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Found 11 results

  1. How many frames you have designed. The way I showed in the photo. Photo : https://imgur.com/gaEHU79
  2. hi, grapple hook is not working at some point, it won't let me get to other side of lava, can u please look at this? I've collected three shards in total. ---other bug: Inside Orc Temple > nothing happens after orc king teleports player to fighting pits, you can only interact with a lock, which says you need to defeat other combatants to leave pit.
  3. hi, can someone help with some doubts? 1. Is this game free to play? 2. Will characters and/or items be erased after current game state (closed alpha, I think...(not really "closed" since anyone can play)? 3. How to change class? Saw some items for classes that were not meant for the ones listed while creating new character. 4. Are there going to be multiple game servers? And where would they be located exactly, please? Concerned about lag here, since I was lagging a bit while I was the only one online while playing. 5. Is Nightmare Open PVP game? If it is, is there penalty for PKers? 6. Do we lose anything at all if killed by monster or player (I died due to lag so it doesn't count... ;P)? that's it for now, ty for your time.
  4. Magework is now currently on Facebook and Twitter. If you'd like to stay up-to-date as possible on the game, be sure to follow us on these networks. Naturally, we'll continue to update on AGD forums as well. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mageworkstudios/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/magework
  5. (This has already been asked on Discord but I am asking again for everyone else's benefit.)
  6. Hi everyone. This is the official thread for Nightmare, a survival mmo game with werewolves. That's right werewolves. The whole concept basically goes like this. During the day, you can kill, level up, craft, trade and go on quests like any normal mmo. However, at night you can transform into a werewolf and engage in PvP against other werewolves. There are 4 Werewolf Packs in which you can join after completing the main quest line "Werewolf Dilemna". Quests can be Day or Night associated quests respectively. And NPC mobs that are more threatening survive at night. It will take your werewolf abilities to take them out. Daily tournaments will be held to determine which pack is the strongest, and the person with the most points will be given the position of Alpha for that pack. Character Customization: At the beginning of the game you can choose from one of four classes: Warrior, Assassin, Sniper and Mage. Players will also have a wide variety of gear to choose from, and various hair styles to make their character unique. World Map: Screenshots: Features: Extensive collecting/crafting system to help you survive in the wild. Four Packs, each with their own element and sigil. PvP during night-time in wilderness areas. Werewolf morph with special skills not accessible in human form. Tons of stories and quests that interact with day/night system. Various mini-games spread throughout the world. Pets you can purchase that help you kill enemies. Make allies with friends, create a guild, and even own your own house. Nightmare is made using the Intersect engine and all content, excluding credited material, is copyright of Magework Studios. Magework Studios consists of @Xenogene (Artist/Writer) and @Kibbelz (Programmer). If you'd like to participate in our Pre-Alpha period, you can download here! Join our Discord for in-depth discussion: https://discord.gg/4vgqptU
  7. Today I would like to announce @WereAlpaca will be joining the Nightmare dev team! He will be working alongside us to help get Nightmare out for our upcoming steam release! He is currently working on adjusting the hue of our graphics with @Xenogene for the best visual experience playing Nightmare. Myself and @Xenogene have been a little busy with life as of late and working on some things in private for our upcoming release for Nightmare, but good news is we are back on track and all 3 developers will write more development updates here! Want to know more? Checkout our discord: https://discord.gg/4vgqptU
  8. We're currently looking for two competent mappers to help us brush up the world of Nightmare before release. If interested please message myself or Kibbelz, with screenshots of previous work (assuming we dont already know of your skills). The Nightmare project thread can be found here:
  9. Nightmare is now on IndieDB. If you like the game and want to support development, head on over and give us a rating: http://www.indiedb.com/games/nightmare-mmo If you haven't played Nightmare already, make sure to check out our game here:
  10. Although major updates will be posted in the main thread, the real action is happening in our Discord channel. You can see daily updates, ask questions, and get in on the discussions. Nightmare Discord: https://discord.gg/4vgqptU
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