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Found 23 results

  1. Wann wird der Server wieder online gehen?
  2. Some items looks weird and I have invisible NPC's walking around?
  3. Hi guys! Welcome to DragonBreeZee! Feel free to ask and chat about whatever you want, but please follow these simple rules: 1. Forum rules still apply. Do not break any of the rules of AGD. You will be punished site-wide. 2. Before posting a question, a bug or a suggestion, please check if it was posted already! 3. When posting a bug. Use the tag [BUG] and then the title of your bug. 4. When posting a suggestion. Use the tag [SUGGESTION] and then the title of your suggestion. That's all!
  4. Hi all! We are finally live and public. However, expect the combat/difficulty of the game to change a lot during these days, we are still balancing! Have fun and let us know what you think!
  5. This has been moved to the updates channel in the discord: https://discord.gg/EYWH98e
  6. So, i am new on this game Called "Dragon ball Bree Zee" there's alot of bugs they need to fix, The lag, My suggestion is add more map then add bossses
  7. I want to play this game, when will another beta be open?
  8. Please download the Beta 1 [Here!] Or from here if youre not a member https://mega.nz/#!4dcUgI6Y!h0sOlaigRmuVb9yGy86Ly3oHCTNA9kXgUGfR8atFwXM READ THIS: IF YOU DOWNLOAD FROM MEGA.NZ, YOU HAVE TO RUN THE GAME LAUNCHER TO UPDATE. OTHERWISE IT WILL SAY THE GAME IS OFFLINE For MAC users: Download the game from the MEGA.NZ link above and RUN THE GAME LAUNCHER Welcome, finally, to DragonBreeZee Beta 1. After a lot of hard work, and a lot of slacking off the game is finally at a stage where there is enough to do to have a couple of hours of fun! This is a Beta, so please report any bugs you find and beware that things are subject to change. Of course, I will update you on the changes we make during the Beta phase. So, what has changed since last summer? World expansion: The world has tripled in size! Discover what happens in the Thug Den’s Basement and explore Challenge Mountain! New Quests: Figure out a way to get rid of those pesky Thugs that are terrorizing the village and prove your worth to the villagers of Kirikuu Village once and for all by completing all the challenges on the Challenge Mountain! DBZee now has more than 3 times the quests that it had before. New Events: More ways to interact with the world and more ways in which your progress affects the world! New Techniques: Keep an eye out for Sensei Gon to learn a powerful new technique and progress through the story to unlock powerful new moves to defeat your enemies! Hidden Capsules: Find the Seeker’s Guild and take on their challenge of finding the 7 Bronze Capsules hidden throughout the world. If you are able to complete the challenge, they will reward you with some iconic gear! New Enemies: The Thugs have called in a bunch of reinforcements and they are ready to defend their Boss! At the same time, in some freaky joke of nature, the wildlife on challenge mountain has evolved to be stronger and more dangerous than some of the strongest men in the area! New Items: From quest items to healing items, your inventory will fill up quickly! New Clothes: A bunch of new clothing options are available in the shop and as casino prizes. Dress to impress! Improved Casino: The casino is now open for business and has been stocked with unique gear that can’t be bought in the shop! Use Zenni to buy Dragon Stones and use the Dragon Stones to gamble! Make sure you don’t get shafted! Bug fixes and improvements: Fixed some bugs, improved some events and quests and started balancing the combat! Download the latest client now! Reminder: Run the game launcher to make sure you have the latest version! See you online!
  9. You did a really good job on the mechanics of the game. The artwork was fine as well. The in game tutorials were good. It takes too long to level. Having money and nothing to spend it on early on is discouraging. If you start off with either easier mobs, or the ability to get gear with the money early on, you may engage more players. The dragon stone was disappointing since it was so expensive and there was nothing I could do with it. You have some good stuff there. I'm not sure if you are making it harder to get going in order to stretch out the content, but you are better off letting people use the money earlier even if they are just buying stuff that will be garbage after a couple of levels. Nice work
  10. I don't know if it's mean to be this way, but basement thugs still want to battle even when all other kinds f thugs not.
  11. I died this morning while trying the game out. Is it suppose to drop/destroy the clothes on death? Cause now I'm back to walking around naked....
  12. Hi, This is a wish list of features I want to have in DBZee eventually. If you feel like you can help, let me know! NOTE: THIS IS A WISHLIST / PLANNED FEATURE LIST FOR CUSTOM FEATURES WHEN SOURCE IS OUT. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST TO THE INTERSECT DEVS (Unless of course they feel like some of these things fit well) Hair system - Choose a hairtype on character creation - Hair is a layer, just like all the other paperdoll layers - Ability to change hair with events - Hair stops rendering when a helmet is equipped Transformation spell upgrade: - Transformation changes the hair layer instead of overlaying a sprite - Be able to set a Mana drain on the transformation - Revert when Mana is empty Dash 2.0: - Players are able to change direction while dashing (Dash distance is not based on tiles but on a timer) - Blurry animation on the sprite to give the illusion of super speed Beam spell: - Set a min and max amount of projectiles that can be fired by a beam spell - When the player holds the key, the beam spell charges - The longer you hold the key, the more projectiles fire Beam struggle: - When a beam hits another another beam a QTE (Quick Time Event) or something similar comes up, the player who finishes the QTE faster wins a tile. - Beam spells get a 'power' attribute - Options when a beam struggle is possible: Check if beam power is within a range, check if Magic Power is within a range Collection Log - You have a button to open your collection log - The log has empty pages - Whenever you beat an enemy, the log updates the page corresponding to that enemy with the sprite of the enemy - Beat it multiple times and you get Vital and stats information - When you get a drop, it will show it in the drop table in the collection log Achievements - Way to keep track with which spell you killed an NPC - Way to keep track how many NPC's of that type you killed - Way to keep track how many seconds ago you killed the last NPC of that type - Use all this to create Achievements: Example: Kill 5 NPC X with Spell Y or Kill 3 NPC X within X seconds Editable map type - Instead of Arena Map Type or other, you have checkboxes for the map behaviour - Drop no / drop all items on death - PvP on? - Can pass through others? - Etc Editable bound item options - Instead of one checkbox for Item Bound? add a couple with these options: - Can drop? - Can trade? - Can sell? Requirements for a crafting recipe - Need an event switch active for a crafting recipe to show up in a table. Passive skill tree - Unlocked by special points - GUI with a skill tree system - Skills should be able to trigger based on HP / MP level, or be always active - Option to show animation on activation of skill - Example: Crit ratio + 10% when HP is 20% or below - Example: Mana cost -5% (Always active)
  13. Well This suggestion is about crafting bandages . When You Collect The Ripped Clothes and ''Medical Plants'' . You Can Craft them Into Hp Bandages , Every Bandage give You 40 Hp ! =======> ( Example) You Will Need 5 Ripped Clothes and 2 Medical plants.=======> ( Example ) Thanks for your attention ! Merzu.
  14. While creating a character the skin color selection is backwards. Dark is light and light is dark.
  15. https://discord.gg/EYWH98e Please join!
  16. Alpha 0.1 NEW Added 4 quests. Added boots and gloves in 8 colours Added Gi in 8 colours Added Casino Added VIP casino access Added special gear which can only be bought in casino Added casino graphics Added Dash spell Added a shop in Gun-Go Village Added Thug NPC's Added day/night cycle Started working on a new GUI FIXED Recycling! quest now only needs 12 pieces of cloth to be finished Fixed bug with NPC move route in first quest bugging out and locking the player Added macro protection in the casino Pieces of cloth now have proper icons
  17. Hi all, I am very happy to welcome Gibier to the team. Gibier will help me with content creation and bringing ideas to the table. We are always looking for more help, so feel free to reach out to me!
  18. All is subject to change. Q4 2018 Beta 1.1: - Fix all bugs in current version - Fix the biggest balancing issues. I suspect this will be an ongoing issue for the lifetime of the game. But I want to get the biggest issues out of the way. - Add a food shop. - Add more starter spells and ki based spells - Stat bonuses for equipment - Bound rare items - Add a drop chance for items on death - New race - Christmas event! - Promote game - Everyone who helps will be rewarded! Q1 2019 Beta 2: - Expansion of world map - Start of the 'A Universal Fix?' quest line - New and stronger mobs - More paper dolls - More and stronger spells - Arrival of some familiar faces? Beta 2.1+: - Bug fixes - Balancing fixes Beta 3: - Open up Hero City - Introduction of dimensions - More familiar faces - Introduction of Radditz - Casino expansion - More hidden capsules - More spells Beta 3.1+ - Bug fixes - Balancing fixes
  19. Hello there! Just now I've added a class system to the game. For now it's mostly under the hood but this has some effect on gameplay already: - Level up spells have changed - Spell rewards from quests and gameplay now depend on your class This also means that: - Existing accounts above level 10 now have illegal spell combinations -> When V1 comes around, your account will be purged! - Existing accounts above level 5 should go to Sensei Naruto to get a class. (New accounts will get a prompt at level 5) What are the classes? Saiyan: Martial Artist -> Melee based class with access to strong physical attacks, AoE and stuns. Saiyan: Spiritualist -> Ki based class with access to beams and blasts. Damage dealer. Namek: Namekian Warrior -> Same as Spiritualist Namek: Healer -> Healing class with access to healing and cleansing spells (AoE, self and target) Namek: Magician -> Support / Status class. This class has access to several buffs and debuffs for self and target. As well as several Damage over Time spells!
  20. I entered the thug house, found the key and show it to the thug dude. Then he disappeared and I don't know what should I do. I used that key to open a steel door but I only found death by 32423123 zuper duper thugs, what do I have to do now?
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