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  1. Show the equipment part of the server config settings
  2. Show the equipment part of the server config settings
  3. They are pretty amazing. Tell your artist to hit me up if (s)he is ever bored!
  4. To set the sprite, you have to double click that square above the animation dropdown. I suppose you can make some hacky way to create custom bars with images and variables. My advice is to wait for source with that and keep your hunger and thirst as numbers
  5. You just put the sprites in the right order and the engine will automatically adjust
  6. Nope. Only means that you will have to portforward yourself.
  7. Sadly not. You could do it with the event system if you have like 4 crafting recipes, otherwise it's not possible.
  8. Lol, never will you get good sprites for 10 euros
  9. Pedobear MMO... You better not stole my custom sprite!
  10. Still the same issue... Read again:
  11. I'd prefer someone who speaks English, just easier to communicate.. Edit: if you do speak English, feel free to hit me up on the discord: Kasplant#7833
  12. No, you can only move with the keyboard
  13. I can, but the event system is ill-suited for what you are trying to achieve. You will have to make n conditional branches for n levels. variables: FishingLevel FishingExp Fishing Event: FishingExp +50 If FishingLevel <2 If FishingExp => 300 Add FishingLevel +1 Show text: You gained a fishing level. Your fishing level is now \pv {fishinglevel} ELSE If FishingLevel <3 IfFishingExp=> 600 Add FishingLevel +1 etc etc etc etc. This should work. Haven't got the editor open to test. However, as you can see. You need a stupid amount of conditional branches, so I would suggest to keep the levels to something like: Beginner, Decent, Expert, Master (Or something like that).
  14. No, you need a NEW variable and then conditional branches to only display the level up prompt once.
  15. Nope. Edit: there's also no event system to do this properly.
  16. Some updated hairstyles: All hairstyles you see are obtainable at some point. The ones to the right will be 'skins' for certain hairstyles. Personally, I'm a big fan of the punk rock colourful SSJ3 Mohawk hairstyle hehe. EDIT: Video made the colours look a bit fucky. These are the real colours:
  17. Seems like you give a level every time the exp reaches a certain threshold. So once fishing exp is above 20, it keeps giving a level when you catch new fish. You need another player variable to check if they are already level 2, or better yet, display the level based on experience instead of working with levels in the backend
  18. Hello friends, I'm looking for someone to help me make maps, quests, items, NPCs, spells, everything. I will pay for your time but since I have no clue what's reasonable, just tell me what you think is fair, and we work from there. Please let me know what you're interested in and your rates! If you want to be a mapper, please also show examples of your work. You can find my game here:
  19. This sounds like a bug. Are you using click to close and by clicking it triggers the event again?
  20. You can't make a decent guild system without source. It's highly requested though, so when source comes out, someone might be releasing a source edit for it!
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