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  1. Dashplant

    Copying event doesn't save animation location

    Alright thanks, I will try that!
  2. I have an event that plays an animation on [THIS EVENT] When I copy it, it defaults to play on PLAYER. 1. Make event that plays an animation on THIS EVENT 2. Copy the event to another place in the map 3. Check event and it will play the animation on PLAYER PS: The event also says: Format Exception! It works fine, but that's also weird
  3. Dashplant

    Door not work

    The move route doesn't ignore blocked tiles. It's better to display an animation of the door sliding open
  4. Dashplant

    Event : spawn NPC : specific tile

    Sweet, then I don't have to wait till b6 to finish my boss
  5. Dashplant

    character customization

    After source release only. That one needs to be programmed in.
  6. Dashplant


    Did some mapping and made some tiles https://i.imgur.com/LEqP6Rh.png https://i.imgur.com/oFpiUkk.png https://i.imgur.com/i0fdjq1.png
  7. Dashplant

    My Project Teaser Trailer

    That's a fucking cool looking trailer!
  8. Dashplant

    (Bug) Animations Out Of Sync

    I personally like this, at least multiple flickering lights or flames on one map will have different timings
  9. Dashplant

    Event entity tileset alignment

    Pretty sure this one was confirmed and fixed by JC in a stream @Khaikaa
  10. It's not buggy, you are just not doing it the right way. Switch: IsChestOpened Event: Page1 Requirements: IsChestOpened False Graphic: Closed chest Trigger: Action button Action: Give item. Set Switch IsChestOpened to True Page2 Requirements: IsChestOpened True (Not sure if necessary) Graphic: Open chest Trigger: Action button Action: Show Text: The chest is empty
  11. Dashplant

    Please rate my Map Blending!!

    I like it a lot more when it's zoomed out. The use of the plants make the tiles very obvious. I like what you're going for and I think it would look better with auto tiled grass instead of these 1 tile grass squares
  12. Dashplant

    no opportunity to raise the spawn item

    Look in the controls. Pick up is Spacebar
  13. Dashplant

    Experience Penalty on Death

    Not at the moment sadly.
  14. Simple requirements for a craft to show up in the crafting table. Good way to create a recipe finding system