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    Mike got a reaction from Xeno in Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? (Transparency Issue)   
    So, I've been working on some tilesets for a while. Started building a map with my new tilesets, and am running into this issue.
    Best explained with the attached image, but I am setting the background completely transparent, and exporting from gimp as a png.
    Looks fine previewing the image of the tileset, but when I use it in the editor, all of the transparent spots appear black, and show up when I lay the tile down. This is especially troubling when trying to, as in the example below, add something smaller than 32x32 on top of an existing tile. Everything that is supposed to be transparent is black. 
    Is there a solution to this that I am overlooking, or will I have to fill every pixel of a 32x32 grid with whatever I want adjoining? 

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