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  1. On your recent post, no one can give you a price or time estimate till they see the state of the source. It could be beautifully organised with clear names, logical systems and tons of comments or it could be a complete mess with complicated code and absolutely no comments or logic. Chances are that it will fall somewhere in the middle, being logically put together but somewhat uncommented meaning people will take a small bit of time to understand it before they can work with it.

    1. Dashplant


      Yeah, that was what most people said. 


      The topic isn't very recent though, I posted it like 14 weeks ago.. People just keep adding their own ideas because they don't read. 


      Im going to wait for source before bringing it back up 

    2. jcsnider


      No comments needed when your code is good enough to self document. Please confirm @panda

    3. panda


      tl;dr for what I came for: Yes with caveats


      v me answering multiple questions

      Usually that's the case. At the very least some comments documenting intended code flows and use cases for methods are necessary because things have multiple meanings but don't necessarily do those multiple things.

      Intersect is uh, very not self-documenting for the most part though. It's getting better, but no amount of documentation (actual comments and self-documenting code) in the world would give the average person on this forum who would give quotes for those features any real idea of what they're dealing with for at least a couple weeks, if not a month unless it's extremely basic. That said, there's a limited amount we can do to make something so innately complex and large sufficiently simple to internalize in order to give reasonably accurate estimates and not shots in the dark.

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