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Found 13 results

  1. Darkest Dawn Online Wallpaper is now here! Dark version potentially coming soon. You can download it here.
  2. Italics = Working on Strikethrough = Done 1.01 Major Bugfixes. Add Cave Sword Paperdoll variety 1.02 Fix trees in Wilderness Weather (Added Lightning/Flickering from 9pm-3am GMT) Fix Daily Rewards (Fixed again on later date, forgot to set a variable.) Improve housing system - add purple spots you can edit for furniture! Add sign on house (you can now see on standard house xD) On Death respawn in Imaginary Realms, not in tutorial Add Steampunker + steampunker store (for eagles) 1.03 Easter Update (Temporary): Easter enemy Easter look of map Updates: Add leaderboards (https://tinyurl.com/ddoleaderboard) Expand cave Add Hades Add food (Drake Pancakes) - 40% Drop chance from frostcat! Added Game Launcher (https://tinyurl.com/ddoplay) Trenvern Caverns added - Contains WEREWOLVES! Ranks above head. Beta Tester is all there is for now Minor Bug Fixes (e.g. nerfed Cat Bite spell) Spell Shop (see in snow biome!) Sword slash animation now shows an animated sword, not a slash!!! Pickaxe animation, like sword animation above New music for Trenvern Caverns ("Alone") 1.04 Bunnies that appear at random (every 30 seconds to 2 minutes, for 3 seconds! WOW) Five Kits! Spawn Protection Rules - they show when you login and on /rules Added a prison! Access via the Wilderness. Rule breakers can spend some time cooling off in the dungeons Fixed download link Added dehydrated water item to give you mana - buy from market. Just add water! Added Wealthmurk the sand "snake" Fixed weapon cooldowns! Now one attack per second Minor bug fixes Added death animations! Added vitals (hp+mana) leaderboard - https://tinyurl.com/ddostats 1.05 Added /links command to get items from clicking hyperlinks! Improved /help command COMPLETELY CHANGED MAPS! The main maps have been completely redesigned and are now seamless! Various minor updates & bug fixes A beam sword! Fires a beam that goes on for longer the longer you hold down LMB! 1.06 Added armour rack to furniture customisation system in standard houses Fixed buying forever for standard houses Minor bug fixes Automatic leaderboards! Head to https://tinyurl.com/ddorankings Fort Acropolis, with Royal Pheonix Squadron and Bows with Trinkets! Changed the PC that runs the server to make the game run much faster! New places: Inferno Province - 100% complete Eternal Fields - 100% complete The Shrouded Expanse - 100% complete Added Royal Pheonix Squadron and SoulGuard, two factions who despise eachother and joining one of them is choosing glory by some and hatred by others! Changed animations for enemies that do not have a weapon 1.07 Further Improve house furniture customisation system - more furniture spots Introduce Premium house??? Trade/Auction Posts Mall / Item Catalog More coming soon! Please suggest your ideas somewhere so I can react to them!
  3. New automatic DDO leaderboards have been created! These update every 5 seconds! Head to https://tinyurl.com/ddorankings to check them out! Note: This is a replacement for the manual leaderboards I created on March 8th.
  4. Here are some minor Darkest Dawn Online announcements.
  5. Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/gVEDb7d
  6. Ask suggestions about Darkest Dawn Online and bugs with the game in this section of the forum! Please note that you should follow the forum rules of the Intersect Engine, of those stated in the Discussion section in Darkest Dawn Online and also please make sure your post if a suggestion is positive or constructive criticism, or it will be removed! Thanks alot and remember that your suggestions and bug reports help me to make Darkest Dawn Online a better game in general
  7. Breaking these rules will result in your post/thread being deleted: 1) No NSFW or swearing. 2) No hate. Please just post constructive criticism. 3) No advertising. 4) Keep relevance to Darkest Dawn Online. 5) Be respectful to everyone. Noone is better than anyone else. Breaking these rules will result in your post/thread being locked for further posting: 6) Asking about problems which have already been explicitly answered. These are subject to change without notice.
  8. Please answer the questions to know how I can improve - thanks! (On the third question, it is multiple choice, but please don't answer two opposites.)
  9. To play Darkest Dawn Online, you can be any age. However, we request you do not publicise it in the chat. Although any age of person is allowed to play it, we recommend you should be at least 7 - there is a public chat and very mild forms of violence.
  10. Here I will be displaying notices about new things happening in events - for instance at Christmas snowmen spawn, etc.
  11. I designed some haptic gloves which you can make in 5 minutes compatible with ANY video game! Go make yourself at tinyurl.com/ddohaptics! For those of you who don't know, haptic gloves simulate your hands in VR or AR. They can either come with one, two or all three of these things: 1) Stop fingers from closing well holding an item to simulate the feeling of having something in your hand << FEATURE OF DDO HAPTICS! 2) Track all finger movement 3) When touching something in game, feel like you are touching it in real life. Possible due to vibrations. Yup we are that close to Ready Player One guys!
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