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Status Updates posted by EVOLV

  1. Hey guys! I'm still here in some ways. It seems I have officially joined the ranks of solo-dev, these days, and that's fine. Been learning more programming, working on portfolio, and finished a demo for another RPG (https://evolvgames.itch.io/harmonic-odyssey-the-five-gods). Thought it might be good to revisit Intersect in its current iteration and give old A4C some attention in 2020.

  2. Hey all --

    As many of you who follow us on Facebook know, my daughter went through a series of hospital visits over the last [year] with a chronic intestinal condition which appeared out of the blue. We've been home and she's been well for a few months now, and slowly but surely I'm taking steps to get the game back online. Just took the leap of buying the small hosting package for A4C, right here with Intersect Hosting.
    [ UPDATE: You can download and try our Beta, here https://www.indiedb.com/games/age-of-the-four-clans/downloads/age-of-the-four-clans-beta-20 ]

    Things are looking up and I'm looking forward to getting back in touch with everyone.



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    2. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      Happy all is good with your daughter! 


    3. EVOLV


      Thank you so much! Great community we have here and I'm happy to be part of it after all that 2017 brought unexpectedly with our family. For anyone who doesn't know, my husband is my co-chair on our games, provides GM support on A4C and is the chief designer of our board games. We kinda take time off from "work" when this stuff goes on, and it's nice to have the community backing of this engine and its believers, specifically.

    4. SkywardRiver


      Good to have you back around man. Glad it all turned out okay with your daughter!

  3. Game auditing. Whee! Our tutorial globals are looking good, thanks to the latest Intersect patch's seamless install... Now all we have to do is make sure what was written for them still makes sense. ;) 


  4. Hey gang - Back to working on A4C after one of our devs left (amicably) to work on his own stuff. Went through a rough patch myself this summer, but glad to be back from the dead. ;)

  5. Not dead. Just busy. ;)

  6. Test run of A4C Beta begins today! And by today I mean... hotfixes all weekend, most likely. ;3 Let's break stuff!

  7. bossrinley.png


    Finished adding faces to the class upgrades. Got 3 "bosses" working. Gonna add some player switches to allow people to take on bosses in the arena at higher levels... not a ton more hard stuff to do, really, before Beta.

  8. good.png

    Can confirm Intersect 4.1 is handling lag issues (brought on by my inability to write an event properly) better than any previous version of the software. ;) 

  9. Was thinking about doing a Linux hosting tutorial. Seems to still be a lot of questions about how to do it, step-by-step. I think most people will be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is, and how cheap.

    1. jcsnider


      I'd recommend waiting on that. Beta 5+ we will be making a lot of changes to make it even easier.

    2. EVOLV


      Good to know!

  10. Gonna make beta by August 31. No pressure. Just about 30 more faces to render.. @.@

  11. Pain in the rear lighting system is go. Free to use if you want to try it, yourself -- download the one I'm using on my local machine and make it into an animation (1x5), then set an event to play it:

    1. Phenomenal


      Gj on the lighting, I really need to get round to trying your game!

    2. EVOLV


      Haha, thanks! We're open if you wanna explore and try a few itty bitty quests, buy stuff, etc. Shooting for August 31 when we'll have it super sexy in Beta. :) 

  12. More vid'yas. More stuff. More dina'saars. http://www.dinosaurmmo.come8af1c_c2f05298127c4f8d85a77cedec896002~

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    2. EVOLV


      Thanks, man. Going for that painted look and slowly edging the RPGMaker sprites out.

    3. Kibbelz


      I really like the originality behind this. How big is the world and whens the alpha?

    4. EVOLV


      So far we have 92(? maybe more?) maps ready for people to run around with. We have another 40 or so in development. 3 "cities" with class trainers, warpmasters, shops and inns (providing our current go-home spell) in each. I just put in these long-necked brachiosaurs, giving us six unique dinosaur types to fight with lots of variations on each (visually they are mainly recolors for now, but we're working on that). From our three starting classes, we have sprites for three branch-off classes each, 9 spells/skills complete which players can learn at the trainers' quarters, and a bunch of clothes/weapons/paperdoll stuff to wear.

      We had a great time opening it up for our early Alpha through this year until our host put up a firewall which blocked maybe 50% of people trying to login. We couldn't reconcile with them so we just took our business elsewhere and will be finding further hosting, soon. Definitely getting us back online before end of summer. Probably before July if we just wanted a quick'n'dirty Windows VPS setup. :)

  13. We've updated the PTR for Age of the Four Clans with Intersect Beta 2! Check it out: http://www.indiedb.com/games/age-of-the-four-clans/downloads/a4c-ptr-beta2

    1. Phenomenal


      Idk how I missed this game, looks good, trying it out now.

    2. Phenomenal


      So tried it, good game but there are some clear seams in the map (like where stuff doesn't line up) and some lag.

    3. EVOLV


      Thanks, Phenom - we are very much in Alpha right now... had to rebuild the whole game from scratch after moving off our old server and off of Skywyre, but we'll keep plodding along, nonetheless. Also, will try to get a page up for the game on the forums today/tomorrow/whenever. We used to have one on the old forums, which I think is how most people found out about the game. Thanks for playing - glad you were able to connect. :)

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