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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys! So I have been using this character generator for quite some time now and I personally think it's the best FREE generator out there. I just happen to stumble across it one day and I've been wanting to share but could never find the site from which I found it, that is, until recently. As you can see there is plenty of slots that can be utilized to design many different sprites.Also, as far as I can tell the amount of frames a sprite can have is endless so things like attack, casting, damaged, jumping, etc... are all possible. Each slot for clothing, hair, skin, equipment, etc.. all have the option to be recolored. There are even options to have the shirt tucked into pants and pants tucked into boots. Inside the assets folder is where you can add/remove images and each are labeled accordingly. As a side note male and female images can be separated but if that's not something you're into then you can simply put all the images into one or the other. Anyways, I hope this is as helpful for others as it has been for me. Below is a link to where the generators original topic can be located as well as a direct link to the download. Enjoy! Original site: Download link: v1.0
  2. Realistic Tree Generator

    Been browsing the web for generators to reduce work-time a bit. This one isn't particularly useful for me, though anyone using realistic, or semi-realistic tilesets might find find this interesting;
  3. Tile Animator - Quick and Easy!

    32x32 Tile Animator! (Very basic at the momment) Input a texture, Export a animation! Water (sinwave) effect only at the momment, but more to come, hopefully! Export either frames or a complete sprite sheet: Results: [Download] Comment bellow, if you have any troubles.