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  1. Why are we not allowed to ask for pets and guilds? 0. Hair layer 1. Dash 2.0 2. Guilds 3. Guild Houses 4. Guild Wars 5. Pixel movement 6. System to make beams 7. Better transformations 8. Achievements 9. String variables 10. Option to use a variable as an amount in events
  2. It could but you will never make an mmorpg without a studio
  3. So it will automatically replace the current GUI settings and graphics when upgrading?
  4. What should I do if I have a custom GUI but I want to upgrade to B6? A. What do I do when I want to use the stock GUI B. What do I do when I want to use my old GUI still?
  5. Pretty cool idea! The mix of graphical styles is pretty jarring, is that something you will work on? How will you stop people from randomizing until they have a 'good' roll? Will you add randomized weapons and stuff too? Honestly, this might work nicely with a perma death system!
  6. Ah, I see. Then it's good how it is I suppose! Cool stuff!
  7. It will be included in the editor?
  8. Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it In B6 I will revisit all NPC's and completely change the level curve! Right now I wasn't able to do it the way I want, so I just left it sorta in the middle. I planned to add a lot more gear and stuff to buy with your items, but also stuff that will be dropped by NPC's, giving you a reason to grind them out more. The Dragon Stone is too expensive right now, but you are supposed to buy a bunch of them, and gamble with it. You can use the Dragon Stones to get new exclusive gear from the casino! So they are expensive to start out with, but the gambling system is rigged in the favour of the player. So once you get a small pile of them, they are infinitely renewable, just gotta put in the time It's true that the game was harder to stretch it a little bit, but I am also planning on making the game pretty hard overall. However, as mentioned before, I will change the leveling, so beating these hard enemies will also be more rewarding! Again, thanks for playing and join the Discord if you haven't! I post most updates and plans in there! Of course, if you have more questions/suggestions/concerns, feel free to post them!
  9. Would it be possible to have some sort of option in the map editor to convert existing resources in a map to tiles?
  10. What would be better: An event that plays an animation or A map animation with an event on top that does nothing other than being impassable?
  11. Yeah, or to fill in gaps. I trimmed it down a lot, but I had areas where one player was loading 1k+ entities..
  12. I do the same, and it's not a good idea. I don't feel like it has been a huge issue, but I've also only had about 4 players on at the same time max. (99% of the time it's 0)
  13. Shift + right click to warp.
  14. That would make it a teleport spell, not a dash spell
  15. There are no homing projectiles. You can add more spacing to the bottom of your animation to make the arrow appewr higher up(so increase the dimensions of the file)
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArzuZxol3bQ
  17. Thanks! I'm using Breeze tiles still (semi-latest screenshot of worldmap): I also have some custom tiles that will work for new biomes. Probably will be used in the first dimension you can travel to!
  18. Did you do it while the server was off? Did you do it for the parts that say UP / DOWN / LEFT / RIGHT ? Did you check if your items were still the right paperdoll type? (In item editor) If not, try that. If so, please post your config and items
  19. You can set this yourself in the server files where the combat formulas are
  20. So satisfying to see this finished finally
  21. You will need to find or write a program to do this yourself
  22. Petition to ban this guy for asking for b7
  23. When you set it as a weapon first, you can choose tool type.
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