 2d mmorpgs in the past. I can pay you for your time (code) as we develop the game (weekly payments) or a percentage of the sales once the game goes gold. Only apply if you are serious, and can see yourself developing a game for the next 2+ years. Contact me on Discord - TheDDVShow#0283
  6. Hi everyone! I'm gonna start a new Intersect Project and I need someone to do the pixel art. In this project I'm focusing very much in the quality of the music and designs, so I need someone very experienced and/or very talented to do different the pixel art designs(tilesets, spritesheets, animations...). I need more than 1 artist in order to do all the work. I have experience in team working, and I also understand the difficulties of making high quality designs, I already hired pixel artists in the past, so don't worry, you won't have to face stupid arguings about pricing and stuff, I'm willing to pay well, but of course that means I also want high quality orders. If you believe you are a good pixel artist and are available for taking some work, please talk to me here or by private message, I will explain all the project's details and what I'm looking for in terms of design. Thanks for reading! The recruiting is currently closed. Thank you for your interest!
  7. I am looking for a programmer who has experience in the engine for paid work related to the engine skills system, read the details below. I am currently in the process of migrating a project that I was developing in unity and I have encountered a problem in the conditions of my projectiles, the game in which I am working depends a lot on its variety of projectiles since more than 70% of the skills are of this type. What I need is someone to help me create a basic system for some types of projectiles that vary in size and shape, I will leave some gifs later, another point is that I am a programmer and I have almost 1 year working on the project in unity and more 6 years as a fullstack programmer so the person who is interested will not be alone in the development even though I have little time dealing with the source code of the engine I can give you a hand since more than the functionality itself what interests me is to learn like this that you can see it as a kind of indirect tutoring. The payment method would be paypal and you can contact me by discord Blinkuz#2171. Some example skills: This is a gust of wind that occupies several tiles 32x32 wide, I think about 3 if I remember correctly, in unity it was relatively easy to add the collisions by the system that is integrated, so what I would need would be to adapt the current system to detect collisions in these types of skills: This is a somewhat peculiar ability but it can be encapsulated as a single projectile that would be static in front of the character detecting collisions only in 2 frames in front of the player, which is what the animation occupies: This is the evolution of the previous one, it is a fireball that occupies about 3 tiles high and only head-on collisions are detected: EDIT: This is another type of skill that is a radio that works the collision, in this case I have already made part of the code to detect the entities within the radio so it would only be to check that the code that is made is the most optimal way. I have no problem giving all the necessary information about the project and the entire pvp system, anyone who has a proposal can send it to me right here or through the discord and we can negotiate a fair price.
  8. Engine: Intersect Anyone who can make the default resolution 1366, 768. Minimap maybe, if I am able to customize it later on.
  9. Hello. I am making this request today because I am recruiting several people. I am recruiting a C # developer who will be able to help us create our game. I bought a windows server to host the game. No problem. Thank you for your attention. Answer below for any question or on discord (Naj#5359) !
  10. We are looking for someone willing to make different modifications to our project. All this work will be contributed. This is the list of modifications we want: - Player Store (a store that the player personally creates in a certain sector of a map by placing objects for sale until he himself concludes his store). - Minimap. - Auction House. - Screen shake for critical hits or AOE Spells. I would like to hear prices for each system, anything you can contact me via discord ( babysitter#2065 )
  11. Hello intersecters, I'm looking for a coder to team up with and profit share upon my games release. My game is entitled Plague Masters and features uniquee and custom artwork! The play style is point and click and will have combat similar to diablo II or other action rpgs. It also is very skill oriented, and lacks permanent end game gear. Weapons and armor will have durability and require players to fix and create equipment to supply to the game world and pvpers. I'm hoping to build a nice economy and open world with many play styles. Currently all of my special features that need code work done are being done through commission work. Pm me if interested, serious and experienced inquires only.
  12. Hi! For DBZee I need help upscaling new 16x16 tiles and organising these tiles into biome specific tile sets. I also have some tiles that are in a very similar style so I need someone who has an eye for art and can help me decide which tiles can be mixed and which ones I should give up on. Let me know if you're interested! Thanks!
  13. Hello, I'm looking for someone accustomed with Intersect to do a few modifications on the source code for my project: Please PM me if you are interested and I will send you a list of changes I would like to make.
  14. Currently looking for someone familiar with Intersect's source for modification that will fit the needs for my game in development: Icarus. This is a paid job, you can send me a Discord request ( ScalyOne#9755 ) and send me your quote/rates. My requirements will be kept private and will be discussed via Discord. Looking forward to working with you. Very respectfully, ScalyOne
  15. Wondering if anyone is interested in Helping me setup the config / item slots / layout.. etc Not really to savy on all the lingo but basically don't have enough item slots and need someone to add them and make me a equip menu, will pay anyone interested 50$ Canadian to do so. can pay as of right now. Game name is Realm Of Shadows Using Intersect 6.2 build 420 If your interested let me know and I can fill you in on the exact slot layout! and thank you in advance!
  16. Hello all, my name is Niko and I am currently recruiting team members to help further develop my game Pestilence. The game is a plague based 2d ORPG which is a funny-cartoony-fantasy mix of plague and magic. Information Pestilence is a 2d online fantasy RPG centered around the Bubonic plague. Pestilence Is jam packed with story telling & lore, events, custom features and much more. Train on mystical creatures, plague carriers, the undead and other enemies. Follow the Epic quest line from clean city's to infected villages, city's and castles. The main mission being to help find a cure for the black plague. Meet interesting characters and learn all about the wacky methods these citizens from the dark age use to try and avoid the plague. From toad licking, religion, smelling herbs, releasing blood from their body's, and locking them selves up. These people will pretty much do anything to try and rid the plague. Planned Features: -Blackness percentage. If your blackness bar re aches 100% an alert will appear letting you know your are infected. Your character sprite will change to the infected sprite and you will experience major in game penalty's. This includes a Major decrease in your max hp, mp, and all of your combat skills such as damage, int ex. You will not die just because your blackness Reaches 100% But if you do die while being 100% infected you will loose all of your inventory items and re-spawn with your blackness level still at 100% Allowing your blackness level to reach 100% should be avoided at all costs while pk-ing. To bad all the pk zones have a high infection rate. -Hunger system, staying healthy is important in these times. The more hungry you are the quicker you will become infected. -Npc's can infect you with plague illness while attacking you. The speed in which they infect you will differ between npc's. -Certain areas of the world and maps can infect you with blackness, A sewer will raise your blackness level much quicker that a forest will. -New Item type: Medicine. These items such as mushrooms, toads and flowers can help lower your blackness percentage. -New skill type medicine making. Combine mushrooms, blood, flowers and all type of wacky ingredients to achieve better medicines that will heal you much better. -New Item Type: Blood Letting. This allows a player to buy or find a special item type that trades health for a reduction of infection level. So if a player finds a knife, he can choose to cut himself with it. This will lower his hp by 50% but also his blackness level by 50% A small sacrifice. -Heavily trapped and guarded citys, to prevent plague holders from spreading disease. -Rats, Mice, bugs and certain other animals and scenarios can raise your blackness level. -Large quest series involving the whole realms attempt to rid the plague. -If caught stealing or breaking laws you will be sent to jail. Your blackness bar will slowly raise in jail but smart players can break free from jail. -Different citys will show their percent chance of infection upon entering city walls. -Sewers hold a high chance of becoming blackened. Only stay in the sewers for short periods of time. -Food will lower your blackness bar, also washing your hands, feet, face. Bathing and basic antibiotics. Certain herbs and mushrooms will help. What I Need: -Lead Developer (Develops unique systems in intersect code specific to this game) -Head World Designer (Main Mapper). -Assistant Mappers (Follows Design Ideas Of Head Mapper, Works Together) -Head Of Content Design (Quests & Lore Mainly) What I do: -100% graphics & animations -100% of music & sound -Develop core content ( item development, combat, skills, crafting, resources, shops, spells, npcs events ex.
  17. Hi all, I am currently using my time in lockdown to jump back into game development and I am looking for an artist to help with Tilesets, UI and Sprites. I am currently using the beautiful standard graphics that come with the engine and would be looking for stuff in that style! As said in the title this would be fully paid and I'd be more than happy to discuss prices on skype or discord. If you could send me some previous work that would also be helpful Skype - euan.blockley Discord - Jumpahead#3752 - Jump
  18. Hi guys, I'm starting to make an mmrpg inspired on Naruto,and I need some staff for make it, as some graphic designer, programmer and some moderators for the game and forum. You can check my old forum here: The forum will be remodeled and will be name changed soon You can contact me on telegram searching my username @alexitokun Thanks to everybody.
  19. Hi, my name is Andre Astro, I am a programmer on Unity and I am looking for a 3d modeler and a concept artist for a surrealistic horror game project. At the moment we have a crew of 8 people with 2 supporting artists, however we need a new lead artist who has a lot of experience with 3d modeling and animations. The game will be based on the backrooms creepypasta that started with the post made on 4chan not a long time ago. As a 3d modeler you must have experience with Blender of 3D Max, you should be able to both can create simple items like a desk, a cup of coffee, tools and etc, and more complicated items like mob models as well as being able to create textures and animations for mobs. As a lead designer, you will have a team of 2 support artists that will help you designing different models like furniture and other small items. So if you have those sets of skill and you want to know more about the game please message me. The player will have an opportunity to noclip through reality and traverse in the cryptic horror theme of the forgotten world. The game itself happens in the first person and has survival genre elements. The game consists of multiple layers or locations that become darker and more mysterious while progressing the game. The noclipped world exists outside of human comprehension and understanding, it is the warehouse of all things that were long forgotten and exiled. Everything, that is denied by reality ends up here. You will have to strive and endeavour to seek the unforgivable truth behind this place's true purpose. So basically it is a game that consists of around 4-5 levels and every level consists of multiple rooms and a few enemy types that the player meets through the game. The first enemy in the game will be chasing the player in the first location until he runs away enough. The entire game shall give the player a claustrophobic feeling as he is going through a randomized map trying to find a way to the next level, he will have to get keys and during his game progress he will learn more about the place's story and its purpose. If you find it interesting message me. I want to build a game that will break the player's head, messes with the environment and makes a person fear to death every second that he spends in this world, always feeling suspense through the entire game. I want to completely mess with the player. If you want to make a game like this with me, contact me. - deathunique2@yandex.ru
  20. Looking for a programmer to do some source mods for my game in development Tales of Tria This is a paid job, message me your rates in either a DM or on Discord ( Names#3370 ) Details about the work needed will be discussed in private. Looking forward to working with you.
  21. No Game, No Story, Sorry... I am looking for someone to develop and rework Intersect Source. Position: Programmer Subject: Intersect Source (PlayerBox) PlayerBox rework. In short.. i want a few things free of that container. Payments can be done through escrow. MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE SEND INBOX MESSAGES ONLY. PLEASE
  22. I'm hiring a C # programmer to develop some unique systems! If anyone is interested please send me a message.
  23. Hello! I'm working on a project at Intersect and I'm very excited about it! I was able to use the API by the postman but I am not aware of the interaction with PHP and I need to exchange an idea to create pages for my website like ranking, registration and others! It would definitely be a paid service! If you fit these parameters call me in private and let's exchange ideas! Sorry for my English! Graciously SrBlast
  24. Hello! Looking for someone to help me out and turn some existing tiles into VX/ACE auto tiles. The work is mostly rearranging with minor edits, so I'm looking for someone to make a quick buck, not a world-class artist! (World-class artists are free to apply though ) Thanks!
  25. Hello & Welcome to the Grand Beasts Recruitment Thread! My game is using the Intersect BETA 6.1 Engine, but we have barely gotten started on making the game. We are firstly perfecting our concept, and then building a team around a passion for the concept. So, if the information you see here interests you, please feel free to apply. Open Positions (Volunteer) Mapper(s) Pixel Artist(s) Developer(s) I would love to have a Co-Administrator by my side in the future, but this position will be earned, so by joining now, you can start working towards helping me lead this awesome project! Project Information I have a very detailed thread of my project as a central place for my thoughts and ideas, and if you become part of the team, this will also become your home base for all your work and updates! Please read the post and ensure you have a passion for my project before applying. Apply Now To apply, please copy and paste the below format and comment or message me via the AGD Forums. I would be glad to review your application and determine if you're fit for the team. Name: Age: Discord Tag: Timezone: Position: Why are you interested in my project? Share projects or examples of your work below: -- Thank you so much for your interest! Remember that this is a volunteer position, and that this game does not have any funding besides what comes out of my own pocket. As soon as our team has a plan, we will begin active development on the game. We will use Discord for our Point of Contact.
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