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  1. Dashplant

    Local animations

    Right now I have this BEAUTIFUL fishing system: https://streamable.com/hk1nn Only it doesn't really work with multiple players because the animations play for everyone. So when you have like 5 players fishing on the same tile, it becomes impossible to know who is catching a fish and who is still waiting. Would be nice to have an extra checkbox where you can choose if an animation is played for the player only, or for everyone. -> Probably fits nicely in the event system, or a checkbox on the animation editor
  2. Dashplant

    More map options

    Would be cool to have some checkbox to what happens / is possible in a map instead of some presets only. Even with the options that are in now, you can already make like 6 maps types instead of the limited options we have now. What does Arena even do? Options that would be nice to set per map in my opinion: Can walk through player Can attack player Drop no items on death Drop all items on death
  3. Dashplant


    Took me like 7 hours to get it right: https://streamable.com/hk1nn Very happy with the result. It's better with sound so try it ingame!
  4. Dashplant

    Graphics DragonBreeZee

    Beautiful new forum guys! In case you are interested in following all the latest news! http://dragonbreezee.boards.net/
  5. How are you doing this? Changing the sprite? Because that might work in theory, but what if you have like 8 different base sprites?
  6. It does, so it's not the same at all. I personally don't want to see a 9 minute intro every time I load up the game.
  7. Dashplant


    Took 10 times longer than I thought it would but the base of the fishing system is in! https://streamable.com/zkezo Gotta time it right to get the fish, otherwise you ain't getting shit boy GFX are just to prove it works lmao. Gotta get some nice animations in next
  8. Dashplant

    Mini game Battle Royale?

    Yeah, should be possible with the event system. 11
  9. If it's Friday and you have 13% charge left, is that dangerous?


    Or does luck not work that way?


    1. Ainz Ooal Gown

      Ainz Ooal Gown

      Haha hopefully not :P

    2. Dashplant


      Don't worry! Im at 12% now. 


      Should get a charger..

  10. Dashplant

    Systems I want

    Hi, Any people that know how to program here that can give an estimation of what they want to get paid for these systems after source comes out? Please let me know if you need more information. Hair system - Choose a hairtype on character creation - Hair is a layer, just like all the other paperdoll layers - Ability to change hair with events - Hair stops rendering when a helmet is equipped Transformation spell upgrade: - Transformation changes the hair layer instead of overlaying a sprite - Be able to set a Mana drain on the transformation - Revert when Mana is empty Dash 2.0: - Players are able to change direction while dashing (Dash distance is not based on tiles but on a timer) - Blurry animation on the sprite to give the illusion of super speed Beam spell: - Set a min and max amount of projectiles that can be fired by a beam spell - When the player holds the key, the beam spell charges - The longer you hold the key, the more projectiles fire Beam struggle: - When a beam hits another another beam a QTE (Quick Time Event) or something similar comes up, the player who finishes the QTE faster wins a tile. - Beam spells get a 'power' attribute - Options when a beam struggle is possible: Check if beam power is within a range, check if Magic Power is within a range
  11. Dashplant

    Systems I want

    LMAO, STOP @mods, please lock this topic, ffs, 15 posts about this not being a request a feature topic. Starting to think people here don't know how to read..
  12. Dashplant

    Experience formula on b5.1

    I tried like 17 (maybe 16?) different formulas but yeah, turns out that the JSON does nothing, gotta wait until the new beta is out
  13. Dashplant

    Systems I want

    18 comments in and people still don't get that this is not a feature request for the Devs but something I want to pay a programmer for to make me. @bunny, your suggestion is close, but not quite what I want. Anyway, thought of another system: Collectable book: Find collectables in the world and they will show up in this book. The collectables give minor bonuses in stats / exp gain / etc
  14. I heard that if you ask 'anything new?' 20 times a new version magically appears! 

    1. Sweet Candy

      Sweet Candy

      "anything new?"
      Nope, doesn't work :v

    2. Dashplant


      Well you gotta try it 19 more times now! ;)

  15. Ahh, so not actually players, too bad
  16. Which game had 80 players online at the same time? Is it still up?
  17. Dashplant

    Classes added!

    Only super premium elite members can get sword trunks
  18. Dashplant

    DBZee Classes added!

    Hello there! Just now I've added a class system to the game. For now it's mostly under the hood but this has some effect on gameplay already: - Level up spells have changed - Spell rewards from quests and gameplay now depend on your class This also means that: - Existing accounts above level 10 now have illegal spell combinations -> When V1 comes around, your account will be purged! - Existing accounts above level 5 should go to Sensei Naruto to get a class. (New accounts will get a prompt at level 5) What are the classes? Saiyan: Martial Artist -> Melee based class with access to strong physical attacks, AoE and stuns. Saiyan: Spiritualist -> Ki based class with access to beams and blasts. Damage dealer. Namek: Namekian Warrior -> Same as Spiritualist Namek: Healer -> Healing class with access to healing and cleansing spells (AoE, self and target) Namek: Magician -> Support / Status class. This class has access to several buffs and debuffs for self and target. As well as several Damage over Time spells!
  19. Dashplant

    Winter's Harvest

    Im gonna keep an eye on this Marshy. Better not disappoint Are you gonna keep those gfx ingame?
  20. Dashplant


    It's made with intersect so it's 4 directional movement. Would love to have pixel based but you know how it is
  21. Dashplant

    Classes added!

    Hey man! Appreciate your post and suggestions but I will probably not have any weapons ingame. Also different stat/vital gains is a balancing nightmare hehe. I will have different spells available for classes and there will be one raise with special access to a unique skill in the future!
  22. *Poorly disguised post to try and force the Devs to release a new version*

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      *Poorly disguised post to ask for some pizza*

    3. Ainz Ooal Gown

      Ainz Ooal Gown

      *poorly disguised post to try and force the devs to add "remove equipment in events"

    4. Oddly


      *poorly disguised post to stand in place of yet another poorly disguised post.

  23. Dashplant


    Ah yeah, Ive replaced it with a screenshot of the map Thanks! Also been busy developing a minigame. It's pretty barebones, but the proof of concept is out there, and works with multiple people at the same time! https://streamable.com/qaj28
  24. Dashplant


    Made some maps...
  25. Dashplant

    Project Build - The ultimate Building Game

    I think it's a neat concept but to be honest with you, that sounds extremely tedious..